Elvis Reads His Mom the Riot Act

Elvis gives Patches a few choice words…

85 thoughts on “Elvis Reads His Mom the Riot Act

  1. Potty mouth at such a young age. So very cute. This is the first time I have seen a bulldog that young and all I can say is SQUEEEEEEEEE………….

  2. @Judy Kaplan I had the same thought. I have JRT mix that was like that. It took weeks of turning her belly up in my arms before I convinced he she was NOT the top dog. Almost from the day she was born she was the most aggressive in the litter. She would have killed the runt before he was 3 weeks old if I had not protected him. I worked with her for many months to be certain she was sweet natured and not aggressive. Today she is almost 10 and has never even growled at another dog or human, but it took a LOT of work starting at 1 week old.

  3. While this may be cute to look at, I’m disgusted by the fact people continue to make MORE puppies, when there are PLENTY of wonderful dogs already out there. But if the idea of visiting your local shelter is too horrific to bear, then try looking behind a dumpster. You might just find a whole box or bag of “throw away” puppies. And that is heartbreaking. :.(

    1. He’s a spunky little fellow, won’t take any nonsense off of momma ,that’s for sure. god bless that cutey pie and momma to..

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