A desperate family tries to get their dog back home

One week ago a young yellow lab named Molly ran away from her family’s home near San Antonio. Unbeknownst to her owners she was picked up by animal control and within days the Humane Society in New Braunfels adopted her out to another family.

One week ago a young yellow lab named Molly ran away from her family’s home near San Antonio.  Unbeknownst to her owners she was picked up by animal control and within days the Humane Society in New Braunfels adopted her out to another family.  Her owners are devastated and desperately want their dog back, but with no idea where she is they are at loss for what to do next.

The Rivers had put flyers up, and called the animal control as well as the humane society but were told Molly was not there.  Apparently the humane society has contacted the people who adopted Molly but they are refusing to give her back and her devastated owners have been pleading for help.  “[Molly is] only a year and a half old. My sister and her husband had the dad and mom and bred Molly and kept her through her puppy stages, and then handed her off to us,” said Landan Rivers, Molly’s original owner. “So we’ve had her and her family surrounding us and our family.”

The Rivers family has offered money and a new lab puppy to the people who adopted Molly in exchange for getting her back, but to no avail.  By-laws prevent the humane society from divulging the identity of the adoptive family so the River’s have no way to plead their case directly and have no idea where Molly is.  They have even filed an open records request in hopes of contacting Molly’s new owners but with offices being closed for the holidays it could be awhile before anything happens.

The River’s just want their precious young dog back for Christmas.  “She’s our dog and we love her,” Rivers said. “We want her back home with her family.”

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  1. There is no way that that shelter (pound) did not break the rules by adopting that pup out that fast. If I were these people I would call the local paper and get their story in there. I would call local radio stations also. If the public finds out about this they are going to ring that shelter’s phone off the hook. The more public they make it the faster they are going to get their dog back. There is no way that family has bonded with that pup that fast and it is morally wrong for them to keep it. If It were me I would also call the local city government as well as the county and I would not stop calling. I think I would also get my friends to picket the shelter with signs. LOL This is just wrong on every level

    1. I agree with Anonymous. There are so many needy dogs out there who need a good home. The new family should not be so rigid and inflexible. It sounds like this family is viewing the dog as property so maybe it is not a good home for any pet after all. Because a family with any heart at all would return the dog to the original owners and adopt another dog. THAT IS THE RIGHT THING to do but we know not everyone has the same moral compass and cannot be convinced to do the right thing. The shelter/rescue organization should also try to fix this unfortunate situation in whatever way possible. Situations like these prove the Bible true: there is no natural affection among men any longer.

    2. I hope the family see’s your post, this is probably the saddest thing I have ever ever seen. I am shocked that the Humane Society told this family that their pet was not there, and then had the audacity to sell this pet to another family. Yes they claim adopt, but in this case it was $ell.

  2. A microchip would have solved the problem and the original family would have been called when picked up by animal control. Everyone please microchip your pets.!! If stolen you will have proof you own them also.

    1. Since this shelter had shown such disregard for the original owners in all respects of this story, I doubt they bothered scanning for a chip even if the dog had one. All three of my dogs are chipped, but if no one scans for it, it does no good.

  3. I doubt the shelter has even contacted the new owners like they have claimed. They made a great mistake by telling the original owners they did not have their dog and then adopting the dog out so quickly. They are probably covering their tracks and hoping it will all go away and the family will forget all about Molly. They should contact all the local news media in that area and demand the attention of the new family.

  4. It is a sad state when the humane society won’t help fix a problem they created. The owners called them and they said they didn’t have the dog. Mistake one. Then they adopt out the dog too soon. Mistake two. Now they won’t help fix the problem. Mistake, or should I say, strike three. The person in charge should be out. As much as shelters need money, I would sue this one. It would be a very public lawsuit. I would sue for a dollar. They don’t lose money, but light is shed on the problem. I doubt this would be their first time doing something like this. Let’s all hope for the right outcome.

  5. She didn’t have a collar on with tags? Strays are to be held a certain number of days before being adopted out. And though the shelter gave the folks the wrong information the best thing is to GO to the shelter and see for yourself. I have heard many stories of dogs who were saved because the people went there instead of believing what they were told.
    I could understand if the dog was there for the full stray hold and then adopted, but these seems very wrong.
    And if I were the family that adopted the dog I would return it.
    If these folks get another dog I hope they do whatever is necessary to prevent a dog from ‘running away’. Perhaps get a fence or keep the dog on a leash.
    Hoping for the ethical outcome here.

  6. What the heck is wrong with the adoptive family that they won’t give the dog back to its rightful family? Friking slimeballs

  7. I would sue the humane society. How dare they not tell them where their dog is. The people who won’t give Molly back. There’s a special place in hell for people like that.

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