Maggie’s Beauty Treatment

I feel pretty!

57 thoughts on “Maggie’s Beauty Treatment

  1. That is absolutely hilarious!! I am SO thankful I don’t have mud like that in my yard because I know my pittie girl would do the same thing!!

  2. LOL Oh what fun it is to Play in a Muddy puddle.. YAY! LOL Ready the Hoes for the Bath after math! LOL

  3. This is cute and bad at the same time. If she had a curly tail you’d swear she was a little piglet.

  4. Our pittie Oliver loves to roll on the sod and get filthy and stinky. It drives my husband crazy. Maggie is on a whole new level though and I simply wanted to give him some perspective. I love this video! 😉

  5. You know what happens after this don’t you – Maggie runs straight up to her person saying I love you so much I just want to give you a big hug!

  6. Indeed! I’m pretty ectexid to call on the talents of the people I know for inspiration in the cocktail department. Stay tuned. :)@Mika: Even though you never worked as a bartender, I imagine you’d still have the skills to make a mean [email protected]: Do! It was a knockout drink.

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