Humane Society Accuses American Kennel Club of Protecting Puppy Mills

In what may be the start of media dogfight, HSUS accuses the AKC of promoting mass breeding.

The Humane Society of the United States has released a report calling on the American Kennel Club to reverse course and support efforts to protect dogs from the worst abuses at puppy mills. The report also criticizes AKC for pandering to the interests of large-scale, commercial breeding facilities rather than serving smaller-scale, high-quality breeders who make up the majority of AKC.

The report notes that numerous puppy mill operators who have been charged with animal cruelty have been selling AKC-registered puppies and some of them even passed AKC inspections.

“The American Kennel Club bills itself as ‘The Dog’s Champion,’ but our report shows a pattern of activity that is entirely at odds with that self-description,” said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The HSUS. “The AKC has opposed more than 80 bills and proposals in the last five years that would have implemented common-sense, humane standards of care at large-scale breeding facilities. We are shocked that a group that should be standing shoulder to shoulder with us is constantly lined up with the puppy mill industry.”

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The report is based on information uncovered during HSUS-assisted raids of puppy mills, AKC “alerts” sent to breeders, materials published on AKC’s website, and AKC’s lobbying activities over the past five years.

Among the findings:

  • Humane organizations have assisted law enforcement in rescuing suffering dogs from large puppy mills whose operators regularly registered dogs with AKC. In just the past six months, this includes three facilities in North Carolina where more than 250 dogs were caged in squalor. Ironically, the AKC’s primary office is located in Raleigh.
  • Over the past five years, AKC has opposed more than 80 different state bills and local ordinances designed to provide stronger protections for dogs in puppy mills. The group has opposed landmark measures enacted in Missouri, North Carolina, Oregon, West Virginia, Texas, Washington, and other states.
  • Since the end of the 1990s, when AKC was facing a boycott of its registry by large-scale, commercial dog breeding facilities, the group has dedicated significant resources to fighting laws that would regulate those facilities.
  • In 2012 alone, AKC asked its supporters to oppose:
    • Laws in several states that would have required puppy producers to comply with basic care standards
    • Legislation in three states that would have prevented the debarking of dogs without a medical reason
    • An ordinance in a Tennessee town designed to prevent dogs from being left in hot cars
    • A Rhode Island state bill to prevent people from chaining or crating a dog for more than 14 hours a day
    • A Louisiana state bill that would have prevented breeding facilities from keeping dogs in stacked, wire-floored cages
  • AKC has attempted to deflect independent regulation of large-scale breeders on grounds that it maintains an internal kennel inspections program, but standards for the program are unclear and its results unpublished. The HSUS report discloses that some puppy mills had been “inspected” by AKC but were still the subject of law enforcement-led rescues—with facility operators later convicted of animal cruelty on account of the poor conditions of their dogs.
  • Most recently, AKC has been lobbying breeders to oppose a proposed U.S. Department of Agriculture rule that would regulate Internet puppy sellers under the federal Animal Welfare Act. AKC’s chair described the regulations as “onerous,” even though the proposal includes exemptions for breeders with fewer than five breeding female dogs as well as breeders who sell only to buyers they meet in person.

While the AKC does have beneficial programs such as an annual Responsible Dog Ownership Day and AKC Companion Animal Recovery disaster relief assistance, these make up just a tiny percentage of AKC’s annual outlays. Therefore, the report calls on AKC to distance itself from the large-scale, commercial dog-breeding industry and return to its original focus of representing small, premium, responsible breeders who belong to national breed clubs, participate in dog shows and other events, and have the welfare of their dogs as their top priority.

The report comes a week before the close of the public comment period on the USDA’s retail pet stores rule, a rule designed to ensure that large-scale puppy producers (like the one in the video above) who sell animals online or by mail or phone sight-unseen be regulated just like the producers who sell to pet stores. Concerned citizens can voice their support for the rule at

110 thoughts on “Humane Society Accuses American Kennel Club of Protecting Puppy Mills

    1. Agreed! HSUS vs. AKC is kind of a dumb and dumber situation. I’m delighted to see someone FINALLY point out that the AKC has zero wishes to shut down mills since they make money off of every single puppy registration they pump out to the mills. However, the fact that it is the HSUS is sort of comical.

