English Springer Spaniel is ‘Mum’ to Lambs

This dog does so much more than herd sheep. She bottle feeds them.

Jess is a 10 yr. old Springer Spaniel who has been bottle feeding the lambs on owner Louise Moorhouse’s farm in Devon, England since she was a puppy. Jess is pictured here feeding a lamb named Shaun.

photo: Richard Austin/Rex/Rex/USA

Jess can frequently be seen dashing across the rolling hills of the farm, bottle in mouth, to feed one of the four lambs whose own mother is unable to nurse them.


photo: Richard Austin/Rex/Rex/USA

Jess helps out all over the 180-acre farm, bringing buckets of feed to the mature sheep and small farm equipment to her owner, Louise Moorhouse.

photo: Richard Austin/Rex/Rex/USA

The sheep are very grateful!



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