Toxic Treats Continue to Take Lives

Dogs across the country are falling ill after consuming poisonous snacks. Let’s get them off the shelves!

As many of you loyal fans may know, we recently covered a story about toxic chicken jerky strips manufactured in China.  A Life With Dogs reader sent us an email relating her sad story of these toxic treats:


Dear LWD,

Five days after eating just two pieces of the Waggin’ Train chicken jerky dog treats I bought at my local Walgreens, my German Shepherd Heidi died.

That day, I sat at my computer crying and did a Google search for “What killed my dog?”  That’s when I learned — too late — about the ongoing investigation by the FDA, and the hundreds of stories about dogs becoming ill and dying after eating these treats.

It could be months or years before the FDA recalls the treats, which are made in China — and in the meantime, Heidi and other dogs are dying because Walgreens and other retailers are still selling these dangerous treats.  I started a petition on asking Walgreens to stop stocking these deadly dog treats. Please click here to sign my petition and protect other dogs from suffering Heidi’s fate.

I knew nothing of the dangers of chicken jerky dog treats when I bought them for Heidi:  there was no warning on the package or on the shelf at Walgreens.

I can’t believe these dangerous treats are still being sold in stores across the country.  People trust their favorite stores and companies to sell them safe products.  I trusted my corner drug store.  Heidi trusted me.  And Heidi paid for it with her life.

Earlier this year, Terry Safranek started a petition on after her dog Sampson died, asking Nestle Purina to recall the treats.  Nestle is dragging its feet — but if Walgreens takes these treats off their shelves, fewer people will unknowingly feed their best friends dangerous treats, and other stores will have to start paying attention too.

Please help me by telling Walgreens that we need them to restore our trust in them by taking the treats off their shelves.  Click here to sign my petition.  When you sign, a letter will be sent to Walgreens and other top retailers that sell the treats.

Thank you for your help.

–         Rita Desollar


This is an issue that has affected many dog lovers who have lost their companions.  It is important to consider the purity of our pets’ food, and to be as cautious about what they ingest as we would of what we and our children take in.


24 thoughts on “Toxic Treats Continue to Take Lives

    1. For one thing there are too many packages to show Kat, it’s MANY products, including many have ‘made in china’ in teeny tiny letters too small to be easily seen or read. Some also have marked made in with a state as in united states but hunts show made in china as well. They don’t know what exactly causes the problem why they haven’t been or can’t be recalled. 🙁

  1. Yes, we saw quite a number of these cases at the LSU medicine service, mostly all of the “treats” coming from China, so at least in this case buy US made products. The few dollars one saves by buying these off brand treats will more than be made up for by hospital bills for acute and subsequent chronic disease care, assuming that they even survive in the first place.

  2. So far, North Americans have been subjected to poison in dog food (the Menu Foods scandal, where the company put ingredients from China, melamine into their pet foods, causing agonizing deaths for dogs and cats), poison ingredients in infant formual (again, melamine, which was added on purpose to show a false high protein level in the “formula”, which then leads to the question of why more women don’t breastfeed, and yes, most can), and now this current issue of the poisoned “treats”. Add to that the numbers of toys that have been recalled (again, made in China) due to toxic ingredients and leaded paints, substandard after-market car parts made in China, etc. etc.
    Which then leads me to the question of why on earth are we buying “treats” for our pets when we don’t know the source and country of origin of all the ingredients?
    If your pet needs a treat, please, do a google search for “healthy home made dog treast” or something similar, and make them yourself. Use locally-grown organic ingredients and keep your pet safe from poison.
    This current scandal has been going on for months, if not a year or more. Why is it that people aren’t informing themselves? I understand this woman’s frustration with Walgreens, but the first line of safety for our pets is us and the choices we make for our pets.