  1. I totally agree that ALL kennel clubs protect & encourage puppy mills by collecting money from large breeders without any policing that the dogs are being properly cared for.

  2. well the british kennel club is no better, saw a documentary about them last year that exposed their rather pompous attitudes towards breeding

  3. Really Deborah? Are you making this assumption or do you have actual proof of that? The truth is that the AKC has an inspection program that includes requirements for standards of care.

    1. AKC and standards of care in the same sentence. Are you this funny all the time or is this just a lucky shot.

      You mean the same AKC whose breed standards have given us dozens of breeds who are now so physically and genetically screwed up that they can’t do the jobs the breed was originally created for?

      1. So Funny, there’s a lot of disagreement within the fancier/breeder community for that very reason. I know that it’s especially strong within the Working and Sporting breeds, with people arguing for a return to standards that match what the dogs were originally meant to do.

        (I personally like this idea. I need some serious brains with my beauty.)

    2. I believe Deborah may have personal knowledge as many of us caring dog lovers do. Yes, we know AKC does inspections but unfortunately they don’t or can’t make a dent in the puppy mills!

    3. The AKC is so large now…Inspections? Does one really think that every one breeding that fills out a form & sends in their money is going to be inspected? I think not. And what about those inspections. I do not hold much credence in it. At persent, I am reading a true account regarding a gentleman that was well known in the ‘dog world’. He was finally busted by law enforcement. A puppy mill. Book title ‘Saving Gracie’ by Carol Bradley. In short, do not count on the AKC organization to save these dogs. Concerned? Write & call your legislatures…get laws changed. Maybe someday, mills/catteries/ and backyard breeders will be totally outlawed (as they should be).

      1. Actually, all puppy mills are governed by the USDA and are inspected by the USDA. Further, most puppy mill puppies sold through retailers are not sold with AKC papers but with other breed registry papers. It’s the USDA that stipulates the requirements of facilities for the mills.

    4. I then question the fact that was pointed out in this article – several supposed “inspected” facilities were raided as puppy mills. Have you ever met a puppy-mill breeder dog? They are pitiful things, scared of the ground, people, and so screwed up in the head they’ll never be truly normal dogs.

      I personally have never gotten a dog from a breeder. A purebred dog doesn’t make a better companion than a mutt and if you know how to test out things like herding drive, focus and willingness you can find a mutt that can do any job a purebred can.

  4. I would believe this about the AKC…..even the products for dogs they put their name on fall apart so quick…

  5. I blame consumers just as much as the mills. If you stop buying, they will stop selling! Go to your shelter and save someone, not “buy” them.

  6. If you read the report closely, pay attention to the phrasing. They are careful about how they word their claims of any affiliation between AKC and the puppy mills. Their strongest wording is “AKC paperwork” was found on the premises. The only puppymill that they actually give specific information on was one that was inspected by AKC 2 years prior. 2 yrs is long time for a facility to go downhill. AKC spends about 8 million a year inspecting breeders. How about the fact that HSUS conducts these raids, runs in with HSUS t-shirts and news cameras, loads the dogs in their trucks and then dumps them on the local shelter or rescue groups, along with the bill? When the photos of the seized dogs aren’t “bad enough” they use photos from prior raids in their reports. The proposed USDA regulations WILL shut down the responsible hobby breeders. That’s why AKC has an issue with it.

    1. Come on! The AKC is pumping out papers for dozens and dozens of litters born in the same facility every single year but they don’t think they might be dealing with a puppy mill. So their blindness must be voluntary then.

      Take a look at what they have to say about dog auctions (page 15 of their own report here: )

      Have you ever been to a puppy mill dog auction of breeding stock? I have and assuming you have a shred of compassion for other living creatures I would hope that you would find them as distasteful as I do. I’ve attended plenty of livestock “kill” auctions and found them to be more humane than the dog auctions (and with the sale animals in much better shape most of the time).

      So according to the AKC it’s ok that what are supposedly companion animals are treated worse than livestock on the way to slaughter.

