Puppy Burner Given Maximum Sentence

“I don’t think this guy should have a pet rock,” said District Attorney Frank Sedita. “He’s an off-the-charts animal abuser. He’s a sociopath.”

7.3.13 - Ziegler Sentenced4Adell Ziegler, the teen who burned the Jack Russell terrier named Phoenix in Buffalo, NY last fall, has been handed the maximum sentence in New York state for animal cruelty. He will spend the next two years in prison (we know, not nearly long enough), and is banned from having a pet for the next seven years (again, we know – not long enough).

I don’t think this guy should have a pet rock,” said Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita. “He’s an off-the-charts animal abuser. He’s a sociopath.”

The prosecution says that during his time in jail, Ziegler has been overheard in phone calls bragging about what he did, saying the case has made him famous, and he wears a badge of honor.

Ziegler argues that he does not think him being known for this is a good thing. He told the judge that people are only going to know him for being the guy who set a puppy on fire. He apologized at his sentencing on Tuesday, saying he thought it was a joke at the time.


7.3.13 - Ziegler Sentenced1
Adell Ziegler


I could’ve stopped it that day, and should’ve, but I never knew it would go that far,” Ziegler said. (How can a person even claim they do not realize how far they are taking a “joke” when they douse an animal in lighter fluid and set it on fire??)

His defense attorneys masqueraded him as a child of a broken home, having been in and out of foster care, never knowing stability.

While there were hundreds of people from across the country who wanted to adopt Phoenix and were vying for his adoption, there were zero people to adopt my client when he was a fatherless, motherless child from a broken home plagued with drug abuse and alcohol abuse,” said Ziegler’s attorney, Ann Nichols.

Phoenix makes fast friends with everyone he meets!
Phoenix makes fast friends with everyone he meets!


7.3.13 - Ziegler Sentenced5Despite his troubled childhood, he has not and will not gain sympathy from many. Everyone has hardships in life, but they don’t think, “hey, my life has been pretty crappy, so why don’t I set an animal on fire for fun?”

Mr. Ziegler…I should be kind here…is a very troubled person. To douse a dog with lighter fluid and set it on fire for their jollies, there’s a serious computer chip missing there,” Sedita responded.

Ziegler’s nephew, Diondre Brown, admitted to participating in the heinous crime by acting as a lookout. He was sentenced to six months. Ziegler is currently serving one year in prison for violating probation, and will begin his additional sentence in October.

Phoenix is happy and healthy in his forever home. He was adopted by foster mom Judi, and spends his days with his best friend, Ruckus. He recently visited the state capital to celebrate New York State Animal Advocacy Day. February 9th was declared Phoenix Day by Mayor Byron Brown. The spirited pup has been an ambassador for the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter (as well as the city itself), and is on his way to becoming a therapy dog.

To encourage Governor Andrew Cuomo to enforce stricter laws with harsher punishments for abusers, please visit: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/686/536/489/phoenix-law/.

13 thoughts on “Puppy Burner Given Maximum Sentence

  1. Shame, shame, shame on Ann Nichols for playing the “poor baby from a broken home” card. You don’t see the other 55% of American kids from broken homes setting puppies on fire!

    1. that was probably the ONLY card she had! I feel sorry for her having to do it at all…bet she drew the short straw for this one!!

  2. This little POS is following in michael vick’s footsteps. He’s sorry, alright. Sorry for getting caught. Hope he gets what he deserves in prison. NOTHING can compare to what that poor pup went through. Freak.

  3. I hope the bastard rots in hell…. what a sorry excuse for what he did… I hope he gets the shit beat out of him in jail and to allow him to have other pets down the road is just insane !!!!

  4. Once again putting blame on such a bad childhood! Cry me a river! WTF Really he will be back but doing life in prison! Get over however you were raised! Blah Blah Blah, worthless and unproductive to society! He should do slot more time !

  5. Please spare us the “motherless, homeless, abused little boy crap.” With a little luck, someone will take him out in his cell. He’s a waste of space.

  6. Hope he meets some real dog lovers in prison- he may yet get what he deserves! Or else his “fame” outside brings out some true treatment.

  7. I wonder if this trash will brag about it after he gets out of prison and NOBODY will hire him because of his ‘fame’.

  8. I’m not a racist, but that man is the definition of the N word. i would have sentenced him to be burnt. Fair is fair for that piece of shit.

  9. Oh my goodness! Like the public is going to fall for his “poor me, I am from a broken home” crap!? It is all B.S. It sounds like he is having a good time in gaol. Why does he get phone privileges? You should be thrown in a deep, dark hole for the 2 years. He is going to be trouble when he gets out. I just hope that he never gets a hold of any animals. He has got cruelty in his blood, do you really think that this is his last offence?

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