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A video that is both heartbreaking and heartwarming to watch honors the short life of a young pit bull rescued after she endured terrible abuse. Molly came to know the joys of life in a loving home, but her good new life was cut short by a a catastrophic health event.


Molly the pit bull experienced the very worst and the very best of humankind during her very short life. Molly was brutalized as a bait dog and then left tied to a pole in the basement of an abandoned Baltimore house at six months old. She was found by a workman, rescued, then adopted into a loving home.

Molly flourished in her new home and became attached to her dog siblings and her humans. For three months she knew happiness, comfort, companionship and love. Then a sudden and catastrophic health event ended her life.

A friend made the following memorial video in honor of Molly. It is both heartbreaking and heartwarming to watch.

WARNING: The video contains a few disturbing photos showing Molly’s injuries when she was found.

The creator of the memorial video writes:

Molly, at 6 months old, was found in a basement, tied to a pole… it appeared she’d been used as a bait dog in a dog fighting ring. With love and support, Molly healed and continued to love both people and dogs, despite what was done to her. On February 1st Molly took a sudden turn, just when things seemed so hopeful, and developed a profound infection of her entire hind end. It progressed so quickly it ruptured disks in her spine, paralyzing her. Molly had fought hard, but she would not be coming home this time… This video is in honor of Molly, and all those who loved and cared for her. Run Free Molly, thank you for giving us a second chance.


Molly’s Facebook Page: Hope For Molly
Molly’s Rescue: Small Miracles Cat and Dog Rescue


It’s with the heaviest heart that I write this post to everyone. As some of you know Molly has had ongoing medical issues since we officially adopted her, none that we weren’t determined to overcome, she was a strong girl after all and had already overcome so much. This morning, however, that changed. Molly appeared to have lost all feeling from her waist down for reasons we were baffled by. I immediately took her to a specialist to see what might be going on neurologically. She was clearly in an immense amout of pain because for the first time ever she grolwed and snapped at me when I tried to carry her. The Dr did an initial exam and immediately suspected some sort of infection that was causing her issues. Off went Molly for xrays and an MRI. While I waited I wandered down the street to a pet supply store, bought her some get well toys, never for a moment thinking she wouldn’t come home, and went back to take my girl home. When I got back to the vet I was hit with the worst news ever. Molly had severe infections in her body, from her back legs all the way up her spine. The infection was so bad the images I saw showed no spine at all, infection grew between her discs and caused them to fracture and her vertebrae ruptured. Molly would never be able to walk again, she would be incontinent for the rest of her life, she would need multiple surgeries to repair her spine, and would be in quite a bit of pain through this. My first selfish response was ok, let’s go, we can do this. The vet very kindly suggested that I think about Molly, this isn’t her only health issue, her life would be cut short because of her lupus, is it fair to put her through more surgery, more pain, because I couldn’t bear the thought of letting her go. In the end, after talking to family and close friends, as well as two other vets, we took Molly to BARCS to see her family there one last time (she is our mascot and always in my office with me), grabbed ice cream on the way, and I held her in my arms, kissed her face and told her I loved her as she passed.
Molly and I, we had big plans. She was going to be a certified therapy dog, we were going to do Humane Education together, she was already changing minds about pit bulls and making people see what an abused dog has to endure. When the vet told me all that she was going through he said he was shocked that she was able to push aside the pain for this long. I wasn’t shocked. That was Molly, her tail never stopped wagging, her kisses were for eternity, and through everything she’s endured she never stopped loving people. I cannot put into words all that Molly has taught me about survival, forgiveness, love, compassion, and life as a whole. I can only hope everyone one is lucky enough to have their own Molly touch them at some point in their life. All of your support through this and the encouragement Molly received these past few months has been nothing short of amazing. I felt I was cheating her when I said her family was there for her at the end because in reality, just a small portion of her family was, you all have grown to be Molly’s family and friends too. I will never forget last weekend at the Pet Expo, Molly had people coming to see her that drove from other states, she got to see how special she was.
I never knew I could fall in love with a dog in just a few short months but Molly wasn’t just any dog and what we went through seemed like more than a lifetime for any dog to handle. I don’t know when this feeling of unimaginable sadness will go away but I know Molly will always be with us and we will continue to fight for those without a voice in her honor. This is the last picture I ever got to take of Molly, when we thought we were just making it through another vet visit before carrying on. I’m honored to have spent this time getting our last hugs in…
Via Hope for Molly at Facebook

15 thoughts on “For Molly

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for giving her another chance at a great life. God Bless. Rest in Peace Molly Girl xoxo

  2. She was surrounded in love and died in love at the end. One can only hope her only memory was of the love she was given. The evil ones that did this will pay one day.

  3. Sounds to me like you both learned from each other…she learned that there are wonderful loving people out there and you love at first sight…this story has me in tears. I’m so glad you found each other. Molly will forever be in your hearts. Take care!!!

  4. Kiitos teille, että pelstitte Mollyn ja annoitte hänelle hyvän ja rakastavan kodin noilta hirviöihmisiltä. Se aika oli luultavasti Mollylle mitä ihaninta aikaa. Tuntuu kuitenkin niin pahallta, että Molly joutui kuitenkin lähtemään niin aikaisin sateenkaarisillalle.

  5. It took me several hours to be able to read all of Molly’s story and watch her video. I kept touching my screen to try to comfort her torn little body. There really aren’t words for how sad and horrible what happened to Molly is. I think someone should start videoing or photographing the poor abused and neglected animals just as they find them and then show those videos and pictures as indisputable evidence to everyone when the scum bags are arrested and sentenced. A picture is worth a thousand words and most of us simply cannot imagine the horrors these poor animals are subjected to, but seeing is believing.
    Molly was loved back from the brink and she lived a wonderful life her final months. I am thankful that her passing was peaceful for her–she was surrounded by her family’s love and the people she loved so much. She deserved that and so much more.
    Molly’s story broke my heart and the tears just won’t stop falling, but it also warmed my heart and reminds me that there are many, many more loving and kind-hearted people in the world that will stand up for people and animals that have no voice than there are abusers.
    God bless your family and thank you for doing what so many of us would have wanted to do for that sweet baby Molly.

  6. Another angel was needed to show us never to loose faith, to show us true compassion and the true meaning of unconditional love. Molly is that angel.

  7. Holding back tears as I tried to read this story. There is a special place in hell for the people who used her as bait; and a very special place in heaven for those that came to her aid. This is a heartbreaking story, but you gave Molly the care and love that she needed, and she will never forget you for it.

  8. This story just rips my heart out. God Bless you for giving Molly the only love she ever knew.

    What a beautiful girl she was. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and her fur family. I know they miss her too.

    I will never understand how people can be so cruel. Hell is not a bad enough place for people that do these things.

    Thank you for sharing Beautiful Molly with us.

  9. God bless you and your family for taking care of Molly…even if it was just just a short while. How very sad for the pain and abuse she went through. Thank you for taking her in and loving her till the end. She will be over ther rainbow waiting for you someday….
    God Bless…

  10. Thank you for taking Molly into your home and heart. What a sweet little girl she was. Now that she has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge she’s happy and whole again, waiting for the day when she will hear your voice and you will be reunited once more. Fly free little one, fly free!

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