      Sounds like a great organization – 🙁

    2. The USDA regulations will not shut down responsible hobby breeders. That is simply false. A responsible breeder does not sell online. Have you ever been to an Amish puppy mill? Right now in Missouri there are dogs sitting in metal crates with now shelter in the sweltering heat. I’ve seen the photos and you can to if you go to The Puppy Mill Project on Facebook. The AKC could care less about these dogs. They are at these Amish auctions papering dogs for the cash. I have friends who have bought dogs at these auctions watching the dogs drug by the neck to the auction block, kicked… and don’t forget the Amish breeder bragging that he doesn’t need a vet, he uses a box cutter and does his own C sections. The fact that the AKC could care less about the conditions in these mills is very evident. Go to an auction and see for yourself.

  7. The so called humane society sucks and you may not know this but they only give less than 1% of their money to animal shelters! Most of their money goes into their personal retirement funds! This is fact. Also a lot of their fund go in to lobbying against prestige companies like AKC. Its people that buy or get puppies that do not take care of them that are the problem, not AKC, UKC or CKC. Do not believe everything you hear!

  8. the IRS should get involved in the mix, they need to start going after these mills, and any breeders of animals for taxes that they most likely aren’t paying…

    1. They do pay taxes–this is their sole source of income. This is their business. The reason they operate the way they do is because they are already governed by the USDA!!! The USDA sets and monitors their regulations. They sell these puppies to RETAIL STORES….where you walk in and buy these puppies. These mills are distributors to retail locations. The bill currently up for vote has nothing to do with these mills….IT DOESN’T EFFECT THEM!!!!! This is a new law to cover hobby breeders NOT MILLS.

  9. I lost all faith in the AKC’s willingness to do what’s right when they started kissing up to puppy mills. Patti Strand’s disgusting “High Volume Breeder Committee” demonstrates everything that’s wrong with the AKC..

    The AKC may have been about dogs in the past, but today, it’s all about profiting from breeders.

  10. Big Deal. They should have done this years ago, they knew the problems and the protections. All you have to do is ask any PA Puppy Mill Rescue. I am not impressed one bit. It’s the dedication of the local rescues and authorities not the HSUS who have pushed these dogs to the side for years yet speak out for people like Vick? Maybe they should take a look at my Teddy, an AKC Registered Dog.

  11. Tiffany You had better do some elementary research. The majority of AKC registration (over 80% )is from puppy mills, oh excuse me Patti Strand, high volume breeders.

  12. I would never by a puppy from a “breeder” or from a newspaper. A good breeder will only have puppies if they already have homes lined up, not just to make money.

  13. Come on AKC. You are supposed to be supporting the raising of healthy and well adjusted dogs. Get with the program! I am sure if you can not afford AKC help with this problem, there are caring and concerned people who would volunteer to check out puppy mills for you! I would.

  14. @Tiffany, LOLOLOLOL! Oh dear Lord girl you need a SERIOUS education in the AKC and Mill Dogs! Have you seen them in person? Do you know what they are like? Have you smelled these dogs and the conditions? Do you honestly want to see what an AKC Registered dog looks like????

  15. You people who believe the HSUS without question are supporting an organization that wants to do away with your right to own a dog or a cat as a pet, ride a horse, eat meat, etc. You all need to WAKE UP. They are a propaganda machine, fueld by millions in donations from unsuspecting citizens, when less than 1% of their budget goes to helping actual animals. They are currently behind a new rule that will shut down responsible breeders and let so-called puppy mills continue to operate unscathed. Everything they publish/say is a LIE and those of you who believe it without question are part of the problem.

  16. When 5 MILLION pets are put to death in US “shelters” EACH YEAR, Michelle, it’s shameful that people like you would make excuses for breeders — I don’t care how “responsible” (a subjective judgment, at best) they are. I have no interest in protecting the interests of “hobby” breeders who make a living on the backs of voiceless, helpless animals.

  17. HSUS is a joke and a total sham with ulterior motives with EVERYTHING they do. They are like PETA’s little cousin with a nice haircut and sneaky smile.

  18. When an organization (in this instance, HSUS) comes under fire for its practices and procedures (in this instance, raising enormous amounts of money and spending next to nothing on the animals), the best defense is to deflect the fire to another organization (in this instance, AKC). IMHO, neither the HSUS nor any national breed registry works in the best interest of the dogs.

