Seabiscuit Takes a Bubble Bath

Have you ever seen a dog do this?

68 thoughts on “Seabiscuit Takes a Bubble Bath

    1. Shecwas catching the dog in the act. I think she finally caught him in the act with a video camera handy. Finally, PROOF even if it meant going through the house to get it on video. lOL

  1. my pit loves baths and water, cant wait to see if he likes to swim(ok I can wait, not really wanting him in the pool, lol)

  2. My black Labrador jumped in the bath once…wouldn’t have been so bad if my sister hadn’t have been in it at the time. My sister was NOT amused lmao

  3. … aww, my first Dane was crazy about water. Sometimes he jumped in my bathtub right before I had the chance to get in to blow bubbles!

  4. My Lhasa Rylie- who’ll be 4 yrs in June- LOVES taking a bath and will “ask” for one by going to the tub and trying to get in it by himself or if myself or my husband is taking a shower he wants in too! Connie his groomer just adores him because he’s so willing and happy to get a bath and a clip!

  5. what a good dog, getting in the bath like that. I’ve had many dogs in my life, Chow Chows, Lab/ hound mix, West Hilland Terror, poodle, shi-tzu… and non have ever wanted to take a bath like that. 🙂

  6. Sea Biscuit is so sweet, and I love this mom’s gentle firmness with both her son and her pooch. Mom has two curious energetic younguns to keep up with.

  7. My dog loves to swim – she’d jump into water as soon as she sees it – but she hates being given a bath. If she hears the word “bath”, she rushes into her box, since we keep it as a safety zone for her, where we cannot disturb her 🙂

  8. my dogs LOVE the bath tub, I just have to say “bath time” and they’re waiting in the tub for me before I can even get in there <3

  9. Yes, one of our dogs, Bella has done this, when I ran a bath for my husband, came out of the bathroom, heard an almighty splash and she was in!

  10. this video proves the idiocy of the rules where you can take your stupid kid to a restaurant, but you can’t take a dog.

  11. Loved the Pup!!!:) The “KID” is a Mischievous little Nightmare!!;(…& should go back to his crate…until he learns how to treat the poor pup with kindness and respect… I can just imagine what he does to “Seabiscuit” when Mom’s Not around! Mom’s fault too!!;(

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