Dr. Phil Saves Death Row Dog and Her 8 Puppies

Eight puppies and their mother were just hours away from being euthanized when they were saved by TV personality Dr. Phil.

Eight puppies and their mother were just hours away from being euthanized when they were saved by TV personality Dr. Phil.

Interested in adopting one of these lucky dogs? Visit the Grace Foundation for more information.

62 thoughts on “Dr. Phil Saves Death Row Dog and Her 8 Puppies

  1. Great to finally hear about a celeberity doing somthing good. I am tired of just hearing about addiction issues, legal or political points of view

  2. Thank You Dr. Phil.<3. I am having a hard time understanding what the ASPCA stands for(American Society for the Protection of Cruelty of Animals). If they are there to protect animals WHY are they putting animals to sleep? Total contradiction, in my family where 4 eat, 10 can also eat. they should call themselves Animals on Death Row.. Thank God there is other rescues out there helping this poor souls...

    1. Why are they putting animals to sleep, you ask? Because people do not spay and neuter their pets. How many dogs have you adopted out of a shelter? How many bags of dog food have you donated to the local shelters? How many hours have you donated to help care for the dogs at your local shelter. There are not enough people to adopt all the dogs bred by irresponsible people. If you can’t be part of the solution, please, please, do not be part of the problem. Talk is cheap. Helping takes time, money, and effort. Ask yourself what you are doing to help.

    2. Um, Carmen, you are complaining about the wrong people. Your local shelter is constantly begging for the bare minimum of funds, and does more to help animals than you’d think. Unfortunately euthanasia is a fact of life for shelters. That mother dog is a pit bull type (or at least resembles one) and those dogs are incredibly difficult to get out of the shelter into decent homes- trust me, as a shelter volunteer, I’ve seen people reject a dog that perfectly matches their description of a good dog because it is a pit or looks even vaguely like one.
      If they didn’t have room in their dog foster program for a hard-to-place mother and her hard-to-place pups, and they’ve got another twenty dogs every day to bring in, evaluate, provide veterinary care for, and adopt out or euthanize, then the dogs in question are taking up valuable time and resources the shelter may or may not have.

      (The ASPCA, unrelated to most shelters, does a very good job using its money appropriately and is very highly rated by charity watchdogs. )

  3. ASPCA is a great organization..They can’t save all the animals in the world, Carmen..This also had nothing to do with the ASPCA.. but nice try!

  4. I wasn’t a fan of him at first but now he has another huge fan ^.^ great job on saving these babies lives :))

  5. Bless Dr Phil,and bless all those foster moms and dads,they have saves a beautiful mom and her babies,and now they will find their forever homes,be loved and cared for like they all should be. Bravo to you all

  6. I want to thank Dr.Phil.I was heart broken when I heard what theese horrible people were going to do to this poor mother dog and her babies knowing I had no way of helping her.

    1. Shelters are not horrible people. People who do not spay and neuter their pets are the horrible people. How many dogs have you adopted lately? Do you spay and neuter your pets? Do you encourage others to spay and neuter their pets? Talk is cheap. Do your part to alleviate the problem.

  7. Thank you thank you, everyone involved! A story that s/b headlined in every paper – let’s get those dogs and kitties spayed/neutered/chipped!! Save lives.

  8. I hope that Mom and babies all get loving homes. I am glad that they got to live. I think that the more pets lives we save the more we make the world a place. Good job Dr. Phil and Foster Mom.

  9. Well done, Sir,,,and we should all add a hearty “Thank You” to the non-celeb’s who dedicate a large portion of their time every week to help and save homeless animals.

  10. Thank you A_Rescue for your comments. Much appreciated. I volunteer (and have for over 35 years) at a local animal shelter. Scoop poop, scrub kennels, wash litter boxes, crates, food and water bowls, walk, pet, talk to the dogs, haul trash to dumpster, spray for flies, bath and dip for fleas, wash and dry bedding, mow grass if necessary, pick up litter that people discard on the street by the shelter and many other things. Unless you have walked in a shelter person’s shoes for at least a day, do not make statements about how cruel shelters are. You need to volunteer and educate yourself about the tragedies involving animals that we witness every single day 365 days a year. Volunteer, donate and help your local shelter if you really care.

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