Faithful Dog Refuses to Leave Side of Fallen Companion

In an ultimate display of loyalty, an Arizona pit bull spends 14 hours protecting the body of his companion after she was killed in traffic.

A heartbreaking picture of two pit bulls posted on Facebook caused a stir over the weekend among animal lovers. After his companion was killed by a car, a faithful dog is seen keeping watch over her body.

A local news affiliate said the female pit bull was hit Friday night, and lay dead on the side of a Phoenix, AZ road. The male pit bull refused to leave her, so a sympathetic nearby business brought him food and water.

He remained at her side throughout the night, nuzzling her, staying close until the city came to remove her body Saturday morning. He had spent 14 hours protecting his fallen friend.

The dog is currently being held at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, and if unclaimed, will be available for adoption pending health and behavioral screening.

82 thoughts on “Faithful Dog Refuses to Leave Side of Fallen Companion

  1. Dogs are truly the smartest animals and the most loyal and compassionate….how sad for his friend though. πŸ™

  2. i can’t see things like that.. it really makes me cry.. animals have so much feeling…sometimes more than humans.. the persona who killed the poor dog continued…while her friend stayed…actions speak louder than words.. so sad…hope someone adopts him..

  3. this is the most disturbing news of my day! sad but yet this loyal pup would not leave the side of his best friend. what’s bothering is for 14 HRS> NO ONE HELPED<.....THIS DOG SAT THERE FOR THAT LONG!

  4. My two rescued pit bulls are the light in my life. They are the most loving and sweet animals, it breaks my heart to see this picture, as I can imagine either one of my dogs holding vigil for the other like this. Here’s to hoping the male finds a good loving home and maybe even a new canine friend.

  5. I agree with Debbie DiFrancesco. What kind of horrible people live there that no one stopped to help? Even AC services should’ve stepped up much sooner. Poor pup….both the one that got hit and the one that waited. And why are two dogs running loose in the first place? Stupid, horrible, ignorant humans.

  6. What loyalty, compassion and sweetness from this beautiful creature. Shame on the “owner” who let them go free and on the merciless human being who hit a dog and left it on the side of the road. If people where more like dogs…this world would be a much better place.

  7. Ok, so there was not a single animal lover that passed by these dogs?!?! WHat about the jerk that hit her? Didnt even stop? Where is the humanity people? If I had driven up on them, I would have waited there with them until AC came or I would have done something with them myself. This is so very sad. That poor boys is shaking like a leaf in his cell, I really hope his family comes to get him or someone that can take better care of him adopts him.

  8. This is truly the.saddest thing. I couldnt imagine driving by and not stopping to help. Kudos to the business that brought him food and water but still what took someone so long to help this poor lil guy and his companion. This is such an example of how people are and this dog stood by and tried to help when not one single person came to either of there rescues. It makes me furious…… KARMA PEOPLE, KARMA……

  9. I just cried inside and my body is tingling. I love dogs so much. There love is unconditional like that of your mother.

  10. wow very touching … made me cry … i have raised pits for years up until my last passed away … they are so compassionate

  11. Dogs are so brave and loyal. I rescued a dog a few months ago that was doing the same thing. His friend got hit and killed and he got hit but survived and would not leave the area. It took me a few hours but I got him!! He is now happy in foster. I hope this dog finds another dog friend and has a good home.

  12. I saw something like this happen in real life. An older white Shepherd was killed by a car and her buddy a male boxer stayed with her… he was almost frozen stiff.

  13. It’s just heartreaking the way he’s nuzzling her. Wishing that sweet pup a safe, happy home where he won’t be left wandering the streets & in danger.

  14. OMG how sad… thanks to those who did step in and help !! I hope the male can find his way back to his forever home !!! RIP in peace little girl …now that your buddy was by your side πŸ™‚

  15. .R.I.P. And too a beautiful Pitbull hope someone who loves him will love him and fix him :'( :'( So sad but why did no one help for 14 hours I know I sure would :'( :'( Id keep him myself <3 <3 <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3 xxxxxx Much Love Doggys <3 <3 <3 <3 xxxxxxxxxxx

  16. And some fanatics want to ban them as a breed! There is no excuse for ignorance. Good pup! I hope someone adopts him if hisdeceased companion dosen’t have a back-up plan.

  17. OMG :'( :'( I was crying before because I thought it meant a human companian but then realized it was another little beautiful Doggy and I could not stop crying thats even more sad it was a Doggys :'( :'( Although why were these gorgeos two Doggys Pitbulls alone in the streets :'( :'( :'( :'( <3 <3 <3 <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .R.I.P. .R.I.P.

  18. We need to call Animal Control in the Valley to keep this dog ALIVE!!! If we all call IT MIGHT SAVE THE DOG!! THESE CITIES NEED NOT HAVE A DAY ALREADY SET TO PUT THE DOG DOWN!! Make a call to this city!!

  19. A lesson to be learned from one of the most unfairly maligned creatures on earth. Someone will rescue him surely – even with satan, evil queen of the west as governor, I know there are lots of wonderful people in Arizona.

  20. amazing & heartbreakin’…such a devotion β™₯.
    I hope this male dog will find a good home… I β™₯ pitbulls… the most loving and caring dogs you can imagine β™₯.

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