Rescuing Two Abandoned Dogs, Betty and Baby

Eldad Hagar rescues two abandoned dogs in a new video from Hope For Paws.

Eldad Hagar of the LA, CA organization Hope for Paws uploaded this video of his rescue of Betty and Baby. He says:

Please help me!!! I am trying to help my friends at the Bill Foundation win a $250,000 donation for the animals, and this can happen if every one [watching] would take just a moment to vote for them here:…
The Bill Foundation has taken in many of the animals I rescued off the streets, so it’s critical that we all support them. Thanks!!



The rescue above was by Hope For Paws ( and The Poopie Foundation (

3 thoughts on “Rescuing Two Abandoned Dogs, Betty and Baby

  1. Thank you so much for rescuing these precious babies. All they want is love. The people that do these rescues and take these doggies in are ANGELS!!!!

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