Saving Franklin

Thanks to the efforts of the Xolo Rescue League, Franklin and others like him have a chance at a new life. He has a tough road ahead and needs our help.

2 thoughts on “Saving Franklin

  1. Why is it that more vets. do not give these rescued pets surgery at a reduced cost??? Is it too hard for them to give rescue groups a financial break??? I would think much more of a vet who shows he/she has a heart than those who are only out for financial gain. Sherrysue

  2. My vet is a wonderful woman. She truly wants what’s best for the animal. She charges very reasonable prices for service. I brought my dog to an animal hospital emergency room because he swallowed rocks and was very sick. They re-hydrated him, and said if you have the surgery here it would be $1500. The next day I brought him to his regular vet. Same surgery $550. If I (or any of her other patient’s) couldn’t afford a service she always said take him to Tufts (one of the best vet schools in the northeast) and tell them I said to put your pet in their free care pool because she donated to that heavily. Franklin needs someone like that. I hope he recovers fully and has a wonderful life.

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