The Escape Preventing Dog Harness

Hammacher Schlemmer’s patented ‘escape preventing’ harness promises to keep your dog safely contained. It also promises to make your dog look ridiculous.

Hammacher Schlemmer’s patented ‘escape preventing’ harness promises to keep your dog safely contained. It also promises to make your dog look ridiculous.

If you can get past the funny factor, perhaps this product will work for you. Hammacher Schlemmer’s description sounds promising:

This is the patented harness that prevents puppies or small adult dogs from escaping fenced-in areas. The device slips on a dog like a common harness, but its integrated rigid 10 1/2″-long cross-bar spans well beyond the width of the pet, preventing it from slipping out between fence railings.

The lightweight harness won’t inhibit a dog’s movements and allows passage through most standard pet doors. It is made from a 100% woven nylon that pets won’t find irritating, and has adjustable straps to ensure a snug fit.

With a retail price of around $30, this affordable contraption may just do the trick – if your dog will tolerate it.

118 thoughts on “The Escape Preventing Dog Harness

  1. No it could get caught on any number of things. My dogs do not even wear collars in the house/dog yard due to the possibility they can get caught up

  2. They actually have designs all over for how to make something like that for blind dogs curb feelers. However she has gone three years and screwing her up with things pointing out to catch on stuff sounds cruel.

  3. I can see it causing a lot more problems/dangerous situations then it is made to prevent, one the one hand, at least the prospective buyers are doing SOMETHING to contain their dogs but I would much rather see them put in the proper fencing or supervise their dogs while outside.

  4. Great. Let’s also leave them alone outside with some razor blades, bacon-flavored rubber bands, and rusty nails. What could happen? Oy.

  5. I can see them being caught up in the fence and perhaps even hanged … I don’t think I would try this even once…

  6. they cant even roll in the grass with that. could get chicken wire and fix the fence for that price.

  7. Haha think this is a little clever if I owned a little dog perhaps but I would much rather fix my fence up. I certainly wouldn’t use it unsupervised or around my other dogs I’m sure there would be people out there stupid enough to do both things though.

  8. That’s crazy. Looks really dangerous. Spend the $30 securing your garden fence.
    Or don’t allow your dog to go out in attended. I dread to think of what could possibly happen to a dog waring one of these. So stupid!!

  9. looks awful! how are they meant to roll on the grass and play properly? Can see it taking another dogs eye out too. If you’re that concerned, get proper fencing. AWFUL!

  10. My dog is too big for this anyway, and even if I had a small dog I wouldn’t get this. This looks like a hazard. Not only could it tangled in something, but it can hurt other animals (I include humans into this as well).

  11. Whatever it takes to keep the dogs in loving homes….Am wondering if one of my cats will wear diapers. He’s taking to marking after 6 years of being neutered. No medical problems and it may be the smell of another cat in the house causing him to pee around the place. Good God, what next?

  12. Stupid & dangerous – if you can’t be bothered to properly fence your yard, then think of another method – I can see broken necks, eye injuries to other dogs & small children, & lots of other dangers.

  13. My dogs are too smart… they would stand on their hind legs, and walk sideways if they really wanted to get out! Then they (all 6 Cockers) would walk up to me and laugh that I spent $30 a piece on something that is that ridiculous. No gadget can replace time and patience with teaching your dog(s). I say teaching because humans teach dogs… dogs train humans!

  14. I need that but that means my 5 small dogs would all be blind too. that is stupid . they would just run into each other. who invented this crap?

  15. After spending two whole days rebuilding our fences to keep one escape artist in, finished the fences and let the dogs out, he (Tramp) finds a way out and takes Lady with him. About to order this and put tennis balls on the ends to protect the other dogs. Now when we redid the fence we also doubled their yard space. Ungrateful hooligans !!!

  16. I opted for a covered espaces metalloic cover all. My dogs have dignity, cannot escape forever, made a lifetime investment and not a $ 30 waste.

