Stolen Dog Reunited with Owner After Three Years

Mary Roberts wraps her arms tightly around her best friend and smiles. “I really did not think I’d get to see her again”, she said.

Mary Roberts and Maggie

Mary Roberts wraps her arms tightly around her best friend and smiles. “I really did not think I’d get to see her again,” she said. Roberts stands in a field more than 1000 miles from home, holding her beloved Terrier mix named Maggie for the first time after three years of uncertainty and heartbreak.

Roberts said she believed that a former acquaintance had lost the dog, and after months passed with no sign of her, she began to lose hope. “I spent many nights crying when she was taken,” she said. Roberts had not microchipped her pet and feared that there was little chance of seeing her again. Statistically speaking, that assumption would normally prove correct, but an amazing coincidence brought Maggie home.

Roberts received a chance phone call from the Fort Worth police last week regarding a former friend who was accused of running from officers after crashing his truck and killing another motorist. They were hoping she might know his whereabouts. She did not, but she learned that officers had made a surprising discovery when they reported to the accident scene: sitting in the truck was Maggie.

Maggie had not been lost after all – she had been abducted. “We had befriended this person, hung with him for awhile,” she told News 8. “Then, one day, he just took off…and took the dog!”

Thrilled at the news of Maggie’s recovery, Roberts drove all the way from Arizona to Texas to claim her. She feared that her dog may have forgotten her with the passage of time, but that fear would prove unfounded. Maggie was elated to see her, and wiggled with delight in her arms, barking and kissing her owner.

“She was so excited! I didn’t think she would remember me after that length of time, I really didn’t,” Roberts said.

Roberts and Maggie are headed back to Arizona, but they are not alone: joining them is a new friend they made after their reunion – a tiny pug that was also found in the the mangled wreckage of the truck. Roberts thanked the people responsible for reuniting her with Maggie as she prepared her passengers for the journey home. “I’m so thankful to the dog control people. They were so nice,” she said.

The man accused of stealing Maggie, Dale Morgan, is in jail and faces multiple charges, including intoxication assault manslaughter, and aggravated assault against a public servant.

27 thoughts on “Stolen Dog Reunited with Owner After Three Years

  1. Glad that pig is behind bars!bet the owners were so glad to get their baby back! don’t know what i’d do if somebody stole any of my 3! yellow lab-sophie, choccy lab-Amber and my golden retriver cross-Suki 🙂 x

  2. I wish we could see things like that in my country. We are fighting for Congress to approve a tougher law against animal cruelty, but some people are still in the Middle Ages. Great story.

  3. Saw this on the news last night…awesome. She also adopted the little pug that was found in the truck with her little dog. Way to go!

  4. The pug may have been stolen from another desperate person that’s searching in vain. Happy that Maggie is back where she belongs.

  5. Yay! I’m so glad little Maggie is home where she belongs! And three cheers for the little pug too! I certainly hope she micro chips them both when she gets them back home!

  6. Years ago, my sister had a standard black poodle named Pierre. She had many of them over time, all named Pierre. This one disappeared one summer day. My sister and her family posted signs in a ten mile area but no response. 8 months later, she sat up in bed early one morning and and said to her husband, “I hear Pierre.” Down they go to find a very thin, very tired dog on the porch. It was Pierre with worn, bloody foot pads. He had walked from where ever he had been taken, to home. What a dog!

  7. Amazing story and a happy ending. Also to Anne Healy – ur sisters dog Pierre – what an anwesome dog, so glad he found his way back home xxx

  8. I’ll bet both those dogs are chipped now! Always chip your pets because they could disappear in a multitude of ways. A chip could save their lives and relieve you of a lot of heartache.

  9. I wonder if the pug was stolen as well. I hope they check it for a microchip before she takes it back to Arizona. Someone might really be missing that dog.

  10. Microchip that is the best thing to do for your pet. I hope that the little Pug wasn’t stolen. Chances are he was. I am glad that the idiot dogknapper is going jail. I hope he is in for a long time! Maggied you, the little pug, and your family live a long and happy life together and don’t go on any more adventures (I know it wasn’t your fault).

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