Michael Vick Wants a New Dog: “Certainly wouldn’t be a pit bull”

Michael Vick speaks about his fall from grace and his desire to get a new dog in this CNN interview.

Michael Vick joins Piers Morgan for a primetime exclusive interview where the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback speaks candidly about his fall from grace in 2007 when he was implicated and convicted of participating in the operation an illegal dog fighting ring.

808 thoughts on “Michael Vick Wants a New Dog: “Certainly wouldn’t be a pit bull”

    1. Rob, I agree, but if he did endure what he did to his dogs, he would never be able to have another dog anyway, because he’d be shot and buried.

  1. He Should never even be allowed to be near a dog… He has been with dogs for too long. He shouldn’t be slowed to even look at one

    1. Go ahead Jeannie just be careful on any terrorist threats. You can work around that in a softer way. I don’t think he should be breathing the same air as I. I live in the desert. I wish him and Kaylie’s mom would both come to the high desert. I would love to speak to them. It is sad that we have freedom of speech and can’t talk and freedom to bear arms and only the criminals seem to have all the weapons. It is a shame how our animals, children and elderly are treated. I am 57 yrs old and hope when it’s time for me to go that I go quick. I am not staying in one of those old peoples places. Well ok I am done bitching. Bless you.

      1. You sound just like me! I feel the same way about how animals, children, and the elderly are treated AND I will never be taken to one of those storehouses for old people either. I’ll kill myself first. Hang in there!

  2. I thought he got a Beagle last year – it was in the news with photos and everything. No, I think he should never, ever again be allowed to be anywhere NEAR any animal of any kind.

    1. You know a man’s heart by his deeds, isn’t that what the Bible says? A man’s words are meaningless, “but by his works shall he be known.”

    2. Jeff, in answer to your question: “how do any of you know this man’s heart?” We know his heart by his actions. He did terrible, incomprehensible things to innocent spirits. He tortured and murdered helpless creatures with the help of his equally reprehensible cohorts. They all belong in prison. We all know that people who do things like he did to animals very often go on to do the same sorts of things to women and children too. People who do these sorts of things don’t change.
      They are psychopaths. They have no conscience.

  3. NEVER EVER should be allowed. Seriously. Is this even a question? “I beat my kids but I will probably have more with a different mother”. Okay? No way!

  4. He does have kids, I understand what he did to animals is inexcusable no matter how much he acknowledges it.However, does his children deserve to be punished for his crimes. Its not like he’s going to be fighting his families shit-tsu.

    1. He’s already shown what he is capable of. If the mother had sole custody of these children w/ absolutely NO visitation from their father, and there would NEVER be one chance this monster would be around the new pet, that might be one thing. But that’s not the case, and Mikie should NEVER, EVER, EVER be allowed to be around a dog w/ out an animal rights group present to supervise his every move and even the tone of his voice, around a dog. Or ANY animal. This man by his every action has proven himself. P.R. can try to fluff him up, but he is what he is. Read “The Dogs of Michael Vick” if you have the slightest doubt.

    2. He had bait dogs, of any breed he could get his hands on Michael. Due to his actions he has abrogated his rights to dog ownership forever. And those saying his kids shouldn’t miss out, it is too bad, they will survive as many kids who never had pets survived. He doesn’t see animals as having any rights damned if he should be allowed to have control over another innocent life.

    3. We all know that people who torture and/or kill animals very often do the same things to helpless humans too—like children and women. I think the mother of this creep’s children had better keep a very close watch on the children when MV is around them.

    4. Was he thinking of his kids when he strangeled the life out of an innocent? His kids not having a dog is a very small price to pay. Their not having a dog isn’t punishing them. Forcing them to look at pictures of the animals their father tortured and killed would be punishing them.

  5. All he wants is to be ‘understood.’ What, exactly, is there to understand? That you were unnecessarily cruel? That you made a crude sport out of innocent animals? That you have really changed? If you would have, you wouldn’t say that all you wanted was to be ‘understood. You would hang your head in shame and leave it at that.

  6. He should be required to adopt senior dogs from a kill shelter, and should be required to report weekly on their status.

  7. i don’t think this fool should even own a hamster at this point! so he doesn’t want a pit bull, woopee – so the one he gets now becomes the bait instead? NO WAY!!!!!

  8. he’s not even really expressed remorse over all those animals he abused in the past! should never be allowed to have another animal!!!

  9. I may like him as an athlete, but I don’t think I would ever trust him to own a pet… and frankly, I don’t think he deserves the right to own one! Sorry buddy, I know you did your time in jail, but that does not erase all the pain you have caused to sooooo many beautiful creatures. Some consequences are hard, but hey, fighting dogs… come on, this is not a victim-less crime.

  10. No; he should never be in contact with another dog in any way shape or form. I would prefer that he be ‘humanely euthanized’ for his murderous acts.

  11. wtf?! he shouldn’t be aloud any animals period!!!! this tears my heart apart knowing another victim is just waiting to happen 🙁

  12. NO! He may want to change and may (for the most part) have changed, but once you cross a certain line you can’t uncross it. You are what you are. His football career he was an admitted “slacker” after a one hundred million dollar contract and after his second big contract what did he do last year?

  13. I think he should drop dead first! Anyone who even remotely considers giving this scum bag a living breathing animal should be shot!

  14. I can’t believe he’s still allowed the privilege of having a dog, much less that he’s entertaining the thought of actually getting one.
    He doesn’t deserve the love of a dog.

  15. u dont want my opinion….how anyone can do those things to something or someone…giving him another dog is like giving an abuser a child…i say lets hook him up to the rape stand that he forced his females dogs to and then rip out all his teeth…yes i hold a grudge but he is one sick bastard!!

  16. Don’t forget–Wayne Pacell of HSUS WANTS him to have another dog–so–those of you who are still donating to HSUS rather than your local shelters………

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