Month: September 2012

Second dog dies on United Airlines flight

For the second time in just a few months a dog has died on a United Airlines flight. Michale Jarboe was travelling from Miami to San Francisco with his two-year-old Neopolitan Mastiff Bam Bam. Jarboe says Bam Bam was in perfect health before the flight, but when he landed he was informed by United Airlines staff that Bam Bam had passed away during travel.

City of Newark, New Jersey debating whether to change vicious dog law

The city of Newark, New Jersey is reconsidering its vicious dog law. Currently the law labels all pit bull type dogs as vicious dogs. The state of New Jersey has removed the automatic labeling of pit bull type dogs as vicious, but as a charter city Newark does not have to do the same. The City Council Safety Committee has been discussing whether they should change the ordinance or not.