Texas Man Offers $50,000 for His Missing Dog

Charlie Parker and his wife are willing to sell their home to bring home their cherished family member.

A man in Texas is offering a $50,000 reward for the safe return of his missing dog, Sir.  Warren resident Charlie Parker is willing to sell his home to offer the huge reward for his beloved five-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever.

Sir, who was always by Parker’s side, mysteriously went missing on September 15.  Parker has been devastated by the loss of his best friend.  He and his wife have no children and say Sir is like a child to them.  They have fliers posted at local businesses, but there has been no trace of the dog so far.

Sir was wearing a camouflage collar when he disappeared.  Anyone with information should call (409)547-2297 or (409)200-6006.

11 thoughts on “Texas Man Offers $50,000 for His Missing Dog

  1. It’s unlikely Sir would be in California, but I wish I could find him for them and then turn down the reward. People who love their dog enough to be willing to give up everything to get him back deserve to get him and keep everything else.

  2. My heart is sadden for you as we have a female as our baby…praying sir is returned and found safe….<3

  3. Please make sure to check Craigslist, there are quite a few found chocolate labs in that area. My heart goes out to them, it is my biggest fear as a doggie “mom.”

  4. I am sure they have been looking but do a search on Petfinder. I looked and of course he is not my dog so I can not tell if any of them are Sir but many chocolate labs are listed…also look in bordering states….you never know..I will continue to keep an eye out on my facebook page that lists many shelter dogs up for adoptions….I will also continue to pray that Sir makes it home safe and sound…

  5. Keep checking Craig’s List for people selling a chocolate Lab. A lot of people either find, or steal dogs, and then sell them. Check Ebay dog sales, as well, and make sure you cover every State which abuts Texas. People travel.

  6. I forgot one very important thing. Fax or email the poster to every vet within a 10-15 mile radius. I know it’s a LOT of work, but within the last couple of days, one dog was reunited with its owner, when the person who took that baby went in to a vet for a checkup, and the vet recognized the dog from the flyer he had received. IT DOES WORK! Tell the vets you will make a very large contribution to their practices, and write them up in all the local papers.

    See if your local newspapers or tv stations will carry the story, also.

  7. I will pray everyday for your dog and his safe return. I don’t have childen at this point of my life either and my pets are 100% my family. I would do the same thing you are doing. I know how hard it must be everyday to be without him; animals are smarter then most give them credit and he will find his way back to you. Please keep us all posted. I live in Maryland, but If I were in texas I would help you find him. I pray that if someone has him that they will find it in their heart to return him.


  8. I pray for his safe return,My yellow lab is so precious to me and I know how you feel.Keep checking with the vets,farmers,hunters, teens, dirt bike riders put the posters up everywhere,just like an Amber alert for a missing child.Scan everywhere in the immediate area in the possible case that his collar got caught. Recently a golden lab was located by his brother dog in the Cape Cod area of Ma. Collar caught up on heavy underbrush.Wishing you the best. Ken

  9. My cousin and I, also, pray for Sir’s safe and healthful return.

    His dog-buddy, Biscuit, and my dog-buddy, Ms. Magic mean the world to us … and I know how the Parkers feel about Sir.

    Keep the faith and hope alive!

    Grace & Peace,
    Chuck & Magic

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