  19. I’ve wondered why AKC is not held more responsible for insuring proper conditions for the puppy mill dogs that they register. They sure as hell should be!!!

  20. May I suggest you talk to people at A Tail to Tell Puppy Mill Rescue, Mainline Rescue, PuppyMill, Lancaster Humane Society, The York CO. SPCA, Harrisburg Humane Society, and me, I am happy to talk to you and show you MY AKC registered dogs, and I know for a fact the above rescues just within 50 miles of Lancaster PA would be happy to talk to you as well about AKC Inspections!

  21. Judith – you are completely ignorant if you think hobby breeders “make a living” breeding dogs. How about a dose of reality before you go making statements about things you obviously know nothing about. A hobby BY DEFINITION is something undertaken for enjoyment NOT for monetary gain.

  22. Tiffany, would you like to reimburse my rescue and others for our AKC Registered Dogs who came out of their Pristine Conditions?

  23. And btw if every person wanting a pet adopted from a shelter there would not be enough dogs & cats to go around. Not to mention, 75% of dogs ending up in shelters are mixed breeds – so tell me how this imaginary “pet overpopulation problem” is the fault of hobby breeders of purebred dogs & cats??? It’s the fault if IRRESPONSIBLE owners who dump their pets. Doing away with responsible breeders won’t stop those people from dumping their pets!! Get some information before forming an opinion people!!!!

    1. Tiffany…. first of all, 5 million dogs a year are put down in shelters and many, many of them are purebred dogs and puppies. There is certainly a place for breeders of purebreds. But… a good purebred breeder focuses on only breeding dogs with good health, personalities and confirmation to further the bred. And believe me, there are plenty of those type of breeders to handle the demand of those who want a purebred dog. I have a purebred Boston Terrier and a purebred French Bulldog…. the Boston came from a shelter and the Frenchie from a rescue group. There are enough purebred dogs in rescue right now to satisfy the needs of anyone who wants a particular breed…. thanks to all the mills. Hobby breeders are completely out of touch with how they add to the problem of over population. There are too many dogs and not enough homes.

  24. I would be happy to accept money from an Poodle Breeder who is willing to fork it over for the sake of their dogs? I mean come on, you all so you aren’t in it for the money, well if your not, start shelling it out and prove your defense of this so called wonderful Kennel Club?

  25. The AKC has said that their job is to register bloodlines, not insure proper care. The AKC is a puppy mills best friend, supplying an air of legitimacy to an ugly breed of people that make their shameful living off the back of defenseless animals.

  26. I doubt it will happen, in the mean time, please message me I will be happy to take you to one of your “Perfect AKC Kennels” and show you all the “SHOW Quality” Dogs that come out of them.

  27. 75% of the dog in shelters are mixed breeds? UMmm…. I think you need to really do your research your ignorance is really starting to show!

    1. Yes, it is true 75% of dogs in shelters are mixed breed, that is according to HSUS and ASPCA data. Their data is showing that fewer dogs are being killed in shelters today, about 1.2 to 2 million. Still too many, but huge steps have been made since the 1970’s when it was 16-17 millon.

  28. Just Remember Breeders created the LABRADOODLE. And look at them now……… and the CHUG, jug, and all the other designer dogs.

    1. Just remember…none of those designer dogs are recognized by the AKC…so show me who’s registering them????? Can’t put that one on the AKC. Furthermore the Labradoodle actually originated in Australia.

  29. My sincere apologies to all for losing my temper, this is a cause near and dear to my heart, and the blind eye people take on infuriates me more because they have no clue as to what the places are truly like, they have no idea what they animals go through. I am so sorry I have lost my temper but the hell I have seen and live through almost daily with these dogs is more these people understand. Its personal for me as well as professional.

