Puppy Found In Trash Can Available For Adoption

Peyton, a four month old shepherd mix pup, was rescued from the bottom of a trash can in Atlanta last month.

Peyton, a four month old shepherd mix pup, was rescued from the bottom of a trash can in Atlanta last month.  A feral cat rescuer was searching a local park when he heard odd noises emanating from an oil-drum trash barrel just off the beaten path.

Approaching the barrel, he discovered a discarded young dog covered in trash, tar and grime.

LifeLine Animal Project took the unwanted dog in, and now ‘Peyton’ is available for adoption. Given his rough start in life, we would love to know that he is headed to a good home. Perhaps yours?

Consider his listing details. This vibrant young dog will make a terrific companion for the lucky human who adopts him. Don’t have room for another dog? Share with a friend, you never know.

Peyton is a sweet young shepherd mix ready for his forever home. He’s a fun, energetic puppy. He plays a lot and sleeps a lot and who will follow you everywhere. He is smart and knows several commands already such as sit, stay, go potty, and leave it. Since he goes potty on command, he has been house broken and goes outside every time now.

Peyton loves people and dogs alike.

Adoption Application for Peyton
Contact LifeLine Animal Project regarding Peyton

44 thoughts on “Puppy Found In Trash Can Available For Adoption

  1. What the hell is wrong with people! What kind of scumbag throws a puppy out like trash? I have a few places in mind I’d like to throw them, if they are found.

  2. i really do not know what has happened to the human race we seem to have lost our way there is no empathy towards our animal kingdom any more the cruelty that is inflicted upon them is immeasurable, we are going back to being uncivilised with our dealings with the world its no wonder the animals are biting back.

  3. you know this only makes me think about, how with all the puppies and such found in dumpsters and saved, how many aren’t found and saved. people are sick.

  4. I never understand how could other people do abuse the animals daily in this society. They are innocence. I wish, the new legal in America to penalities fine 500 K and jail for 25 years.

  5. I have no words… no understanding of the cruelty inflicted on our animals… I guess cruelty against each other isnt enough. may he find a home that deserves rather than he deserves..

  6. What kind of heartless asshole dumps a helpless puppy in a trash can. >:^( If I didn’t have 6 dogs already I’d take him in a heartbeat.

  7. We have so many F****** idiots, jerks, etc etc etc here in Atlanta!!! I can’t believe how some people treat animals. I SO WISH I could put whoever did this is a trash can, and pour acid in it! Well, what can I say, I am PISSED OFF!!!!!!

  8. Look at that face, how can anyone throw this dog away like he was trash?…..the person who did the throwing should toss him or herself into the garbage instead and do the rest of the world a favor.

  9. Only cowards do this or are miserable and take it on the innocent and vulnerable, karma will bite them back bastards.

  10. Aww, I want him… you guys are killing me. What and Where is the Jack ass that threw him in the trash. Some peopler need to go straight to hell for treating these animals they way they do… All they want is love, they all turn out bad when they have dickheads for owners.ughhhh makes me mad

  11. I don’t get how someone could do this and walk away!!! I’ll adopt that baby…..somebody tell me what to do to bring him home!!!!

  12. How could somebody take that cute little helpless puppy, with that sweet adorable face that you want to mush, and throw it in the trash like dirty garbage, knowing it may die. I’d like to know how these people sleep at night.

  13. I am getting sick of hearing about people discarding animals as if they were trash!! What the hell is wrong with this damn world!!!! I would adopt him in a heartbeat

  14. I got my Rottweiler like that. I lived in a rental house that backed to woods. Every day for a week I heard a dog barking in the woods but never saw annoying. Finally I walked through the woods, to the house on the other side. The “neighbors” had moved, left their Rotty chained to the patio, with a bag of Old Roy dry food ripped open on the ground. He had eaten all the food and still looked pretty healthy. But he had heart worms and several intestinal worms. Our vet, who is a SAINT, treated him at a huge discount and we took him home with us! He was the best dog ever, sleeping in bed with me when my hubby was out of town. And he was so gentle to be such a big boy. He died 7 years later of natural causes. I still cry when I think of losing him. And someone else just left him behind like trash.

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