Woman Faces Sentencing for Throwing Her Boyfriend’s Dog into Traffic

Shellie Hubbard, 46, of Portland, Oregon faced sentencing on Friday after she pled guilty to the charge of first-degree animal cruelty on August 30th.

Shellie Hubbard in court.

Shellie Hubbard, 46, of Portland, Oregon faced sentencing on Friday after she pled guilty to the charge of first-degree animal cruelty on August 30th.

On December 22nd 2011, Shellie Hubbard got into an argument with her then boyfriend Darwin Vonschirmer. The pair were driving on Interstate 205 when the two started arguing, supposedly breaking up according to their attorneys. The argument escalated out of control quickly when Hubbard stabbed Vonschirmer in the hand with a broken coffee mug.

Upon being stabbed, Vonschirmer pulled his car over to the shoulder of the freeway. The two got out of the car and started arguing on the side of the road. Hubbard then let Vonschirmer’s Catahoula Leopard Hound dog, Peanut Butter, out of the car. When he tried to pick up his dog Hubbard intercepted Peanut Butter and threw the dog into traffic. Peanut Butter attempted to get to the shoulder of the road but was struck and killed by a car.

On Friday, the Judge sentenced Hubbard to seven months in jail and five years without pets. The maximum sentence Hubbard could have received for first-degree animal cruelty was up to one year in jail. Hubbard also faced charges of third-degree assault and possession of methamphetamine relating to the incident.


21 thoughts on “Woman Faces Sentencing for Throwing Her Boyfriend’s Dog into Traffic

  1. So why didn’t she get a year!? She did it. I think she should have just been thrown into traffic for her punishment!

  2. I am not one for violence or a man hitting a woman, but to do what she did, I wouldn’t hold it against him to punch her a good shot. What a horrible, horrible piece of crap she is.

    1. I agree, I am totally anti anyone hitting anyone BUT bet your life if he had, which I could imagine he wanted to…HE would have been arrested and thrown in jail for assault!!! I just don’t understand why she didn’t get the maximum jail sentence (even though, even THAT isn’t enough)!! While animal abusers keep getting stupid unfair sentences, it will just keep happening…so sad

  3. I wonder how many months she will actually do? Sometimes they get out early. She should have gotten the max, which still isn’t enough! And no pets for 5 years….really?! How about never again! Pet abuse needs to be taken more seriously NOW with harsher penelaties.

  4. What a low life she is – I would willingly take her out in my car and push her out onto a very busy road!!!! Cruelty to animals will never cease if the authorities continue to be so lenient in their sentencing with abusers!

  5. That thing doesn’t need to walk on the streets again…..pray to God she doesn’t have any kids but I am sure she does and I feel sorry for them.

  6. WTF is wrong with our courts? Do these judges NOT own pets, let alone have any compassion towards animals.

    This woman is a MONSTER let alone a waste of human flesh and to our society.

    Wow, doesn’t get to own a pet for 5 years. What a slap on the wrist for her.

  7. Stupid C^nt! Why did she involve the dog?! I hope the rest of her life is as miserable as it has obviously been already.

  8. Well, if she lived in Canada, she would likely receive a suspended sentence or probation. Pathetic. 7 mos is at least jail time!

  9. In Australia she would have prob got a fine and thats all. We need much much harsher laws here for animal cruelty.

  10. I still miss my dogs my loyal friends peanut butter and my 7 yr old beagle frodo baggens
    She also had killed. Somedays i just cry with my hart in pain. They were much more than pets.! They were my only loyal unconditional loving friends. She still is attacking me threw other people. She has framed me for crimes i did not do. She had had all my belongings and life time of photos of me and my 4 children taken from me. A clark county judge took my visitation rights away becouse of this claiming i was responsible for her actions.i have not seen my son sence. My life has been destroyed now michelle and her prostitute friend rebekah brandt aka becca hill are trying to put a hit on me. And havr framed me for another crime i did not do. The police will not investigate the to see the 2 women are partners when the proof is handed to them. Rather thereher p prosicuting me a inicent man just to get a conviction notch in there belt. To this day i am unable to have anot

  11. I am unable to have another dog becousee i have not yet stop morning my last 2. She and her friends have hacked my facebook and e mail and phone. I lost my home and construction company Its been hell and. continues. Peanut butter and frodo can never be replaced . ” i miss and love both of you so much thank you for the time i had with you. You have made me a better person with your love”.

  12. She only got 3 months for it and a violaton of restraining order.when she went to where i lived and made a seen that got me evicted and honeless.

  13. well it’s been a long time now sence peanut butter died. I still have not had another dog. I thought about it a lot this last year. it’s just both of my dogs were so awesome I really don’t think I could ever be so lucky to have a dog like either of they. peanut butter could read my mind . he really did understand English and a little Spanish. lol . I was in awe of him sence the first day I found him in woodland we. on the freeway exit scared to death he was. several people were there trying to get him to come to them . as soon as I jumped out of my truck and he saw me he ran straight to me and jumped in my arms with me saying a word. I got into my truck were he stayed on my lap with his noise against my neck.. he new he was safe and at home .. I was his home not a place. but me. And he showed me every day how he lived me and I him.. It’s been 8 years now and I am in tears just trying to put a few words down.. Frodo my begeal had problem solving smarts and did any trick you showed him the first time. as long as you had food. but stay home wasn’t one . he loved nothing more than to be running full speed with his ears flopping behind him trying to keep up… I miss you both so so much. 8 years and you are still alive and with me every day. my hart will never forget you

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