    1. Good question, why AREN’T people educating themselves….

      China is not putting toxic chemicals in these treats. If they were, they would be a lot more deaths, and the FDA would have certainly have been able to detect the issue. They’ve done extensive testing on this product, and they have yet to find what is causing this. It doesn’t affect all dogs, in fact, if you actually research without pulling up social sites that have no clue what they’re talking about, the number of actual dogs that died is very small, and in those cases, death could have been prevented by taking the animal to a vet when the first sign of issues come up. PLUS they’re TREATS, you aren’t supposed to feed them like candy to your animal…

      1. I’m glad you said this, I tried to point out to them that these “treats” shouldn’t be given to their pets raw. Most of the packages say it’s best to soak them in warm water for several minutes before giving them to their pet. Read the back of the package, don’t give them to your pet raw. It’s not soft like beef jerky.

  3. I have tried twice to share this on my FB wall – no go – I finally had to copy/paste the url. This is a very important message that needs to be seen as much as possible – there is strength in numbers!

  4. The treats also can damage the kidneys because of the high protein % – I think it is around 70. My vet told me to quit giving them to my little dogs because their check up showed the results.

  5. I have several varieties of Waggin Train. Is it all their products or just the chicken jerky? What do I do?

  6. Why would you even think about taking a chance, ditch all of your Waggin Train, regardless.


  7. Yes. I also fed my 2 dogs these treats. 1 died. The other was in ICU for a month with kidney failure. Called the FDA. Runaround. Purina sending out letters for pain & suffer, vet bills. $100.00. Big Joke. So upsetting to know that I fed a family member poison. Took a 6 month old beagles life? Too many loved ones gone. Everyone has to sign. Thank you.

  8. always read any dog treats, contents, where made, an any thing else it might say. i picked up a package of round chicken at a dollar store, i read it an SAID after u handle this be sure to wash your i thought NOWAY an i feeding this to my dog, so i put it back.this is outrageous . SO PLEASE READ PACKAGES, LIKE U WERE GOING TO EAT THEM.IF NOT GOOD PUT BACK. if i would not neither is my fur baby.

    1. wow , wanda jennings, that is pretty scary, that you need to wash your hands after handling pet treats. Thank you for sharing !


  10. I don’t agree with the statement “why aren’t people informing themselves?” While I stick with 2 brands I trust and have made my own treats, I can’t do that all the time due to arthritis. Don’t blame the victim just because she picked up a package at a drugstore while out shopping. That is horribly insensitive. How are we supposed to know what to inform ourselves of? Until the FDA does its job, we should take a laptop and google every lot number on the shelf? Even of organic items? We should stop buying from China period and there should be sanctions for their poisonings.

  11. what about milo’s Kitchen dog treats our dog loves them but,I wont feed her anymore untill i know what u have 2 say and am going online right now about it !

  12. As soon as my two dogs throw up the second time from chicken from china (wagin tail) i stopped and startrd to check it out. Now I make my own and I do make it fresh for a few customers. I sell it 4oz for 10 dollars.

  13. the companys that are selling this product should be made aware we will pass this on to all . If the company prefers china then they need to keep this treat or pull them right now.

  14. I called the company here in the U>S> and was told they are NOT killing dogs? They did say only give as directed on the pakage?

  15. Make your own chicken jerky treats. Go to Costco and buy the 6 lb bag of frozen boneless skinless thighs. Put them on a wire rack in the oven and cook them at 200-225 degrees until they are dried out but not crunchy. Dogs love ‘m and they keep for at least 2-3 weeks in the refer. Sometimes I freeze them and feed them to my Malamute right out of the freezer.

    (If 6 pounds sounds like a lot, it isn’t they cook down to about 1-1.5 lbs)

    Good Luck all.

  16. oh man i still crave and miss the wonder days of those few, tasty, grmdnaa-sneering bowls of rice krispie treat cereal. i ate it with my brothers when my mom bought it back when… and always chose it as my \’favorite cereal\’ or \’favorite childhood food\’ in middle school.. high school.. today even! even though last time i had was in fourth grade. great site, positive, colorful words, addictive :p

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