Michael Vick to Take Dog Training Classes

Vick appears to have made a 180 in his mentality about animals.

Bringing up Michael Vick in conversation can prove to be controversial, as many hold different opinions of this man.  Some feel that he is a cruel, sadistic psychopath who may have antisocial personality disorder, characterized by a lack of empathy and remorse, and that he should remain locked up and never allowed near another animal again.  Others believe that what he did was vile, but that people deserve second chances, especially when they are regretful and willing to learn how to do better.  You may not be pleased to see his name in the papers, but this time it is for a positive reason:  he is taking dog training classes.

In October Vick announced that yes, the rumors were true – his family has a dog.  His probation expired over summer, and he was legally entitled to have pets again.  Many worried that his newest dog would fall victim to the same fate as his others – abused, tortured, forced to fight, and killed.  But it seems that Vick is on a steady path, and turning his life around when it comes to animals.

“I understand the strong emotions by some people about our family’s decision to care for a pet,” Vick said in a statement.  “As a father, it is important to make sure my children develop a healthy relationship with animals.  I want to ensure that my children establish a loving bond and treat all of God’s creatures with kindness and respect.  Our pet is well cared for and loved as a member of our family.  This is an opportunity to break the cycle.  To that end, I will continue to honor my commitment to animal welfare and be an instrument of positive change.”

Dog abuse is often the result of being exposed to animal abuse and not learning to care and have empathy for animals at a young age.

Vick and his family are on board to take positive dog training classes at a New Jersey PetSmart for their Belgian Malinois named Angel.  Some might feel the Vicks are colluding with PetSmart for a publicity stunt, but it is questionable that the retailer would choose to be linked to a former dog-abuser for anything less than good reason.


We are not promoting Michael Vick in the sense that we are encouraging people to earn him money and give him dogs. This is a news article, and it is stated within the story that it is known that he is a controversial subject. We of course are adamantly against dog abuse, but with therapy and positive training, many abusers can learn to see animals in a different light. When they learn to change their ways, they pass their learning on to new generations. Learning to love animals and treat them well is what is being encouraged. Anyone who looks up to athletes like Michael Vick can take from this story that it is not acceptable to abuse animals, that there are repercussions for such behaviors, and that changing those behaviors to positive and healthy ones are what earns rewards.



20 thoughts on “Michael Vick to Take Dog Training Classes

  1. I’m sorry that man should never be around animals! Look at his face in the picture. He isn’t remorseful he is doing this for the media.

  2. That monster should never be allowed to have any kind of animal. I’m tired of the media always trying to make this sick and twisted individual seem like a decent human being!

  3. Forced to remove your facebook post i see?? That’s because by even acknowledging him doing this…you ARE promoting him! Sick!!!

  4. Absolutely sickening that you support this piece of trash in any way, shape, or form. How much did he write the check for?

  5. His acts against dogs are horrific. He is not remorseful. He does not deserve to have another dog. Period! And to PetSmart, WTF?!!

  6. Not a fan of either Vick or the idea that he should be allowed as the poster child for animal abuse rehab. After what he did and the lack of responsibility he showed for his actions, he is allowed to own an animal AND get press for doing something positive is remorseful. Back to positive stories please!

  7. Well, I guess the excitement of dog fighting is over – so now this cruel man probably will have some fun training this malinois as a protection/attack dog. How incredibly naiv of all concerned parties. He shuld never be allowed to own animals again – it upsets me to see him get away with this just because he is resourceful and rich. I will not read this website anymore.

  8. The people with that “he made a mistake” position typically look more like Vick than I do (i.e. Obama). When I misspell a word I “made a mistake”. When I sodomize a dog with a cattle prod or beat it to death, I’m not making a mistake. This speaks volumes not just about Vick but about an entire culture and their concept of forgiveness that keeps a revolving door on our prisons and allows people who should be culled from our species to walk the streets as a threat to us all.

  9. FIRST: Vick did NOT get convicted for animal cruelty. He PLEA BARGAINED out of those charges by agreeing to plead guilty to the bankrolling an illegal activity. If he was truly remorseful he would have admitted his crime and done REAL time for it.

    SECOND: PetSmart has shown itself over and over to be far more concerned with money than the wellbeing of animals which SHOULD be PetSmart’s mission. PetSmart continued to carry petfoods and dog treats that have been demonstrated and extensively documented to be unhealthy if not downright deadly; it continues to host Banfield in many of its stores despite the widely documented problems of incompetence of many of its veterinarians and predatory commercial practices including relentless pushing of overvaccinating; PetSmart won’t even post “danger” signs on its store doors warning about the dangers of leaving dogs in parked cars in their lot on warm/hot days – PetSmart’s reply to me was that they “don’t want to offend any customers.” SO WHY ARE WE SURPRISED THAT THEY ARE HAND IN GLOVE WITH MICHAEL VICK?

    Third – if you all feel the way I do about this unholy alliance with the worst documented animal abuser in the US in recent times THEN BOYCOTT PETSMART and let them know WHY you’re doing it.

