Rent-a-Dog Service Helps Shelter Dogs Find Homes

A New York woman devises a new concept for introducing potential adopters to shelter dogs.

Both of Katherine Long’s dogs Ocho and Isla came from shelters, so a few weeks ago, the New York woman decided to test out a new concept for introducing potential adopters to shelter dogs.

She brought her dogs to Central Park, set up shop – a homemade sign – and says that the experiment was an unqualified success.

7 thoughts on “Rent-a-Dog Service Helps Shelter Dogs Find Homes

  1. What a great idea and hopefully will help a lot of dogs in shelters find a new home. It’s also a great way for prospective dog owners to see what it’s like to own a dog before making a full commitment. This should also hopefully result in less dogs going into shelters in the first place.

  2. I think it’s a great idea but I would have to see that the “renters” are screened first before getting to take home a pet. Just putting up a cardboard sign does not assure the pet will have a happy experience in the home. Another issue that concerns me is many dogs in shelters have abandonment issues. They may have been picked out and then discarded many times before landing in the shelter. Then they go home with the renter, become attached to the home and family, and back again to Hetrz Rent-a-pet.

    Dogs are sentient beings. I would highly recommend for those considering a pet and want to try it out that they volunteer at a shelter. You will get to meet some great dogs, animals and people and probably find the love of your life and adopt them.

    A good program here that matches runners with dogs who love to run:

    1. I don’t think that she’s allowing people to take dogs home. The dogs that she’s using are her own dogs.

  3. I like that she give the money back to shelters. I hope that this will help some people get interested enough to take a dog into their homes. Maybe the shelters shoud try this. Twenty minutes is enough time to get a feel for what having to look after a dog could be like (maybe). Cute dogs!

  4. for security – how about she trades cell phones with the people? She should have a boring, cheap one. She mentioned that she texts the people telling them their time is up. They’ll come back for their cell phone.

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