  30. When puppy millers stop bashing any organization that tries to stop puppy mills, then I will believe them when they call BS. 🙂

  31. The AKC isn’t perfect, but they are FAR from the evil organization that is the HSUS. You want to own a dog, ANY dog? They want to stop you from having that right. And YES I do support rescue, I have fostered, and donated, transported, volunteered in shelters, I own rescue dogs, and YES I also breed. I love dogs, I love my breed, I love the human/canine relationship, I compete with my dogs, show them, and spend every DIME I make on any puppy on my dog’s veterinary care, food, toys, supplements, etc etc etc. Do you know any responsible breeders? Do you know the dedication it requires? Not every system is perfect, but you need to be more informed about the HSUS before you go taking their side. Their ulterior motive is an END to pet ownership, so after your beloved pet is gone, there will be none left if they have their way, in shelters or otherwise.

  32. Judith, shame on you for judging someone you know nothing about. Not only do I not even come close to breaking even on the costs for care, health testing and vet bills for my “kennel” of 4 rare breed dogs, I run a national rare breed rescue group for which I have rescued far more dogs than I have ever bred in my lifetime. All of the expenses are paid by other responsible hobby breeders such as myself. There is a rescue group like this for every breed in this country. Made up of responsible breeders who rehabilitate and rehome dogs, often at their own expense because they feel a such a dedication to helping dogs. Responsible hobby breeders are not the problem, they are the solution to putting puppy mills out of business.

  33. The AKC needs to be dissolved forever. I had a wonderful basset that was given to me. He was AKC and he had epilepsy and died a horrible death because of imbreeding. The AKC is against shelter dogs, too, and that’s where everyone needs to be adopting their animals from.

  34. Breeders aren’t the problem? Yet we have thousands of Jugs, Chugs, Labradoodles, Golden Doodles, ChiMixes and every other Designer Breed you can think of in Rescues and shelters, and even the Developer Breeder of the Labradoodle just interviewed and said he regrets his choice to cross the two. Yet BREEDERS aren’t to blame or a problem???

    1. There have ALWAYS been mutts at shelters. It’s only recently that shelter workers and “pet parents” have started giving them cutesy names and insisting on the notion that every mongrel is a purpose-bred designer dog. What does that particular idiocy have to do with anything? Here are some helpful stats that may clarify what rational folks mean when they say that “breeders” aren’t the problem:

  35. The AKC is a joke. They need to own many of the issues that are a direct result of their antiquated, irresponsible and cruel practices. They are nothing but another political machine.

  36. I have seen more in my past 18 years working rescue than you will see if your lifetime, do not cross me or tell me to wake up.

  37. HSUS wants to take that priveledge away from puppy millers, Shari is ok, Tiffany, I’m not so sure about your privledges.

  38. Shari, no one here is in support of puppymills. Stop making assumptions that are not even close to the truth.

  39. How can you honestly defend anyone who breeds in conditions such as this? How can you possibly defend the AKC for registering dogs with injuries you cannot even imagine?

  40. Oh my Shari, is that a threat? Why are you not capable of having a debate like an adult? We are having a discussion here, no need to resort to threats. Oh yeah, thats how the HSUS operates, lol.