    I cannot for the life of me imagine why any other people in that training class are still in that class. For me, the minute SickVick walked through that door I would have been SO out of there.

    Finally – does anyone, anywhere have ANY record of Michael Vick expressing remorse for what he did? NO. Didn’t think so.

    As a writer on animal welfare, animal neglect and animal abuse issues I have followed the Vick saga intently and comprehensively from day ONE. To my knowledge, he has never expressed one iota of remorse for the living hell he put those dogs through.

    No mercy. He deserves to be in solitary confinement for the rest of his natural life and his children should have been removed with a permanent no-contact order. As for his wife? If she stayed with this monster it is probably for one or both of two reasons: money and money.

    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I will never buy anything from PetSmart again. Bravo! Thank you for spelling it out for people.

  10. I support JRTs Furever comments. Vick has repeatedly stated that his only regrets about this phase in his life were not paying more attention to football and to his training. He has never expressed any remorse for what he did to the dogs nor any concern about the fate and well being of the survivors even though he has been given several opportunities to do so.

    Another point – he has said he wanted a dog for his children – well if so – why did he choose a power breed who are suited more for law enforcement and security than a family pet? Why not a more docile child oriented breed? The Belgian Malinois breed club has said as much, Additionally they have offered, now that the danage is done, to find him a specialized trainer suitable for this particular breed which I am sure is beyond the prowess of the usual Petsmart trainer.

    Petsmart itself – well – it is possible they could face legal charges if they denied Vick as a client. I would encourage all of us to write to them and express our chagrin and concern and see what they have to say.

    Finally who is the BREEDER who sold Vick this dog? This is hardly a common breed and not that popular in the states yet . I very much doubt he found the dog at an Amish road stand or puppy mill. Soneone who professes love for their breed saw only a check and sold of their own to the most infamous dog killer of our time. This person should be outed, banned from the breed club, boycotted and made the pariah that they are.

    Vick is a lousy athlete and a worse human being. I only hope he decides that having a dog is not in the best interests of him or his family and turns this poor soul back to breed rescue sooner rather than later.

  11. I’ve been in animal rescue for many years and every time I think I’ve seen it all, up pops Michael Vick again. All this is to him is publicity. Boycott anyone who promotes him. That means PetSmart! It is absolutely true that Petsmart is all about money. Our rescue needed two small dog crates for an emergency transfer and all I got from PetSmart was the runaround. They say they provide things like this to rescues and that they are all about rescues and they simply are not. Not at all. I abhor lying, greed, and all the horrific things people do to hurt animals. I can only hope that one day those who torture and kill animals can only be tortured and killed in the same manner.

  12. I take strong issue with the blog writer’s rainbows-n-butterflies comment about how Vick’s (mealymouthed, insincere) anti-dog-fighting pseudo-mission is going to convince others that there are negative consequences to animal abuse. Vick’s spectacular financial awards from his dual thug careers (on the field and in the animal torture chambers) is what counts in the usual ‘hoods he visits. The money thing is so powerful – so glamorous – so enticing – that IMO his speeches to school kids, given the stamp of approval by another “controversial” entity, HSUS, are likely having the opposite of the effect intended by Vick’s handlers.

    To those who think Vick should be “forgiven” because he “did the time for the crime” and “deserves a second chance? IMO you are either incredibly naive or a ghettobilly who visits this site for the purpose of thumbing down any anti-Vick posts.

    Vick is not a human being – he does not deserve the label. He is a complete waste of planetary oxygen. He deliberately chose a breed known for its stellar reputation as a “protection” dog and Schutzhund competitor. No way is this a kid’s “pet.” Malinois are extremely intelligent, prey-driven, and highly sensitive dogs. Either Vick is planning to fight this dog, train the dog for attack purposes even if it’s “competitive” attack work, or go back to the breeding end of fight dogs.

    Shame on Life With Dogs for even giving this POS any press whatsoever.

  13. This is a website about dogs and Vick is brought up. Of course there is controversy. I don’t have the hardened stance as the patrons making comments here but I agree it was a bad move to place an article about Vick and caring about dogs on this website.

  14. I think if that dog knew what sort of things Vick had done to other members of its species, it’d run the other way FAST. I sure as Hell would if I were a dog. I think if you’re capable of doing what he did, then you can’t truly feel anything for animals. You only seem them as non-sentient objects to be exploited. I just hope his kids turn out differently.

  15. Michael Vick is lower than scum left on a toilet bowl. He is the worst animal abuser I have heard of. He shouldn’t be allowed to own a dog at all. I try not to watch his team play football if Vick is playing. If he is playing, I keep yelling at the opposite team to break his legs. I heard Pet Smart is not allowing any of the “Bully breeds” into the stores..I started boycotting Pet Smart when they started doing that. How can they actually ban bully breeds from Pet Smart but honor Michael Vick who abused so many dogs? I have. stopped going to Pet Smart all together now. I shop strictly at PetCo now.

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