Man Revives Pit Bull Using CPR

Rich McCoy says that when he learned CPR, he thought he may use it one day to save a human – but instead, the Fort Mill, South Carolina man ended up saving a dog.

Rich McCoy says that when he learned CPR, he thought he may use it one day to save a human – but instead, the Fort Mill, South Carolina man ended up saving a dog.

On May 28, Ashley Wilson heard her normally quiet pit bull Bam-Bam barking in her back yard. She says she was unprepared for what she found when she went out to see what had him agitated: her other dog, Colt, was hanging by his collar from the top of his kennel fence.

“His body was hanging over the fence and he had no life in his face,” Wilson said. “I’m eight months pregnant and couldn’t get him down myself.”

Rich McCoy was nearby at the time; Wilson called to him to help her get the dog down. He did, but at first it appeared that they had been too late to save him. “Colt’s body collapsed as soon as we pulled the collar off of him,” Wilson said.

Remembering his training, McCoy immediately started CPR on Colt, alternating between blowing air in his snout and using chest compressions.

“Colt didn’t come to immediately. I blew in his mouth a few times enough to see his chest rise up and then started doing chest compressions,” McCoy said. “It probably took about 45 seconds to a minute until he took a small breath. It’s tough to gauge time when your adrenaline is going.”

Colt came around a few minutes later. The stunned dog got back on his feet and immediately drank three bowls of water, McCoy said.

Wilson could not believe it when she saw her dog come back to life. “I was very, very grateful that Rich was able to do CPR and get Colt to come back to life,” said Wilson. “I never would have known how to perform CPR on a dog.”

McCoy was humble, and stressed that it was his training that saved the dog.

“I think the important part about everything is to make people aware that CPR works on both humans and animals,” he said. “I think he would have died without CPR. People should know that CPR works and always give it a shot; don’t call it quits until you’ve done everything you can.”

48 thoughts on “Man Revives Pit Bull Using CPR

  1. Dog’s lower canine caught on other dog’s chain collar & dog was turning blue!!!!” Had to do mouth yo snout & keep pressure off throat for what seemed like forever until police arrived & cut with bolt cutters. SCAREEEEE! !!!!!!!!!

  2. Happened to my Chihuahua a few weeks ago. Collar was caught in big dog’s mouth and he was hanging off the bed. So glad I was home when this happened. And now my dogs are naked when at home.

  3. You can’t put a break-a-way collar on dogs but you should take great care in assessing the length of the lead and what all potential dangers are. I learned that one at age 18 with my cat. I was watchful and fast moving so she was fine but I never forgot the lesson!

  4. I omce had a dog who died from an accidental collar hanging. That was one of the most saddest experiences in my life. I will never have a dog that I must tie outside.

  5. My dogs have their at home collars which are on so loosely they take them off themselves while laying in the yard…when they leave the property we change to their “going out collars”.

  6. This is why my dog does not wear a collar. My last dog went missing and we found her in the neighbor’s tomato garden. Her collar had gotten caught in the wiring. She was stuck there for we don’t know how long. My current dog is microchipped and never goes outside without supervision. She does NOT wear a collar. We only put a harness on her when taking her for walks.

  7. This is why mine don’t wear collars…my little guy almost died from collar accident to! My sisters dog got his collar caught in her mouth when was horrible!

  8. our daughter used the Heimlich and cpr to save our cocker spaniel. If she had not reacted so quickly our little girl would not have survived. Our vet was very impressed that our daughter knew what to do.

  9. Great job! My sis did that years ago to a family she was a nanni for, a German Shepard and brought him back… What a great feeling that your dog came back!

  10. Why many of us do NOT keep collars on our dogs at all times, only when we expect to be out somewhere with them. Can be dangerous

  11. …my dogs don’t have collars on cos this kind o thing can happen.even on a walk they have a slip lead which can be put on quickly if the need need for collars

  12. Thank God this didn’t happen in Northern Ireland. This hero would probably would have been arrested for saving a “Pitbull Type”

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