  41. I have rescued Greyhounds. I am actively involved in Greyhound rescue, have been for a very long time, and will continue to be for as long as I am physically able. I love my rescued Greyhounds. I also have an AKC registered Ibizan Hound that I bought from a breeder. A small “hobby” breeder, to use some of the aforementioned terminology. I went to the AKC’s website to find some breeders of Ibizan Hounds. I went to the Ibizan Hound Club of the United States’s website to gather more information. I visited websites of Ibizan breeders, learned more about the breed, learned what to look for in a responsible breeder (believe it or not, they do exist) and THEN whittled my list of possible breeders down to just a few. I then spoke with them via e-mail and I made sure they knew what I was doing (interviewing, researching for a future puppy). They were all happy to answer questions, provide references and they were more than happy to allow my husband and me to come to their homes to meet their hounds. I finally decided on one breeder to work with. The last litter he bred was my Ibizan Hound’s litter back in 2006. She is healthy, happy and it was obvious that she was well-cared for before we brought her home. I met her, her litter mates, her parents and saw where they were whelped and where they all played. Because the Ibizan Hound community is a rather small community, I have the pleasure of knowing many other Ibizan “parents” and breeders. I have seen things from both sides now – rescue and breeder. ALL of the breeders I know are involved in rescue, too. ALL of the breeders I know will take their dogs back, and actually contractually demand that their dogs come back to them if the buyer/parent cannot care for the dog anymore, if anything happens. They post pictures and videos of puppies just after being whelped. They post stories and pictures of their hounds. The sires and dams aren’t just “breeding stock,” they are well loved members of their families that live in the house with them and are treated with great love and care. I know that not all breeders are as wonderful as those I know and have met. But they aren’t all backyard breeders/puppy mills, either. And they would all agree with you that puppy mills need to be shut down. They don’t like backyard breeders that are trying to make a quick buck, either. And in fact, they would DIScourage anyone that wanted to “make money” off of their dogs from bothering because none of them make any money. They spend far more on care than they get back from anyone that does buy a puppy. They aren’t breeding to get rich….they are breeding for the love of the breed. Because without them, that breed would cease to exist. And without breeders, period NO dog would exist with the exception of wild dogs such as dingos, wolves, etc. For some of you, that might be perfect and precisely what you want, but it is not what I want. And there are millions of other people that would agree. What I do want is for puppy mills to become a thing of the past. What I want is for people that do want a specific breed (because really, when you go with a specific breed, you have an idea as to what the temperament, grooming and exercise needs will be as well as activity level, shedding issues, etc and for some of us, that matters) to do some research and not just go with the first person that has an available puppy. I want people to stop buying dogs and cats from pet stores because NO responsible breeder is going to be shipping their puppies off to pet stores. What I want is for people considering adding an animal (dog, cat, lizard, etc) to do some research, be responsible and stop supporting puppy mills. It’s not hard to learn what to look for in a responsible breeder. I’m not anti-rescue but I’m also not anti-responsible breeder. I’m anti-a**hat breeder. And for the record, I don’t show, I don’t breed and I have no desire to do either.

  42. You are the one that needs to wake up and you are SO not worth my time, I have dogs to save, I learned along time ago you cannot argue with ignorance. Let me know when you want to grow up and see an AKC Breeder Kennel in Lancaster PA in pristine conditions like you say? I am more than happy to show you. Bring a close pin.

  43. HAH! Tiffany sees the HSUS everywhere! She’s probably sitting in a dark room with the blinds closed! LOL!

  44. So tell me everyone, if all breeders were to disappear, all commercial kennels, anyone breeding dogs just stopped doing so…and all shelter dogs were adopted into wonderful, loving homes…where would your next best friend come from????

  45. I rescued a puppy from a terrible puppy mill 7 years ago. I contacted every agency I could to get this place closed down and it is in operation to this day. I contacted the AKC with pictures and showed them what was going on because she also was selling AKC registered puppies. After numerous letters to AKC I finally got a reply which stated that they had looked into and inspected the breeder in question and found her up to their standards. So that let me know what their standards are. And Shari, shelter dogs are the way to go. I agree with you. So many need saving.

  46. Shari, the breeders of those designer dogs you are referring to are equally despised by responsible AKC breeders. THOSE are the people who are breeding to make money without a care for where the dogs end up and their dogs are NOT AKC registrable, by the way. Despite what you may believe, there is a difference. And I have seen what puppy mills and mill dogs look like. Their facilities are the extreme, not the rule. And they do need to be stopped, no good breeder can disagree with that, but not at the expense of people who are doing the right thing. The dogs you see in shelters are not coming from responsible breeders. We have endless networks and safety nets to ensure that our dogs do not end up in shelters and rescues and when their OWNERS fail them by not honoring their contracts that state they must return the dog to us, we fight like hell to take responsibility for them. And usually get punished for it too.

  47. Tiffany, I don’t issue threats, please when you offer to see what an AKC Kennel actually is in Lancaster, PA. One that is registered with the exact organization you are defending, then we can talk, in the meantime go find something else to do because you have no idea what these dogs live through daily and you refuse to even check it out, by your not even acknowledging this little bit shows me the threat isn’t from me to the very dogs we love, the threat is from people like you. How truly sad.