  17. i guess if you are out in the yard with him and had this type of fence, it would be alright, but not to be left alone. i cant leave mine alone because they will eat everything, try to escape. bark. if they bark they go right back in the house. nobody wants to hear a barking dog.

  18. A new dog from the pound $50, a Hammacher Schlemmer’s patented ‘escape preventing’ harness for$30 – vet bills in the thousands due to all the trouble the dogs have gotten in – Priceless – or shall I say stupid?

  19. This HAS got to be a belated April Fool’s joke…
    No dog owner, with a sense of responsibility, would let their dog wear that.
    They can’t roll, play, slip in through the bushes or trees, they can poke out eyes, they can get stuck in lots of things, etc etc… This is just ridiculous!

  20. I wouldn’t because how could your dog play propperly with that awful contraption they can’t roll around or anything ppl should just have better fenceing

  21. I have a properly fenced yard, but my deck however has some issues for dogs about that size, they can slip through. Mine don’t fit but my sisters dog has made that attempt a few times. This may also work for those with dreaded HOA’s that only allow a certain fence. I think owners can be the best preventative for escapes but this could be extra insurance for their safety (needs a bit more in design though…it lacks in that area).

  22. This is not dog abuse! Come on. If u watch ur dogs properly u have nothing to worry about. I would use it, but I also watch my dogs and take care of them so I would not be worried that they would get hurt.

  23. Just keep them on a lead if you don’t have a safe fence, not all fences have large spaces between them and dogs are not stupid, all it would have to do is turn its head and slip out, might take them 15 minutes to figure it out. And I agree with others that it could end up causing the dog to hit other objects that it normally would run right by, seems dangerous.

  24. If I were dumb enough to put that on my dogs, it would take them under a minute to figure out to turn their heads and be on the outside laughing at me. Stupid idea.

  25. dunno. I think I would wrap my fence in chicken wire first, after all I wouldn’t want to restrict him from lying/rolling on the ground but it would all depend on the scenario.

  26. “Promises to keep your dog safe” I think NOT!! Just a scheme to get rich quick at the expense of our dogs.

  27. And seriously, it takes 2 or 3 days, to train dogs to not run out through your fences, but obviously you need to put down that time with them. Every time they approach the fence, tell them no (or whichever sound you say, when you want the dog’s attention), and they learn. We got two stubborn yorkies, but that they learned in no time.

  28. Hare to bring it up, honest, but it looks like something they used to use on slaves to keep them from escaping, look in history books. SMH. dogs are just going to get entangled in bushes or each other and choke to death. proper training is the key, my dog has never tried to run away, she knows she has a loving home.

  29. Rescuing a dog from the pound $50 – Purchasing a Hammacher Schlemmer’s patented ‘escape preventing’ harness for $30 – $3,000 plus in vet bill due to the harm done by the harness – PRICELESS – OR STUPID!?

  30. I have a lot of money invested in fencing, and will modify as needed but will not even keep collars on most of the dogs ever since I found a collar embedded in the decking. How the dog got out without choking to death I will never figure out. This thing is TROUBLE!!

  31. It’s all fun and games until one of the other dogs gets its eye poked out by escape-preventer…no way!

  32. This would be a GREAT way to entertain guests. Can you imagine having your dog come out of a room with that contraption, small little pails on each end with alcoholic beverages? Or you could put a lovely mixture of trail mix in tiny bins on each side? Or you could use it as a swipe like mechanism to clear off small areas of your home? Or maybe take it over to your “friends”house, call your dog so he/she could come running down the hall and allow your dog to brush closely by your “friend”!! Orrrrrrrr, maybe you could just alleviate all the BS I just mentioned up above and not put that damn stick like thing on ANYBODY’S dog.

    Sheesh! Poor lil baby! Can you imagine the neighborhood dogs bullying your dog if they see him/her in that thing?

    OK…I’m done babbling. ROFL

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