Month: September 2012

Firefighters free dog trapped in a pipe

On Tuesday morning Diane Albracht let her 4-year-old Treeing Walker Coonhound Veronica out in the yard of her California home. Diane went about her morning, busy getting the house ready for a family reunion this weekend. At 9:30 am her granddaughter arrived for a playdate. It was then when Albrecht discovered that her gate was open and Veronica was missing.

Dogs lose jobs due to budget cuts

Bailey, a Canada Border Services Agency worker, spent her last day on the job Friday in Vancouver. Bailey is a seven-year-old chocolate lab. Both Bailey and her canine coworker Brodie were laid off due to most recent federal budget. They are among a suggested 19 dog teams to be impacted across Canada by the cuts.

Police rescue a puppy found buried alive

Police officers in Williston, Florida were disposing of evidence per a court order on Thursday when they heard a whimpering noise coming from underground. Officers located the origin of the whimpering and dug out a one-week-old puppy that was head-first in an eight-inch hole.