Pit Bull Ban Repealed

Pit bull advocates are celebrating another victory in the war against BSL after Cincinatti repealed a long standing breed ban.

Pit bull advocates are celebrating another victory in the war against BSL after Cincinatti, repealed a long standing breed ban. According to the City Beat, “After a long, arduous battle for dog lovers and Cincinnati animal welfare advocates, success has arrived. Today, Cincinnati City Council voted 8-1 to officially repeal the breed-specific language in Cincinnati’s vicious dog ordinance, which previously made ownership of pit bulls within city limits illegal.”

“It’s fantastic. It’s been a long effort, but we’ve had some great supporters from all across the country … that’s had an overwhelming affect on Council. Dog owners, of pit bulls or not, have flooded Council with requests to change the law,” said Jim Tomaszewski, SPCA Cincinnati trustee. Tomaszewski spearheaded the campaign to eliminate the ban.

Pit Bull proponents embraced the decision after facing nine years of discrimination. The amendments to Section 701-1-V of the Cincinnati Municipal code will completely eliminate breed-specific terminology.

102 thoughts on “Pit Bull Ban Repealed

  1. now if all states would do the same life with pits would be wonderful. please lift the ban in all states they are very good dogs if they have a good owner

  2. I wish they’d come talk to the selectmen in our town. Same stupid ban, based on fear and ignorance. Anyone who knows the breed knows what wonderful dogs they are. Like Clarence above said, they’re great dogs, but some people…. ! (P.S. I have a cocker spaniel, but I’ve known many fabulous, gentle, loving Pitts.)

  3. i gotta say…. My dog got attacked by a pit today in the park. *I* got attacked by the pit in the park as well trying to protect my dog. Better me than my dog getting hurt. All the same, I don’t think it is a good thing to have these dogs legal for just anyone to own. Because of incidences like the ones I got to deal with today.

    The arger problem was the idiot owner. But when you make it free and without any system to manage the owners of such dogs…. This is the result. My dog is lucky to be alive. And so am i. And to anyone that wants to talk about how it wasn’t the pit’s fault, I don’t entirely disagree. But there are things about the pit that make it more appealing to idiots. I don’t think this is a victory at all. Making these dogs legal for just anyone to own ensures more of them will jut be fought by assholes and otherwise abused and neglected by bad owners. I would also point out to everyone who has a pit who loves their pit ofcourse you do. It is your baby. I understand that. But you can also find all those good pit qualities that you like so much in less agressive breeds. So why does it have to be a pit? I am all for legalizing these dogs for those who are monitored by some animal welfare organization frequently and regularly. I have no problem with that. But I was bit several times so was my dog. I have had enough of this yay pitbull bullshit. If we really loved them as much as we claim we would want the ownership of these dogs either illegal or heavily monitored so that incidences like the one i survived today don’t happen again to anyone and so that the pits themselves are safe. What a win woo fucking hoo. And a loss for Pitbulls now easily adopted by any and every jackass that wants to own them fight them and abuse them and other people and dogs in the process.

    1. I am very happy that they repealed the ban but you do have a point. It’s legal for the people who abuse them and train them to be vicious to own them now. I am against breed bans. Instead of those the government needs to get better leash laws. You got attacked by a pit that was probably off leash and untrained. I got attacked by a german shepherd when I was 6 years old. But I don’t hate german shepherds, I hope to own one one day. I do train them for security dogs and they are very good dogs. I just don’t like grooming their coat. I get attacked DAILY by people who leave their gates wide open. I’m trying to teach my husky to run next to the bike, what do I get? Not too far down the street 3 dachshunds attack me and my dog. Then a few houses after a min pin comes at me and my dog. Another block a huge presa canario chases me and my dog! I am for all breeds. The best thing they can do is come up with a law that if your dog bites someone or another dog. Depending on the damage you will get a big fat fine. It might not work in the beginning cause people might take it for granted. But paying 1k when your dog bites and then the vet and doctor bills. That way people will start leashing their dogs on their own.

