Woman Who Rubber-Banded Pup’s Snout Convicted and Banned from Owning Dogs for Life

Cogdell claimed she didn’t know her dog’s snout had been clamped shut, but the judge didn’t buy her story.

In December of 2011, a nine-month-old Yorkie-poodle mix named Sox was discovered locked in a bathroom with a rubber band around his muzzle.  He was starving, covered in fleas and surrounded by feces.  The SPCA learned of the dog and his condition after being contacted by a teacher who was told by two students that their dog was “dying slowly in the bathroom.”

The rubber band was so tight that it had begun cutting into the dog’s skin and jawbone.  It caused an infection that opened a hole on top of the snout that Sox could breathe through.  He was surrendered to the SPCA the next day after owner Tieesha Cogdell refused to take him to a veterinarian.

Tieesha Cogdell

The Largo, Florida woman claimed she didn’t know that her dog’s snout had been clamped shut with a rubber band, and only noticed when Sox started having trouble breathing.  His fur was so long that it hid the rubber band.  But it is doubtful that she was clueless to his condition considering the dog had also been trapped in the bathroom for weeks.  Also, wouldn’t she have noticed that he wasn’t eating?  That is, if she bothered to feed him in the first place.

The judge didn’t buy her story, and sentenced Cogdell to six months in jail for animal cruelty.  This may not seem like nearly long enough, but she will also receive one year of probation following her jail sentence, as well as a lifetime ban from ever owning dogs again.  In addition, she has been ordered to pay the $2,000 medical treatment for Sox.

Sox has since been adopted by a woman named Lori Chambers.

“The fact that there’s a human being out there that would do something like that to an animal makes me sad,” Chambers said.  “He wants to be loved.  He shows us that every day.”


35 thoughts on “Woman Who Rubber-Banded Pup’s Snout Convicted and Banned from Owning Dogs for Life

  1. Bitch should have got the same done to her. I hope she loses her children. Who knows what she does to them… Just say’n

  2. Question: “What makes you think she was from the ghetto?”
    Answer: “The Largo, Florida woman . . “

  3. The children saved the dog’s life, bless their hearts. Parents should lead by example, but thank God, the children knew what was happening to their dog was darn wrong, and to know the mother stood in court and lied, made it even worse for her. The judge did the right thing, we need to have more laws in place, to protect the rights for animals who doesn’t have a voice, and we are suppose to be their advocates

  4. SORRY TRAMP(hope she sees this)shouldn’t even have kids much less animals.It amazes me people like her walk around looking normal.LOOKING!!!!

    1. It’s not just her jaw that needs to be wired shut! That disgusting creature should not be allowed near kids or animals. Thank God those kids have the good sense to know that this was wrong AND did something about it. Happy forever homes for those kids and the pup!

  5. What a complete fucking bitch, I hope someone knocks her for six, smug ugly cow! – oxygen thief!!!

  6. lying p.o.s. and if not, you still didn’t give two shits about that dog or you would have noticed by petting the g.d. dog. i officially hate ppl like you…but my question is who is going to ensure this trash doesn’t get another dog, cat, fucking gerbil for that matter….who!!!!

  7. I can’t think of anything else to say except that this woman needs the shit kicked out of her. Her kids need to be removed permanently. Poor little dog. I hope her new home is everything she deserves.

  8. Since it was her own children who told on her, I’d hate to think what punshment she will dish out to them. I hope the authorities keep a VERY close watch on her and her children’s welfare and safety

  9. I believe that justice was served as far as the dog is concerned(he has a new home. However the sentence is not enough. Someone needs to make sure she never has another pet period. I also think her kids shouldn’t be with her. This might sound like I am being nice but I am angry!

  10. Why would a person do this?Why would the kids not have help the dog? I agree, she should get the same treatment that she gave the dog. Making the punishment the same as the crime,is the best thing to do. If people REALY had to go through the pain they had caused, animals and kids, it might help.

  11. THis THING should not have animals or children. Logically since she was oblivious to the plight of the dog, how aware could she be of her childrens needs. Take the kids away and sterilize her! Too many people in the world anyway – dont need any from a skank like this!

  12. Wow, put her and Patrick’s former owner in the same cell, tie them TIGHTLEY together face to face and don’t feed them.

    Wouldn’t that be a sight to see.

  13. That is soo cruel. Who would do this to such an Innocent little dog? What sort of example is that mother setting for her children? I’m glad Sox has a nicer home with nice people! xxx

  14. I have to give props to her kids. They were very brave.

    She should not have the right to keep them.

    There should be a point at which you have been so cruel that you are not allowed relationships with any dependents.

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  18. Why in a he heck what that lady did she should stay in jail for 90 days for what she did to that dog she does not deserve that dog back any more sign by un known person

  19. 6 months in jail is long enough only if they tie her mouth shut the entire time. if she survives without food and water, then she can leave…….oh yeah, she has to be covered in fleas and sitting in her own feces too

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