LA Bans Roadside Pet Sales

In an attempt to reduce impulse buys that often land pets in the pound, the state of Louisiana has banned the roadside sale of animals.

In an attempt to reduce impulse buys that often land pets in the pound, the state of Louisiana has banned the roadside sale of animals. Governor Bobby Jindal signed a new bill into law prohibiting the sale of pets on the side of the road.

Under the new law, violators will face fines of $250 for a first offense, and a $1,000 fine for additional infractions. Animal advocates celebrated the announcement, saying that this change will directly impact the number of pets that end up in area shelters.

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  1. Just a simple question,,, Why do Americans keep their dogs in cages? I have seen this many times in Private pictures ,,in their homes

    1. Tony, most likely what you’re seeing is dogs that are crate-trained. It’s a method used to help housebreak dogs, and for those that have to be away at work for much of the day. Essentially, when done right it builds off the dog’s natural “denning” instinct by providing the crate as a quiet place for them to rest. They aren’t kept in the crates all the time, nor should they be.

  2. tony some people do it as a dog house of sorts so they dont have to fully train their dog, in a cage it wont go potty in the house or make a mess when the owner isnt home. i dont like it and i dont agree with it

  3. unfortunately a lot of backyard breeders (BYB) will post stakes out in their front yard with “Puppies for sale” written on a sign stapled to it. people would come by give them the money and drive home with their new dog/cat. the majority of those snimals would end up in kill shelters. i’m glad they finally put an end to it.

  4. Johanna cool it. I just made a statement, no reason to go off on me. Everyone has an opinion on it. My dog goes into her crate to sleep even when she doesn’t have to. The door is always open. She can come and go as she pleases. A friend of mine who raises and trains GSD has always said there would be less dogs in the shelters if people would spay/neuter them and if they would crate train them. Believe me there are alot of dogs dumped at the pound for destuctive behavior, while the owners are out. You have your way of training your dogs, I have my way. Neither of which is wrong. What works for others might not work for some. I never said my dogs were in a crate all day. My husband works days, I work nights. So please don’t accuse me of leaving my dogs in a crate all day, you don’t know anything about myself or my dogs.

  5. Crate training is very important in the raising and training of a well behaved dog. Its to protect them when they can not be fully supervised. Keeps them out of trouble. As for the side of the road, thats a different issue. Over use of crating is abusive or keeping a dog in a crate directly in the hot sun.

  6. thats all good and well but now it will go underground or dogs will just be thrown out. the state must make place for them to sell the dogs legally and controlled

  7. I completely agree with Jamie Murray. In addition, it’s important to note that if a dog is PROPERLY crate trained, they view the crate as their “den,” or their “safe spot.” My dog voluntarily spends time in her crate, with the door wide open, not just when I ask her to go into the crate.

  8. Rebecca: I imagine many things are “legal” simply because they’ve never been made illegal. Apparently there was no law specifically prohibiting the roadside sale of pets.

  9. Interesting thoughts about crate training, I two that were not ever put into a crate and two who were briefly crate trained though and it all depends on individual situations and the dogs it’s neither good or bad only in how it’s used.

  10. Tony, it’s not a “cage” it’s a crate or a kennel and it mimics the den of a wolf. Many dogs love their crates and go there to sleep/eat/when they want to be alone.

  11. My dogs LOVE their kennels; when my big dog’s kennel got broken in a move, she squeezed herself into the smaller dog’s kennel. It is only made for up to 25 lbs and she is 50.. that’s how much she loves being in her kennel. She curled up and went to sleep and I found her in there and had to go find my camera!

  12. Crate training is recommended by the majority of (reputable) dog trainers and veterinarians. Our dogs have always had crates and they actually like them. It is their own private space and if we are up late they often go in there and get ready for bed on their own. It is not a “cop out” from training your dog…my dog is professionally trained and they highly recommend a crate.

  13. judi nobody went off on you, i stated an opinion. i didnt accuse you of anything i said i think its mean. relax its about the amimals not a forum for bickering

  14. Yes! I saw a bunch of Dalmatian pups and partially grown Dalmatians set up for sale in roadside cages. They weere painfully skinny and definitly the product of poor backyard breeding. They were selling, according to the breeder, but I’d have to assume only to people who were unaware of what the breed qualifications were.

  15. Johanna I feel you got real defensive over my opinion. And honey I am relaxed. Im not bickering at all. Just my opinion.

  16. The issue of the article, is the sale of pets alongside the road, not whether someone’s dog is in a crate or kennel.

  17. I wish South Carolina would! I’m tired of seeing the same “Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale” sign in the front yard down the road EVERY 6 months!!!

  18. Now that they have banned this what happens when the puppies don’t find homes and all end up in the shelters anyway? Yes it’s the first step but I don’t understand how it is going to greatly impact the number of dogs going into shelters? I am all for the ban as the roadside selling is cruel but I don’t see how it’s going to work? Could someone explain to me please? Thankyou! ( ps in from Australia and I’ve never seen dogs sold on the roadside and I’ve never heard of crate training either, so that’s why I don’t really understand)

    1. Overbreeding of animals and unsanitary conditions cause many genetic, behavioral and physical problems. These problems are not expected by people that stop and buy that cute puppy from the front yard or the side of the road breeder. When it comes time to pay vet bills because your puppy has genetic defects or parvo and your roadside breeder is gone and you can’t give him back and get your money back…you don’t have the money for the mounting vet bills…what happens to that cute little puppy? It goes to the shelter where 5 million animals are euthanized every year.

  19. Sorry but if you buy a puppy on the side of the road, anything you “end up with” you did ask for.

    Responsibility folks. We are all responsible for our own actions. Not that selling pups on the side of the road is responsible. Some of the crap humans do can really serve to make me ashamed to be one.

  20. I have to agree with one of the above comments, how is this going to help I see all these comments about how wonderful this is so now what? These same people will just find another way to sell their animals I just in no way see how this will cut down on the amount of animals that end up in the shelter. The same thing can easily be said when buying from a legitimate pet store. Its the people that take the pet realize they do not want what they got that is at fault not who they bought it from. Im not even going to comment about “impusle shopping” come on really. Someone please if you know more about this issue explain to us party crashers how is this going to help and what about those people sitting on the side of the road giving away free pets, trying to find good homes so they want end up at the pound to be euthanized is that illegal too as I did not see anything in the articles touching on the subject. Come on people open your eyes and think.

  21. an animal regaurdless of where it’s at on road side or shelter deserves to be adopted not all people that sale their animals on roadside are bad people. You keep believing those shelters care about the animals “happiness” if your actually that naïve. Those shelters care about the money their making from those adoptions. There are some breeders that are actually good breeders/good people that cant afford a whole facility to sell/give away their puppies, but their puppies are just as healthy and happy as the shelters puppies. If you guys really care so much about the animals then why make people that are giving away puppies or adopting them out with small fees to good homes on their own such a bad thing. like the guy above said it’s the bad owners that are at fault. They want the puppy because it’s cute not because they actually care about what goes into taking care of a puppy/kitten, and when they’re tired of them they toss’em out like trash where they end up at the shelter that kills them. For people saying the fines should be great you should be a shamed of yourself. This law isn’t doing anything, but cause people grief for trying to do a good thing. I guess it’s better for those “heavenly shelters” to kill the animals instead of the average person finding them a good home. Now this is only on the behalf of roadside breeders/people that have good intent within their hearts

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