Thieving Retriever Steals Bread for Owner

Gillie the golden retriever is pictured with her stash of stolen bread loaves.

For reasons known only to her, a golden retriever in Camden Australia has been stealing and hoarding loaves of bread for her puzzled owner.

Owner Michael Shaw cannot explain the strange phenomenon: but since Sunday morning, the eight-year-old dog has been returning home with unopened loaves of bread, dropping them on his front step like trophies and proudly waiting to be discovered.

Her total take thus far includes two packs of muffins and 12 loaves of bread, and nobody can figure out where she is taking them from. The nearest store is a ten minute drive away.

Gillie on the run.

“She brings back things quite often, but normally it’s an old gumboot or something like that,” said Shaw. “She has a bit of an insecurity problem so she always has things in her mouth.”

Until someone can figure out what the motivation is for her crime spree, Gillie continues  to deliver the loaves one-by-one with a happy wag of her tail.

“It’s like she’s bringing us gifts – she just lies around all of them,” Shaw said. “She’s on a mission.”

69 thoughts on “Thieving Retriever Steals Bread for Owner

  1. my boxer/bullmastiff hoards things too, but just random things. He piles them nicely outside and waits for me to come get them. He doesn’t chew them up, my other dog does.

  2. RETRIEVER. It is a job description. Living with a Lab I can tell you NEVER throw something that you don’t want returned.

  3. Why is she allowed to roam in the streets? I mean, the story is cute but she’s going to get hit by a car, shot or something equally horrible.

  4. In these tough economic times, she is being proactive in making sure there is food for all….what a good girl!

  5. She is so cute, but why is she allowed to roam the streets, however rural they may be? Aren’t the owners concerned she may be hit by a vehicle?

  6. makes me wonder where’s she’s getting all the bread and how she’s doing it! maybe some kind of scavenger game and the only thing on the list is “loaf of bread,” lol…?

  7. How funny is this .. Maybe there is a person with a read route that lives close by .. And he leaves his truck open at night ..

  8. They should put a pet cam on her collar to see where she goes! I would love to see the video. This is so funny.

  9. She’s been doing it for a week, apparently nobody seems to mind so why are people saying she’s a thief and shouldn’t be running around? Perhaps this is a safe neghborhood where everyone knows her and she’s merely visiting the neighbors? I think it’s cute and for a dog at 8 years old sometimes you need some oddities to keep you entertained.

  10. Its quite simple really,,, He’s thanking his Owner for all the wonderful times that they have had together,:)))) or else he just doe’nt have enough money to buy something:)))))

  11. Retrievers retrieve. And in order to feel productive, they will keep binging you stuff. This one probably does not hunt but she has taken that instinct to provide for the pack and has actually satisfied that need by binging food!. That instinct is a common behavior among wolves when the pack shares, particularly if there are young. It is the trait that was zeroed in on when retrieving breeds were developed. She would have been a world class hunter if circumstances were different.

  12. My Weimaraner brought home two chicken so far (thank god still alive!) and could not believe that I let them escape after all her hard work to catch them! It was her way to thank me for everything we share with her! I
    Praised her for the dead iguana though…..

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