  48. Please read my comments more carefully Shari, did I say I do not believe puppymills exist? NO, I did not, but you are stuck on that like it is some kinds of argument against the points I have made. No one here is in support of puppymills, but you obviously are unable to distinguish between a puppy mill and a responsible breeder, probably because you have been to the puppymills and most likely have never been to the home of a responsible breeder of purebred dogs. I’m sad for you that your assumptions based on your specific experiences have soured you against all hobbyists, and that your attitude is so negative towards the idea that you *maybe* might be wrong. I hope one day you can open your mind a little bit, and I hope that day comes before the AR people have their way.

  49. It seems to me all these comments are coming from people who LOVE dogs. Responsible breeder, rescue workers, whoever… We all have one common goal and that is for all dogs to be loved and cared for. Articles like this pitting akc against humane society, breeders against rescuers…. Causing fights between each other and taking away from the real problem- giant puppy mills churning out dogs like products… This whole thread finger pointing at one person or the other… Ridiculous. We should all work together.

    1. I have to disagree- not all people who deal with dogs love them. How do you breed dogs knowing that there are millions being put to death? For money, that’s how. Why on earth would you promote buying instead of rescuing when we have an overpopulation crisis? When we are gassing hundreds of perfectly healthy puppies in shelters located in FL, TX, TN, etc. – some even purebred! We should be working together, yes, to end the problems- overpopulation and abuse on any level- including puppy mills.

  50. Puppy mills need stopped at *any and all expense* don’t like that statement? Then stop stonewalling. Or go down with the puppy mills you seem to care so much about. Yeah, I said it.

  51. We need regulations for breeders and stiff fines, There has to be limits .. There are too many dogs dying every day to add to the problems with more breeders of any kind not being regulated .. and the AKC will register anything .. what a joke.

  52. Loveus, I could not agree with you more, sadly it will never be that way though because there is always one side or another who will point the fingers. Am I guilty of it, You Bet, I admit it, its one thing really that upsets me, its always the one thing, the complete defense of the AKC from Breeders. This has to stop, the people defending the AKC on these points truly need to see what these places are about and see the dogs that are registered. they always preach and never know what its truly like.

    1. I think Loveus is absolutely right. It’s difficult to keep a clear head about such matters, because it /really/ hits home for so many. I’m disappointed at the American Kennel Club’s handling of puppy mills, because they have the potential to be a powerful voice in the debate.

      As others have stated, there are good people who breed. I think for some, there is a genuine fear that legislation written to address puppy mills will harm them as well, because…..well, sometimes even with the best intentions, legislation can be too far-reaching, or vague enough. I think the issue needs a balanced solution, and I do believe educating the public is a key piece of the puzzle. We need to find a means to shut down commercial operations, while leaving devoted hobby breeders unharmed. Perhaps we need legislation that uses the hobby breeder as a model, requiring what they already do (health testing, no sales over the internet, no animals living in cages) as a basic element.

  53. Actually, what they do is brainwash the American public into believing that all breeding = bad. YES, puppymills are bad, but NOT ALL breeders are puppymills. The majority of pet owners believe they are, and that is what the HSUS and Peta have accomplished. Well, that and fattening their pension plans, they’re really good at that, lol.

  54. Thanks for posting this Neil. I was working on a piece on this last night, but ran out of time. I have always hated how the AKC has supported puppy mills while putting forward this wholesome image to support the responsible breeders. It’s such a conflict of interest.

    I will never understand why the AKC or other breeders prefer to protect the cancer within their midst rather than oust them from their group.

  55. The Little Guy in my picture is my AKC Registered “SHOW QUALITY” pup. 3 Years Old, 5 Surgeries later, still lost one leg to amputation and the other to conditions, his voice is gone because it was snipped from him and he lives his life in wheels. Yet he is Show Quality.

  56. Janice, you are right, it is horrible. I personally apologize to you for my own comments and anger it was not fair to the rest of the group. I am sorry, I shouldn’t have lost my composure.

  57. L&L PetSitting, it’s not an issue of HSUS vs. AKC, it’s an issue of protecting dogs vs. protecting profits.

    When the AKC tacitly and *explicitly* supports the “giant puppy mills churning out dogs like products”, they are an integral part of the problem. Their constant work to undermine animal welfare needs to be confronted.

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