      But I do not agree with the part with other breeds having the same qualities as a pit. It’s once you own one, you can’t get any other breed. I have owned many dogs and you just can’t compare other dog breeds to them. They have this drive to please you that it’s almost crazy. As a dog trainer I’m very pleased with how quick she learns and her other great qualities. My rottweiler mix got in a fight with the neighbor’s pack of mutts. The neighbors let their gate open, I didn’t notice until the dogs came out running. My dog was severely mauled, he almost lost an eye. I kicked the mutts but one didn’t let go. And that dog was a long haired dog, I even grabbed an iron pipe and hit the dog, it still didn’t let go until I just chocked it. The only way to get a dog that doesn’t want to let go is by choking it. The neighbors didn’t want to be responsible for it. Until I sued them of course.

      So my point every dog can attack and there should be a law for EVERY dog not only pitbulls. I have never been attacked by one. But my pit has been attacked by many other small breeds, and once by a dalmation when I take her out for a walk. People are just irresponsible, they do not leash their dogs and things like that happen.

    2. I do not own a Pitt but I am very pleased they are removing these bans as its never the dogs fault. I own a Rott and have had many stereo types against us. He was attacked by a Pitt not too long ago and so was I shielding him but it was not bad enough to report. I am not mad because his best friend is a Pitt and they love each other. I feel all large dog breeds over 40lbs should require training just like driving a car your required to study and take a test. What I did with my dog… I socialized him since he was 8 weeks even though the Vet advised not too until after his last shots. My trainer whom always owned Rotts stated you have until 16 weeks to mold your dogs adult personality. I read this in many books too. I was careful not to expose him to areas where he could get sick such as dog parks. I started his training classes at 9 weeks and now at 1 yr he has done 4 different levels of training. The vet by my house was very hesitant to see my dog and after they met him stated he defeated all stereo types of the Rott. What it comes down too is educating the owner, socializing is huge, and training. Not to mention as a little puppy I also would go to the park where there’s kids and let them pet him. Now he loves kids even though hes a big guy. The law should be required training for owners with large/dominant breeds or a huge fine. This could be monitored by the vets to require proof of training to treat the dogs. All dogs at some point need a vet visit. Just a thought. I am sure theres better solutions but state required training would make people think twice about getting a dog they do not intend to properly raise.

    1. This is a pitbull, not a boxer or an American Bulldog. Boxers have a much wider and shorter muzzle. A. Bulldogs have a larger headpiece, more squared.

  4. @Rik Van Winkel IT COULD HAVE BEEN ANY DOG THAT DID THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously you don’t know dogs very well.

  5. It’s not the breed that’s dangerous it’s the human who fails to know how to properly train or raise a pitbull (or any other dog for that matter)

  6. Great news. It was never about the breed in my opinion, it was the owners… The irresponsible ones who wrecked it for everyone else… Who should have been “banned”!!!

  7. And here in the UK, the ConDems are ‘consulting’ on EXTENDING BSL to include private property!

  8. Check the stats people, these dogs still Kill more people then any other breed. They don’t need to be around children!!!!!

  9. This is great news!!! Now if the rest of the country would follow in the same footsteps, these loveable & loyal dogs would be able to live happy lives!!!

  10. I totally agree about the owners being the problem. sadly this breed attracts a LOT of irresponsible idiots who just want a tough looking dog to boost their own egos. Alternately many people with the best intentions, return these guys to the shelter because they aren’t educated in how to properly train a pit bull. I am in no way saying everyone who gets a one is this way as I have one whom I adore and is a sweet gentle cuddle bug, but I am sick to death of walking into shelters and seeing row after row of pit bulls, AND I am sick of the Dbag tough guys who ruin the breed’s reputation by not bothering to train their dogs and then taking them in public where they invariably attack other dogs or people. as pit bull owners we need to be more honest about the demands of the breed and not just mindlessly promote how awesome they are lest more these pups end up on death row. are they great dogs? yes, but only in the right hands. Definitely not a dog I’d recommend for everyone.

  11. The love you give a dog. Whose sole purpose for being created was to fight and kill will not change who they truly are. You can not blame the owner of a border collie for having a dog that likes to heard. So why would you blame the owner of a pit who likes to kill. Educate yourself on the genetic makeup of dog breeds and what makes every dog breed different. And what each one was bread for and their purpose. Love and good owners does not change genetics and instincts or temperaments. It not the owner, it’s by far the dog.

