Month: April 2013

Lentil, the cutest little bean there is

Every cloud really does have a silver lining, just ask Lentil. Lentil is a French bulldog that was born with a cleft palate which made it difficult for him to eat, which can make life pretty tough for a puppy. But that same condition also gave him the most adorable face imaginable, and that has helped make little Lentil a star.

Yoga is going to the dogs

Doga, or doggy yoga, which is incorporating dogs into yoga practice, is growing in popularity. Mahny Djahanguiri, a Doga instructor, is also a certified adult and children’s yoga teacher, and says that her practice was inspired by working with the Kids Company charity.

Lucky dog saved by kayakers on Chemung River

A golden retriever is lucky to be alive after being rescued on the Chemung River in New York State this past weekend. The dog was struggling to keep above water and stay near a small island in the river when Joe and Amy Longwell spotted him from their kayaks, and if it were not for them he might not have made it.

Couple Saves Dog From Drowning In A Canal

When Chevy tried to get a drink from a canal last week he leaned too far and fell in. Neighbors rushed to his aid and Dan Tavanese jumped in the water to save Chevy. On Sunday Chevy’s grateful owner got to thank Dan in person