Great Dane Paradise

These Blue Great Danes and their terrier friend are having loads of summer fun…

8 thoughts on “Great Dane Paradise

  1. What a great video of dogs doing what they do best, be dogs! This family has given these dogs a wonderful home, but I would not want to pay their food bill 🙂

  2. The little terrier shows a lot of courage playing with the “big ones”,,,but LOL, it’s hilarious how they just ignore the “little one”. A feel-good video,,,Thanks for posting.

  3. Those choke chains should not be left on the dogs!!! Very dangerous…100’s of dogs every year are accidentally hung!!!!!

  4. Delightful watching well-loved dogs with room to run, water to splash in, and a welcome in the house at the end of day.

  5. Awesome video, great to see well loved dogs playing. It was great the way the big dogs never once stepped on the ballsy little guy. Loved the music, went with the story wonderfully and chain collars? Big Deal, they fit perfectly and they were outside with collars with tags on, as they should be. So judgemental of a wonderful little video.

    1. Agree with you Brynn –

      what a great video – these people obviously love their big and little dogs!

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