Friendly Family Pet Killed By Officer Responding to Wrong Address

Cindy Boling fights back tears as she speaks of her recently deceased dog. “He literally has ripped our hearts out,” she said.


Cindy Boling fights back tears as she speaks of her recently deceased dog. “He literally has ripped our hearts out,” she said.

The ‘he’ she refers to is the Fort Worth Police officer who gunned down her pet on her front porch. On Saturday afternoon Cindy and her husband Mark were unloading their truck after a shopping trip when a Fort Worth police officer showed up and began to approach them. Their back gate was open and their two dogs, Gracie and Lillie were near them at the time.

Concerned for their pets’ safety, they told the officer the dogs were friendly. “I started yelling my dogs don’t bite please don’t hurt them. They’re going to come down and just greet you and I’ll grab them up and put them in the backyard,” Mark Boling said.

Mark caught Gracie, but Lillie was curious and ran up on the porch where the officer was standing. Her friendly demeanor would cost Lillie her life: within seconds the couple says the officer pulled out his pistol and shot her in the back.

“My dog was standing there looking like ‘I got a new friend’ and he turned and shot her in the back”, Mark Boling said.

Stunned and terrified, Lillie ran to the backyard, slowed to a standstill, drew her last breath and collapsed.

The officer was never meant to be there. He was called to 4917 Norma Street for a theft in progress, but instead reported to 4717 – the Boling residence. He was more than two blocks away from the scene of the crime.

A neighbor of the Bolings who came to the scene says she heard the officer say he thought Lillie was a pit bull. “I guess the officer that had shot Lillie I heard him say to the other one he said I was at the wrong house. I shot their dog and he said I thought it was a pit bull,” Sylvia Benavides said.

The Bolings have not received an apology from the department, but that is not their concern. They want to know that another family will not suffer the loss of an innocent pet at the hands of police. “My main concern is if he’s going to shoot an animal like that how is he going to react then in a real situation with a weapon,” Mark Boling said. His wife concurs, and says Lillie deserved better.

“We did everything in the world always to protect our girls. We never accounted for a man walking up our driveway with a gun and killing our little girl, our little Lillie”, Cindy Boling said.

469 thoughts on “Friendly Family Pet Killed By Officer Responding to Wrong Address

    1. Prison? Should be shot in the back like he did the dog. He didn’t give the dog a chance, nor should he be given any special treatment!

  1. Here we go again, another cop trigger happy to shoot a dog. All over the country this is happening. They need to train our officers how to handle these incidents.

  2. Too many incidents of family pets getting killed. Haven’t police officers heard of pepper spray? That stops a charging dog in its tracks … foudn that out after my dog was blasted by the mail man.

  3. how can you mistake that lovely dog for a pitbull ? i dont think it looks nothing like a pitbull . poor little thing well he needs to be shot . the familly of that dog must be heartbroken πŸ™ and really angry cos i know i would be it if was my dog . i think he should be done for the murder of that poor dog

  4. I am so sick and tired of these “gun ho” cops killing people’s pets. As an owner of two rescue Pit Bulls, seeing these cops killing Pit Bulls all the time is sickening. Something has to be done about these senseless killings.

    1. Yeah, go to your city council or county supervisors meetings, get on the speaker’s list and demand to know what they are doing to address the issue. When they say nothing, spread the word about which elected officials in your local area DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE UNNECESSARY KILLING OF FAMILY PETS!!!!

  5. How the bleep can you mistake a dog looking like THIS for a pit bull? They look TOTALLY different…watch, this prick will walk too! Poor furbaby! πŸ™

  6. The officer should have to pay full costs of everything to the family not the dept. What an ass. Are pit bull band there?

  7. I support the police, the state troopers and the US military…but in this case, that man needs removed from his post until he can prove that he has the knowledge of handling situations with caution, rather than jumping to conclusions, pulling his weapon and firing. Its utterly ridiculous.

  8. so sad! so sorry. never can be replaced. and looks nothing like a pit bull was he blind and or dumb.

  9. the officer should be punished for this.. pit bull or not he should not have shot the dog.. they need to carry tranqulizers for animals not bullets.. then maybe the innocent will be alive..

  10. ridiculous. Everyone should complain to FW police and get this cop a reprimand. This isn’t the acceptable way to deal with an animal that approaches you.

  11. hate this.. πŸ™ i was reading your site this afternoon for hours, too many times this occurs πŸ™ RIP lil lilly…

  12. Well nice of him to lie to his superiors right in front of them, refusing to take responsibility for killing a dog that is CLEARLY NOT A PIT BULL. This officer needs to be fired.

  13. I hope the PD pays out alot for the loss of the innocent pet that was shot by an idiot that was at the wrong address to start with. Buy this idiot some glasses and hearing aids, and put him back to field training. what an ass!!!!

  14. From what I read this happened in Texas again!! What the hell is going on?? Do they even train the police or just send them out with a gun. I have the utmost respect for Cops but when I hear about something like this it makes me sick!! This was stupidity and a plain lack of common sense & that poor family dog did not deserve to die. That poor family!!

  15. It doesn’t matter what breed of dog it is. YOU DON’T SHOOT SOMEONES DOG. Especially if you are a cop. WTF I can’t believe they let idiots like this carry a gun. They can’t even get the address right. I would never live somewhere with idiots for cops. And I am sure he will continue being a cop. What’s next he is going to shoot a small child ?
    This also proves the point that the most people don’t even know what a pitbull is. They are afraid of shit they don’t even know.
    Sorry but I have to say it again. He is a complete IDIOT.

    1. “I would never live somewhere with idiots for cops.” I hate to break it to you but if you live somewhere with cops, you live somewhere with idiots for cops. Knowing that will serve you much better than denying it.

