A Dog Lover’s Final Wish

A Pets for Patriots volunteer and WWII veteran who is terminally ill says his final wish is for as many people as possible to view this video.

Editor’s note: Please read, and by all means, please share.

Hi Life With Dogs,

Hope this note finds you well.

I have a very personal – and urgent – request: Our family member, Pets for Patriots volunteer and WWII veteran is terminally ill and just went into hospice. We don’t know how much time he has left with us, but he’s gravely ill and it could be any time.

Charles starred in our first ever video and has only wanted for as many people as possible to view it so that they can learn about our mission and work. To date we have a little under 8.000 views, but really want to swing for the fences and get 100k+ over the next day or so. In spite of his condition, Charles’ face lights up whenever I tell him the “count” for the day; we’ve been trying to promote the video on social media over the last week or so as his condition has deteriorated rapidly.

Time is of the essence. It would be a wonderful tribute to this former B17 belly gunner – who risked his life in 33 missions over Germany – to know that he has touched so many people and, in so doing, helped our charity that he loves with all his heart.

It would mean a great deal to Charles, to me and to our organization if you would feature his video prominently and help us spread the word. Thank you for considering my request.


Beth Zimmerman, Founder + Executive Director

183 thoughts on “A Dog Lover’s Final Wish

  1. this really touched my heart <3 this charity is really amazing and i hope that they get the 100k+ views they deserve!

  2. I agree this is a very moving video. A very noble cause. I support it from Canada. Should be a world wide endeavor.

  3. Shared on FB and Pinterest. Everyone on pinterest please pin also. Charles, Bless you and thank you for all you’ve done for us as a veteran and as an animal lover.

  4. God Bless you Charles, thank you for serving our great nation and joining forces for our pets in need also. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and all paws are crossed too.

  5. Please tell Charlie his wish was granted. So, so many people have shared and viewed this video and received his message. I hope that put a huge smile on his face. God Bless you Charlie for all you have done for us all!! I’ll be praying for you! You’ve earned your wings for sure!

  6. Thank you,Charles, for your inspiration and service. As a devoted canine owner, I appreciate your sensitivity and compassion for our four-legged companions who add a special dimension to our lives.
    For you I focus an abundance of positive healing energy which will embrace you with peace.

  7. Thank you Sir for your service not only to
    your Country but to our Beloved pets we call our best friends. Godspeed we will carry on where you left off!

  8. Thanks so much for your service, Charles,,,and thank you for your caring attitude for fellow veterans and homeless dogs. It was an honor to view your video !

  9. What a great cause, and what an awesome video. Thank you for making it. And thank you for your service for our country. God Bless.

  10. I’ll be your wingman Charlie. See you over the channel on the way back to
    the field when the mission is over.

  11. thank u so much for sharing this wonderful piece and please thank Charles for all his service in the military and out…..He seemed to be a very loving and honorable man…May GOD see him safely home when on the wings of our angels at his hour of need. Prayers for his health and for his service dog whom I truely believe is missing and waiting for his companion <3

  12. Thank you Sir for your service to our country and also for you love and support for others – whether they have four legs or two! This is a great program and I appreciate your bringing it to my attention. I have shared it and hope that others will also find it inspiring.

    Will be heading to donate right now and I wish you peace and love and a safe trip home on your guardian angel’s wings when the time comes.

  13. God bless you Charles, and thank you for being a true hero! My generation has failed our military men and women, and I want to apologize for so many being so cold hearted and uncaring! My father was a vet, and I was raised to have respect for our military folks, and ALWAYS make it a point to shake their hand and say thank you! You can always tell who they are, an old tattoo, a veterans ball cap, the way they stand so tall, their humbleness. My heart is breaking to know you are dieing, but as a Christian know you are leaving this realm to join Christ and all those before us who fought the ultimate war, LIFE! I also agree that pets are therapeutic, and have such a special spot in our lives! I hope your legacy will touch many lives, to help other vets and pets, and to educate us all to open our hearts to those who are lonely, and in need of friends! God bless you Charles, I hope to meet you in Heaven, with our beloved pets!

  14. What a wonderful charity. Am giving this weekend. God bless you, Charles. Thank you for your service. May God see you safely home.

  15. Wonderful tribute to a wonderful cause. Everyone needs a best friend, none more than soldiers returning from combat duty. Charles is thinking of helping others even as he is drifting away. Thank you.

  16. Charles, thank you for your service to our country and for your warm heart. I think this is a selfless wish. You are a hero in many ways. God Bless you and peace through your journey.

  17. Extremely touching video and message. I’m glad that I was able to see and learn about this origination. I look forward to being able to give a reoccurring donation. God bless.

  18. R.I.P. and may you and all of the four legged freinds you had waiting enjoy renewed joy and life in a place of no pain…. 🙂

  19. Thank u for all u have done no pet should be forgotten when there loved one has passed on to the other side of life.

  20. I’m so very sorry, but he is now with family gone before him, and is busy reuniting as his soul travels between Heaven and the Rainbow Bridge. My thanks to you Charles.

  21. God Speed Charles !! You are now reunitied with all the animals gone before you, and can help the others over Rainbow’s Bridge <3

  22. I watched and will share with others. RIP and thank you for your service to America, to fellow vets, and to the animals.

  23. Eternal rest and peace for you now Charles. I am so sorry that I did not see this before he passed away. But I am sharing the video for others to watch. His passion will live on! What a wonderful program. I am inspired.

  24. sharing it for Charles (Iusually don’t share videos) I know Charles is at the rainbow bridge waiting to greet the animals crossing over and making them feels at home

  25. RIP Mr. Charles. Thank you for your service. You will be blessed in Heaven for the honorable life you led and your love of animals.

  26. Charles is now happy embracing the LIGHT of GOD full of unexplainable bliss and love… Go on Charles! Live eternally with our Maker! 🙂

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