Pit Bull Saves Woman from Attacker in Home Invasion

An attempted home invasion was thwarted Wednesday when two pet pit bulls sent an intruder running.

A 20-year-old Indiana woman says that her loyal dogs saved her during an attempted home invasion on Wednesday. Valparaiso police reported to an apartment in the 100 block of Madison Street yesterday after the woman answered a knock from a man at the front door.

When she looked through the peephole, she says she recognized the man. He had been at her apartment two weeks ago asking for someone who didn’t live there. She told police that she called for her sleeping boyfriend to wake up and opened the door a few inches with a security chain still in place.

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She asked what he wanted, and the suspect claimed that his car had broken down. He asked if he could use her phone. When she replied and said that her phone was out of order, the man kicked through her storm door and threw his weight against the entry door, breaking the security chain and throwing the door open.

Alarmed, the woman screamed for help. Her boyfriend and another man living with them came running. So did her two pit bulls. They had been resting in the bedroom and when they heard her cry for help, they ran into the living room and met the intruder as he came through the door.

One of the dogs sprang ahead and bit the suspect on the arm. The man turned and ran through the front door with the dog still clamped down on his arm. When he managed to shake the dog off, it grabbed him by the leg.

The woman’s boyfriend and their tenant pursued the suspect and caught up to him as he met a waiting accomplice. After a brief altercation, both suspects ran away.

Officers arrived a few moments later. They were unable to locate the two men, but they did find a trail of blood leading out of an alley next to the home. The suspects were last seen heading toward Chicago Street.

The chief suspect is described as a white male of average height, weighing around 200 pounds. He was wearing dark basketball shorts and no shirt. Anyone with information regarding the incident is urged to contact police at (219) 462-0717.

114 thoughts on “Pit Bull Saves Woman from Attacker in Home Invasion

  1. they should have no problem finding a man who was attacked by a pitt bull. get his blood off the floor, identify him, and pick him up.

  2. that wil teach the robber, it could have been worse and the woman could have been hurt or killed by the robber. Good Dog .

  3. They wont euthanize the dog.. if the owner says it was self defense and he/she was protecting her. Any dog would bite a intruder!

    1. That is just WRONG. If you invade a home by force you are responsible for whatever happens to you.
      But I have to say that was the first thing I thought of, that they would kill the dog. Humans expect more from dogs than they do themselves!


  5. Bet he hurt! Yeah for that Bully. I have three and adore them all. Isn’t strange that those of us who really know these wonderful dogs trasure them so much.

  6. It is really sad that when a “pit” does something “wrong”, a lot of Americans have remarks to say….yet, when a “pit” does something good and saves a life….the compliments, good remarks are hard to come by !!!! I say Hip, Hip, Hooray for this dog !!!!

  7. Not just a Bully! I had an Irish Setter, who was usually seeking me out as her protector, except once, when a dog rushed at my lab, and i stepped in to intervene, which usually put dogs off, but this dog looked at me and kept coming. I was standing there thinking, “oopps, this is awkward!” Next minute, my Irish setter ran up and blind sided the dog, knocking it off its feet and diffused the situation. No amount of training could have taught her that. It is just instinct, Protect the pack members! Love it, but then I would do that for them anyday!

  8. And here in NZ the dog would probably be put in doggy jail awaiting execution for doing just what doggies do.

    1. Yes, very sad in NZ and Australia and many other places when dogs can be killed for protecting what they love and doing their job. When criminals have more rights than law abiding people. Probably one of those anti-pitbull lawyers will find something wrong with this. And it could have been any dog protecting his/her family, they know evil intent.
      Bless the dogs that continue to love humans even when humans are their worse enemy on this planet.

  9. Love it — I wish someone would try to break into my house. I’m not sure which of my 7 dogs would bite the hardest…but, you can be sure there would be blood:}

  10. LOVE my pit bull and she loves playing with kids she will not let a stranger come in the yard whie they are playing and cries when they have to come inside

  11. This is good reason, not only for dogs, but for guns. The police can’t be there in time to help you.

  12. While its unsettling to read any story about a home invasion, and there seems to be quite a few lately, I’ve noticed more and more dogs are doing what they do best – protecting their master/mistress. Good dog! Great dog! <3

  13. I’m REALLY glad this jerk got what he had coming, however, as the owner of two Pittie mixes and a Rotti, I take a bit of issue with once again throwing the breed into the headline like that. I think that even though the dog did what any good dog protecting its home and family, people will still view it with a negativity because we’re focusing on the breed. If it were a Lab or Golden Retriever would that have been the beginning of the headline – problably not, would likely have just read “Dog”. Maybe I’m just being hyper sensitive…

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