Lifetime Ban on Animal Ownership for Couple Convicted of Cruelty

“These people failed on all levels of care,” declared Justice of the Peace Mitchell Baker.

A Canadian couple found guilty severe animal cruelty has been banned for life from owning animals. The ban was prompted by a Hamilton-Burlington SPCA search of their home in 2010 in. Joseph Doe and Tammy Lynn Scott were charged with eight counts of animal cruelty after officers removed six pets covered with fleas, and found a dead ferret, plus several dead snakes, gerbils, rats and mice in the home. Animal excrement, garbage and other debris were strewn throughout the home.

To make matters worse, one month later the SPCA returned and removed an additional 28 animals, including six cats, two dogs, gerbils, mice and rats and several dead snakes. One dog had been so badly neglected that it had to be put down. Conditions were described as horrendous.

“These people failed on all levels of care,” declared Justice of the Peace Mitchell Baker. The couple also failed to attend the court hearing.

Doe and Scott were found guilty on one count of animal cruelty, but the judge suspended sentences on the seven other charges. He also slapped them with a lifetime ban on owning or even having temporary custody of any animal.

SPCA inspector Vivian LaFlamme said the ban will be enforced across the province, and that area organizations have been notified. Smith Falls animal control employee Laura Lowson said she has been involved in the case for some time, and plans to visit the property again – the couple must surrender any animals remaining in their possession to the closest SPCA shelter.

The ruling also requires that Doe and Scott keep the Hamilton-Burlington SPCA informed of their current address, and allow officers to inspect their property on a regular basis. They will also have to pay $4,230 in restitution.

134 thoughts on “Lifetime Ban on Animal Ownership for Couple Convicted of Cruelty

  1. I agree with John, that isn’t a punishment. And unless they have a cop on their ass 24/7 it’s doubtful they will not have more animals if they want them. Animal control here in Seattle is not very good, I’ve called over and over about different people/dogs and the dog practically has to be passed out, 1/2 dead or actually dead for them to do anything. It’s fucked up

  2. Prison along with the lifetime ban would have been good, too. This is exactly why we need an animal abuse registry, just like we have for children.

  3. GOOD…..justice is right but I feel so badly for all the abused animals. WHY do creeps like this even get animals? I pray that the justice system follows up on cretins like this to make sure NO animals of any sort are touched by them!!! And, yes, why should Michael the Creep Vick be allowed to have even ants in his backyard? He’s probably pay someone to teach them to fight for $ too. This is so sad but I’m glad these creeps were given this “penalty”.

  4. Did they get everything they deserved? No. But it IS a start. And it pleases me to know that steps are in place to prevent this particular couple from ever harming another animal. I’ll take a small victory over nothing any day.

  5. Can we do the same to people convicted of child abuse? (I don’t disagree with this for animals – just trying to extend the logic….where it should be extended….)

  6. they got what they deserve and I asked the same question the other day about Michael Vick !!!! I think it said he is REFORMED !!! and teaching kids about animals or something like that !!!!!!!

  7. Finally a decent sentence for abusers. Why people like this are not routinely banned for life from owning animals, boggles the mind. They should also be banned from staying with, or visiting anyone with an animal. And they should be sterilized. And then executed. Using the same techniques they used on their ‘pets’. But that’s just me.

  8. If you do the same to them, then you are just as bad as they are, they will get their just reward…

  9. Wish they were as strict in England!
    Here a guy smashed his dog in the head with a hammer 20 times then stabbed it in the chest leaving it to die in pain on his kitchen floor for over 8 long hours before disposing of it in the bin… And got a 10 year ban on keeping dogs and a 20 week prison sentence of which he’ll serve half!

    1. Unfortunately this was just one success, we have so many more (the majority actually) in the US that are like with yours. Check out Michael Vick for instance, who did much much worse (repeatedly) and got a three year ban which is now over. I cringe for his future dog and spit in his face.

  10. And why are we not having this done to that piece of shit Michael Vick! He’s recently said in an interview that he will be getting another dog for his kids! Sickening

  11. If that is how they handle people guiltyof animal cruelty they have a good idea. Should do the same thing here. It could be hard to enforce though.

  12. Finally, the justice system is working in favor of animals that have been abused. The ‘informing local SPCA of current address, and allowing officers to inspect property on a regular basis” is huge! Appropriate follow up will make reinforcement possible. Good Job Canada!

  13. if they can use that as punishment then why is micheal vick about to get his kids a dog? he is a prime example of a person that should have those rights taken away.

  14. I am very glad to hear that justice was put upon these shitty excuses for human beings. The punishment doesn’t go far enough IMO.

    Lock these SOB’s in cage and forget about them. I would not bat an eye.

  15. I can’t bring myself to read this story, but it’s difficult to believe that they did anything worse to animals than what Michael Vick did. And he’s about to get another dog.

  16. I think this is fantastic! Finally, they had the guts to give these people a life-time ban! Now I just hope they didn’t have any kids!

  17. HBobbie McLeod: but Canada are happy to murder a dog who really didn’t do anything wrong…not such a good job there eh
    but fair play to them in this case

  18. So why did Michael Vick only get a few years??? Because of $. We need more rulings like this. Anyone who would abuse/neglect animals should be Banned For Life! Good Job to that Judge!!!!!!!

  19. WONDERFUL NEWS! I do not want to read the horrid details. I hope these two people die a slow and agonizing death!!!!!

    This is the way all these cases should be handled.

  20. wish Ohio had these laws… they never get more than a slap on the wrist, and the innocent victims are almost always put down.

  21. I won’t force myself to ‘look’ at the “results” of these sick bastards’ cruelty….sub-humans, I call people of this ilk….THEY need to PAY!

  22. Now, here’s a fellow who gets banned for life from having pets because he abuses them and yet foster parents of HUMAN CHILDREN, gets more children handed to them. Um, why is that? If you ever figure it out, would you please let me know because I am most bewildered….

  23. Why arent these people going to jail? A lifetime ban from owning animals is barely a punishment for people who clearly dont even care about them.

  24. i am concerned they wont enforce this, i had a neighbor who got banned from having dogs. before i moved, i heard how the son told a friend at soccer that they were going to get a lil dog that they could keep indoors so no one knew they had one.

  25. I think anyone found guilty of animal abuse should be banned for life from owning animals of any kind!

  26. Yes! They need to do this more!!! They need to be stricter against animal crulity so people take it seriously!

  27. If I had my wish they would be banned from life..and no longer exist, but this is a huge step. I want to see any animal abuser banned from owning a animal..not just the extreme cases.

  28. Not only banned for life from having pets, but kids too. I have found that animal abusers also tend to abuse children. At least that is what I found with both of my husbands. I stopped marrying or partnering completly after the second time around. I simply could not trust myself to make another mistake and have lived ‘single’ for almost 25yrs. Over those 25yrs I have had 2 lovely dogs and 3 cheeky cats the last of whom is now about 7yrs of age. Oh! almost forgot my grchildren spend weekends with me too. They are quite cheeky too lol…

  29. That’s good news. More people who’ve been cruel to animals in the past also need to be banned from having any animals.

  30. And to think back in October of 2009… a northeast Ohio woman was arrested and charged with 2 counts of child endangerment and 29 counts of animal cruety) but was allowed to plead it down to 1 count of CE and 3 counts of CTA’s… and all she got was a fine and suspended sentence. Shows you the difference in how serious the courts take this, as the conditions in her residence was basically described in the above article. Go figure!

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