Dog Survives Axe Attack & Is Ready for a Home

Aside from his scars, this sweetie has no permanent damage from the attack.


Axel is a sweet and loveable boy who is looking for a home now that his wounds have healed.  He was brutally attacked with an axe left to die in Bradenton, Florida, but he was rescued and rushed to a vet.

The American Staffordshire-pit bull mix is all smiles now, but his injuries were so bad that newscasters were hesitant to air the graphic images.

“He’s so lucky he doesn’t have any breathing problems, no brain damage, no sight damage,” said foster mom Trisha Antonelli.  “He sees and smells everything fine, only cute thing he has is a little old man snore when he sleeps, but it’s really cute.” (Anyone who has ever had a ginger pit bull knows that their snorting and snoring are part of their charm!)

Today is his last day with Antonelli, who is a dog trainer and the owner of Dawg Phonics.

“He knows ‘come,’ ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ ‘down,’ ‘heel,’ ‘off;’ he’s completely house-trained,” Antonelli said.

Axel is a recent graduate of Dawg Phonics, having earned his doggie diploma in January.  He is even off-leash trained, and will stay within a couple feet of Antonelli until she “frees” him.  He is very active, and loves romping around.

“He’s a dog that needs to be working and he likes to work,” Antonelli explained.  “If not, he gets in trouble, just like kids.”

Axel is best suited for an active owner, and at least for the time being, needs to be an only dog.

“But a lot of people interested in him have multiple dogs and that’s not a good environment for him.”

He has become a bit of a local celebrity in Manatee County, donning his “Adopt Me” vest.  Though everyone loves him, no matches have expressed any interest in adopting him.

“He could possibly be your new best friend,” Antonelli said.

For more information on Axel’s background and adoption, please visit:

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  1. It’s stories like this that make me more and more
    disgusted by people everyday. These mental
    cases need to be put in a cage on Gitmo
    and left. Thank god for wonderful Good Samaritans
    and loving communities like this site who
    know the value and compassion of animals.

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