Month: September 2012

Dog’s special condition requires her to use a high chair

When Starship came to the Greenville County Animal Care Shelter in South Carolina on June 30th she was starving. The shelter is guessing the Australian Cattle dog-Shepard puppy is about 4 months old, but her growth is stunted so the vet hasn’t been able to age her exactly. Starship growth has been stunted due to a digestive condition which makes it impossible for her to eat or drink unless she is upright. So the shelter has built her a high chair to eat from.

Pennsylvania Puppy Mill Law isn’t being enforced

In 2009 Pennsylvania passed a law creating higher standards for breeding kennels to help combat the puppy mill epidemic in that state. However, a new report by the state’s Dog Law Advisory Board shows that the Department of Agriculture and its Dog Law Enforcement Office has done nothing to enforce that law.

Looking after New York’s Animals in Need

When people hear “Animal Control” they often conjure up images of uniformed dog catchers cornering animals with big nets and tranquilizer guns, but in New York City the reality is that animal control officers save thousands of lives every year.

Dog takes a truck, a ferry and a plane to reunite with her owners

Robert Bradbury was at his cabin on Pinchgut Lake in Newfoundland with his wife and border collie Roxie. On Sunday night they were preparing for their trip back home to Corner Brook when gunshots went off, spooking Roxie. Roxie took off and the Bradburys could not find her. Bradbury’s wife stayed the night at the cabin hoping Roxie would turn up, but she never did.

Dog rescues owner by running to get help

Derek Ramsden was walking with his two dogs, Bruno and Toby, while vacationing in Wales when he slipped off a ridge and into sinking mud. Ramsden, who is 81-years-old, managed to grab onto a railing on the bridge but in was serious trouble.