Puppy Saved from Torture Reunited with His Rescuer

A dog rescued from a life of torment greets the man who saved him in an emotional reunion.

Staff Sergeant Nick B. has served in the Army for 13 years. To some, he appears to be a tough, imposing figure. But to Bodhi, an Afghan herding dog saved from a life of torment, Nick is a kind, caring savior.

Nick was on patrol in Afghanistan when he found Bodhi tied up and covered in mud. His ears and half of his tail had been cut off.

“They were going to use him to fight other dogs as entertainment. You could just tell he hadn’t been fed properly. He was really skinny and malnourished. When I saw that, it just broke my heart. I knew I had to get this dog out of here,” Nick said.

Nick reached out to Puppy Rescue Mission for assistance, and together they coordinated Bodhi’s trip.  He was flown into Pensacola Saturday, and was visibly relieved to see the man who saved his life. Nick said the feeling was mutual.

“It’s so much better knowing I saved this dog from a life of eating scraps of trash and not knowing if he’s going to be shot,” Nick said. “I know his life will be so much better now. He’ll have a lot of land to run around on, a pool to play in, a loving family, and he’ll be fed properly and bathed. It’s an amazing feeling.”

89 thoughts on “Puppy Saved from Torture Reunited with His Rescuer

  1. Puppy Rescue Mission is one awesome group!! Can’t thank them enough for all they have done for our soldiers and their pets.

  2. May this happen all over the world Lord…..please let prayer arise for the nation ofUkraine more than 60 000 dogs and cats have been killed because to “clean” the streets for EURO 2012. Please SHARE so everybody can see in what world we live today!
    In Ukraine the president signed a contract. It was written there that the police men should hunt down the homeless dogs and burn them alive in a special oven that they made specially for burning homeless dogs and cats. This is inhumane!

  3. What sort of disgusting lowlife douchebag would cut a dog’s ears and tail off?

    Good on you, SSGT Nick!

  4. what a great story….way to go to all those soldiers out there who not only fight for our country…but also fight for those who cannot speak in the middle of a battlefield

  5. I would have loved for he newsreader to have said…

    “Nick says the owners didn’t want to give him Bodhi….so he and his special forces unit went to work…..”

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  7. I don’t know why we are helping those savages. Instead of dog fighting perhaps we should have Afghan fighting. Put two in a pit and have them fiight to the death. Do this until there is only one left, then shoot him. Get the dogs a home.

  8. love love love love love love love love love love love love love this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Thank you – this is just the story I needed to start my week with a smile in my heart…bless you all.

  10. Thank you so much for your service in the Army and for the rescue of Bodhi!!! You, your family and Bodhi will give so much love to each other!!! So happy to hear stories like this!!!

  11. Staff Sargeant Nick B. ——You are truly a hero. God bless you and your family for rescuing Bohdi and giving him a forever home. You are a wonderful man who has a heart. Thank you for having compassion for innocent animals!

  12. This story is so sad and at the same time what a happy ending for the dog and his soilder. Good job. Have a great life together.

  13. …and the dog that replaced him for this Afghanistan ‘entertainment’? Dog fighting needs to stop!!

  14. Gorgeous man with an equally beautiful heart. May you and your family live happily ever after with Bodhi.

  15. Awesome story, people don’t do enough to save animals from harm and demise, but a few do, and for those few I can not thank you enough. I have deep love for this story and Bodhi, I wish you and your family memories that last forever with this pet and hope to hear an update in the future. Pets=Love

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