Mother Chihuahua Adopts Orphaned Pit Bull Puppy

This sweet little mother was dumped at a high kill shelter because she was pregnant.

This sweet little mother was dumped at a high kill shelter because she was pregnant. “The Mutt Movement” rescued her that day. Her rescuers took her in and gave her a safe, warm, loving home to have her babies. While she was there, she also took in an orphaned pit bull puppy…

56 thoughts on “Mother Chihuahua Adopts Orphaned Pit Bull Puppy

  1. Oh my gosh, this filled my heart with extreme warmth. I’m smiling from ear to ear! What a precious little mama dog. That pit pup is bigger than she is. Adorable!!!

  2. Am Soooo ashamed of being part of the Humans who would do something as down-right evil as dumping a pregnant dog at a kill shelter.. Thank God, the dog in question, has a totally different agenda…

  3. my chihuahua keeps trying to claim my cats kittens as her own,lol.. luckily momma is understanding and calm about the whole thing.. so our lucky kittens have a cat mom, dog mom and a human 4 weeks they are very well adjusted.its still funny to see a cat ,dog and four kittens snuggling in a box though.

  4. not “like” cuz of the high-kill shelter and the fact the poor little thing was dumped but “likes” cuz i just watched the video and so sweet and cute!–God Bless that little one for her courage and strength;; <3<3<3

  5. That is the cutest, sweetest video I have seen in awhile LOL…We could all learn a lot about love, giving, sharing and acceptance by watching dogs!

  6. Let’s see don’t spay and dump pregnant dog at a kill shelter what lowlifes. I hope their time on this earth is less than an owner surrender at a high kill shelter, they deserve nothing more.

  7. That is just too sweet. Dogs never cease to amaze me by some of the things they do. Sometimes I think they are more human than some humans are.

  8. Aaww… what a great Mother. Shame on the chihuahua’s previous owners! She’s pregnant because of their negligence. Clearly, they shouldn’t be animal owners.

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