  16. These stories are really starting to piss me off! There have been SO MANY stories lately about police officers needlessly shooting family pets for nothing. When will these departments notice that officers need more animal training?! Another such instance, much like this one can be found at the Facebook page Justice for Cisco. Go check it out and join the movement to stop these needless killings!!!

  17. this is outrageous!! this is the 2nd incident like this. wrong home and dead furbaby :'( i am beyond angry over this

    1. 2nd incident? You mean that day? Or maybe, so far this week? This crap is happening all the time, it’s just usually kept quiet by a willing media that doesn’t want to question the AUTHORITY of law enforcement if possible because that leads to the citizenry questioning authority. And we won’t have any of THAT shit, will we sheep? These incidents aren’t even new in nature. I can remember over 10 years ago, reading a print interview with a family in an urban city area that had their home “accidentally” raided in the dark of the early morning by the local PD swat team on a drug warrant. In the end, wrong house and 6 dead Chihuahuas intentionally stomped to death as these jack-booted wannabe storm troopers invaded their home. WAKE UP PEOPLE, YOU ARE IN MUCH DEEPER TROUBLE THAN YOU KNOW!!!!

  18. What amazes me is the fact that people react to this like “how could you think that was a pitbull, poor dog”. No matter if this was a pitbull or not, none of that justifies killing a dog of any breed.

  19. What an Idiot .. Hopefully he won’t mistake a child someday thinking it’s a raging Chucky Doll .. again .. What an IDIOT

  20. sickening and stupid. No way looks like a Pit Bull and even if it was NOT all are agressive ! NO excuse what so ever

  21. you can clearly see its NOT a pitbull and did he kill it because it attacked or just because he thought it was a pit bull the mind boggles.

  22. Om fucking god u can see its not a pitball u blind bastard, sorry fellow friends but they always get away with it, murdering fucks xx

  23. More and more stories like this are coming out everyday. the police all over this nation need to be trained in how to deal with house pets without resorting to deadly force. I also agree the “I thought it was a pit bull” lie is damaging on multiple levels, continuing to feed to paranoia people and the media have about the breed.

  24. that is sooo disgusting and upsetting pitbull or not no fecking dog should be shot in the back. My thoughts are with the family at this distressing time R.I.P gorgeous doggy πŸ™ wonder if the family can do something to make sure this cop pays for what hes done xx

  25. What the hell was this moron thinking?? Why do these @$$holes keep SHOOTING FRIENDLY DOGS? Can they not tell the difference between friendliness and aggression?? Something has to be done here, some legislation has to be passed. This is ridiculous. And what difference would it have made if the dog had been a pit bull?? She was being FRIENDLY.

  26. If he thought that dog was a pitbull (and so what if it was it’s still not justified) then he’s liable to think my finger is a gun. They look just as much alike. I’d hate to have to have him as a witness in identifying a crime. I think he needs fired and the rest of the department needs some refresher training.

  27. Idiot. The dog doesn’t even look like a pit bull! Even if it was a bit bull, that’s no excuse; pit bulls can be really loving dogs when trained well and treated right and with love.

  28. Whether it be a pit bull or not you don’t shoot just because of breed!! EVER! He wasn’t even being attacked!! his badge should be stripped! We don’t need a wild gun slinging officer in our country!

  29. This is happening too often!! And even if it were a Pit Bull, that does not warrant it being shot. So heartbreaking, my heart goes out to the family at this tragic time!

  30. One he was at the wrong address two the dog looks NOTHING like a pit bull really he is supposed to be a training officer of the law. This is INSANE.

  31. This is happening FAR too often!!! Trigger happy cops doing the wrong thing… but lets not take all blame away from the owners…

    Your pets need to be properly secured!!!! This means in a gated yard or on a leash! Do your part to keep them safe!!!

    1. Brad -the dog WAS in it’s own yard- the cop was on their porch- they were unloading their groceries and asked him to wait. The cop was an ignorant, arrogant SOB. Acting above the law with no excuse for his behavior. America seems to have more than it’s share of trigger happy dog killers in the police ranks. I read of at least 1 a week. Aged dogs walking into their own lounge rooms are being shot, poor Lilly coming up to say hello, to someone who should have been safe to meet, even one dog on a lead was shot. A mass protest is needed- although in the USA that just might get protesters shot by police.

  32. this is awful, all the way around! He made the error, and then makes the horrible excuse that it could be a pit? Like that would be ok? The thought of this baby greeting the cop and being so innocent kills me. My sympathy to her family. ):

  33. This total prat shouldn’t be carrying a weapon. If he says he mistook this poor dog for a pitbull, what will he do next, gun someone down because he mistakes them for Al Capone.

  34. Since when did you have mow down a dog if it is barking at you?! Seems to me criminals are treated more kind than animals, after all officers will pepper spray a murderer before they’ll shoot them.

  35. And if i was on the jury i would award the family two hundred million make the cop loose his job an have to clean up dog shit for ten years as well as wear a shirt that says hey stupid cop here i killed a innocent family dog.. i am pond scum..

  36. he needs to be taken off the police force if he has to shoot an innocent animals like that – imagine what other damage he can inflict

  37. This is happening more and more often … there are 3 other “just for …” pages on FB about dogs wrongly killed. What is wrong with people?

  38. how in the hell do you mistake this for a pit.. and even if it was a pitt shoud not shoot it.. sure hope tha tperson is fired and charged!

  39. This has made me so mad,The poor dog don’t even look like a pit bull,That cop should loose his job.Why haven’t they received an apology?The more I think about this the madder I get…I’m sorry this happened,R.I.P. Lillie.

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