    1. You are so wrong. This breed has the most loyalty to their humans, bred into them. Owners need to know how to own these dogs. They must always remain the “alpha” in the household, yet be kind and gentle to the dog. If it shows ANY aggressive tendencies, they need to be nipped in the bud right away. If these dogs weren’t inateley one of the most loving, loyal and kind hearted of breeds, how then do you explain a pit that has been wandering it’s entire life, picked up by animal control, ending up in a shelter, then adopted out and being a wonderful, gentle, loving soul??? If they were inately bad, this very dog would be aggressive and uncontrollable, rather than loving and kind. Other breeds of dogs attack and kill people, even tho their breed isn’t normally like that. How then do you explain THAT?!! If not for how they were raised? I’ve been in the dog business in many aspects, for well over 40 years. So I’m not just some “average Jo” that decided to love this breed. I have experience with all breeds, and find this breed to be the kindest and gentlest of all.

      1. Oh, and by the way, pitbulls were NOT bred to fight and kill. They were bred to be loyal friends to humans. Have you never seen the Little Rascals? Petey was a pitbull. Helen Keller owned 2 of them. I highly doubt they’d have allowed her to own killer dogs, being blind,deaf and unable to speak. People who think these dogs were ever bred to fight and kill, don’t know what they are talking about. It was MAN who intervened and started using them for fighting. Did you know that most all of Michael Vick’s dogs, that were actual fighting dogs, were rehabilitated and are now in loving, pet homes? And many of those are actually going into nursing homes with the elderly, and giving their love to those people. It is people like you who spew things that are untrue, that help to stigmatize these dogs. Educate yourself before you add your 2 cents worth on the internet.

  12. Apparently we have a new state: Minneapolis and and it has a city called Cincinatti …who knew? No matter…where ever this place is, they finally used their brains when it comes to dogs :-}

  13. Lindsey Lou, you’re absolutely right! They are amazing dogs, but need the right owner because of their high energy level and physical strength. People need to be more honest about whether or not they are a good match, and need to be willing to tell others that this isn’t the right dog for them.

  14. It’s been a relief to read these notices of city legislators coming to their senses on breed specific legislation, being convinced by facts rather than setting hasty policy based on emotion. Cleveland and Toledo repealed their laws too in the last two years. I think this shows us why we must stop BSL wherever it’s ugly head arises *before* it gets passed. 9 long years of breaking hearts and killing dogs for their “type” is far too long to have such an ineffective, cruel law in force.

  15. WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO one very happy Canadian for Cincinnati 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 could not be happier….it is not the breed but those that bring them up that influence ANY BREED wooooooohooooooooooo

  16. Unfortunantly Lousianna is starting to make some very unethical and strict laws in regards to owning pitbulls. Alot of pitbull owners are turning in thier dogs to shelter because of these laws. Any way to fight the laws in Lousianna??

  17. I see a lot of comments regarding statistics, dogbite.org, etc….. Have you ever looked on craigs list, pet finder, etc… The most common dog out there is a Pitt mix of some sort. More than any other dog. Everywhere I go I see more Pitts in rescues than any other dog. All the dog fight rings are Pitts abused and pumped full of steroids and narcotics to make them more violent. So if most of the dog population is Pitts and they are abused more and raised to be violent for sport more than any other dog, then of course there will be higher numbers. Think about what your saying and do your home work.

  18. This is great! Clap! Clap! for Cincinnati.

    People need to understand it’s not the dog or breed, it’s the owner.

    I just hope there’ll be no pit bull owners there that will change back this decision.


  19. This is awesome for these dogs and lovers of the breed. I do believe that the culprit in adverse behavior in these dogs are owner induced. That being said, perhaps we can monitor to some level, this breeds integration back to this city; as well as education on the interpretation of certain behaviors, of all dogs. Blaming breeds is counterproductive, owner accountability seems more winning for those who are victims of dog attacks and prosperous for the breed itself. The ban was just a band aid on top of bigger problem: over population and under education. Pets=Love

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