Single File

The line forms here…


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  1. What’s everyone waiting for? Is there a free giveaway planned?

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Its certainly not photoshopped, just fantastic dogs! (I know it’s not photoshopped as I was there!) there is 21 dogs in that line up, all sat or lay happily. I think it raises the bar to other organisations who work with animals this was only done as a bit of fun after seeing owners lined up with there dogs we challenged ourselves to get a pic of a line up without owners. Tho I know the owners were incredibly impressed!

  3. Thanks Sam! These are our dogs. We walk and train dogs for a living ( you have to train if you walk dogs in order to keep them safe!). In this line up we do indeed have 21 dogs from the back we have Sirus the dalmation, Phoebe the collie lying down, Louie the lab, bobby the lab who eats grass and chokes so wears a muzzle, Charlie the lab, Harry the retriever, Harvey the working cocker, Lola the Puggle, Montanna the gsd, Sophie the retriever with addisons, Esther the scavenger who is a springador, Izzy the lurcher, Truffle the staffie cross, Belle the St bernard, Willow the lab cross, Suzy the sprollie, Breeze working cocker, Tips my Ibizan hound, Duke the newbie who is a retriever cross lab cross poodle, Max the akita, Molly moo the shihtzu cross pug and Hugo the naughty pug. Sam and I were there. I was standing on the transit on order to get the photo and for all those doubters just remember all it is is a sit. they all know each other they know they can run but running can happen anytime. oh and we took a video so feel free to peek and see that it is real. Sam has already set us the challenge to do at least 25dogs so we shall do so. Enjoy your dogs, we think a quiet solid sit is the handiest, safest thing you can teach your dog. Thanks for all the positive comments and I hope the owners come forward and enjoy the attention that their fab, funny, opinionated dogs are having!

  4. As one of them owners I certainly was impressed. Plus I’ve bumped into Petnanny on one of there many varied walks and their dogs are amazing and so well behaved. I can say for definate that no owners were present just 2 very hard working, diligent and chocoholic Petnanny’s

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