Woman Arrested for Dog Death After Bragging on Facebook

“When I got the call he passed away, all I could do was cry and then pray for the strength to make sure justice is served,” said Randy Grim.

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A St. Louis woman was arrested after she bragged on Facebook about being “on killa mode,” and hash-tagging that “all dogs don’t go to heaven.”

The St. Louis Animal Cruelty Task Force said Adrienne Martin set fire to a three-year-old shepherd-terrier mix in the backyard of a home on the city’s north side on July 10th, and then posted on Facebook about what she had done.

The dog, dubbed Brownie, was discovered by his owner, who called police. It was initially reported in St. Louis that Martin was the owner, but a later Facebook post by the woman indicates that she was not.  It has been reported that the dog belonged to her sister.

Brownie was rescued from his tether of a short, heavy chain after having been severely burned and abandoned.  He was taken to Stray Rescue of St. Louis for medical treatment, but sadly died due to organ failure.

When I got the call he passed away, all I could do was cry and then pray for the strength to make sure justice is served,” said Randy Grim, founder of Stray Rescue. “This is one of the saddest and worst cases I have ever dealt with.”

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That combination of arrogance and evilness is a volatile combination,” Grim noted. “We’re all safer with her behind bars.”

A $5,000 reward was being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Brownie’s killer, but she made herself known by boasting about her heinous act. Though she initially denied having burned Brownie to police, she later admitted her horrific crime.

It has stricken our community to the core of our hearts, but I am inspired by how swiftly we have been able to respond to these awful cases,” Grim said. “Brownie deserves justice.”

Martin, who has a criminal history and was previously charged with endangering the welfare of a child, was charged with felony animal abuse and felony “knowingly burning” an animal.

We see a ton of abuse cases, far too many, but the way in which Brownie suffered really struck a nerve with everyone,” said Grim. “Our community is sick and tired of these horrific crimes, and they will not be tolerated.”

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We will keep you updated on Brownie’s killer’s anticipated conviction and sentencing.




WARNING: The following images of Brownie are graphic and may be too disturbing for some to see.






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258 thoughts on “Woman Arrested for Dog Death After Bragging on Facebook

    1. This is not a human, she is a PILE, POS. How I would love to face her. Scum of the earth. Watch your children they are next. Hope she gets locked up with some mean women in prison and a huge fine. She doesn’t belong back on the street. How I hate her and I know I am not suppose to hate anyone.
      Send her to Florida, I have never been to jail but my BIL is the Warden there.

      1. “she is not a human.”

        “Watch your children they are next.”

        It amazes me how people, who could possibly be older than me, don’t really even think about what they’re saying.

      2. The bitch is obviously either messed up on meth or mentally ill. My dog bit me when I was little and my mother didn’t go shit wacko and burn the dog. She needs to be removed from this planet. Burn her like Freddy Kruger

    2. I’m so upset to hear of this tragic act done by this POS, I hope she burns in hell for eternity for what she has done……EVIL BITCH

    3. exactly candice sick sick woman hope they lock the door and throw away the key How could any sane person do such a thing that poor dog must have been in agony.

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    1. A fat ugly trashy hoe with no life. Probably fuc#ked up on drugs. Since nobody is brave enough to kill her, I hope she gets tittie cancer or meets an 18 wheeler on the way to her next bootie call

    1. shes a sick bitch. she should die the same way that dog died, see how the fuck it feels. she needs to be locked up and throw away the key before she kills another innocent anial.

      1. I agree Betty, the stupid bitch needs chained, beat doused with gasoline and set ablaze! I keep hoping that I read on the news that the hoe is found brutally murdered

  1. That’s the stare of a person with absolutely no kind of empathy/sympathy or feeling. Cold black eyes…may she feel the fires of hell for such a cruel act.

  2. Dear God in heaven, please restore the soul of this dear innocent animal so that he may love and live once more in your kingdom. I have to believe there is a place that this beast of a woman will have to repent. If I had my way, she would be put to death because she is without a soul. I did not expect to see pictures and I want to throw up. I resent bitterly that the taxpayers money will be spent keeping her sorry insane ass alive. Think about it, when you don’t have enough money to pay for fruit for your kid’s lunches this monster gets to eat in prison. Make you angry? It does me. I don’t just want her put in jail, I want her to never see the light of day again. Now I am going to go and throw up.

    1. I agree with you! I am SO flippin angry over this! I hope someone gets her sorry disgusting loathful self the same way and WORSE than what she did to this dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is evil scum and I will jump for joy when she rots and burns in hell for all of eternity..she should be put to death for what she did! I hope an angry mob takes care of her sorry butt! I believe that dog is in Heaven, I am so sorry that it suffered so terribly and I wish all hell on that ugly disgusting horrible Scum!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I am so appalled I’m speechless. I saw those pictures and just cried. I’m sitting here dumbfounded. Her day of judgement will come!!!! Thank you for taking the words out of my mouth.

    3. just think our tax dollars will be spent to get her sorry ass a lawyer to try to get her off or lowered sentence yada yada . this putrid circle goes on and on.geuss what folks ten to one says her kid will be a drain on the tax base all the rest of its life.

      1. What do yo mean our tax dollars, she is probably on welfare so the tax dollar is already paying her !! And we are told God loves her, my does God, hate us because we don’t do this cruel stuff ? HUMANS ARE THE MOST CRUEL AND EVIL THINGS ON EARTH !

  3. She sounds mentally unstable and a threat to resur to both animals and likely children. People who can do unspeakable acts to animals and have no remorse are likely to also assault or commit horrid crimes to humans as well. No animal is safe until this women is locked up for life in a mental institution.

      1. um yes there are still mental institutes don’t know where your getting your info from and this thing needs to be locked up in one of them for sure.

      2. yes there are still mental institutions, I should no as my son is mentally ill and never did anything but forget to take his meds

  4. Why post the pictures of this poor dog??? At a minimum, make someone who wants to see them have to click into a file to view. You can’t miss seeing them. My kids look at this sight often! We already knew from reading that it would be bad…why sensationalize this brutality and traumatize those of us that care, and validate the idiots that actually liked what this unstable, unfeeling witch posted on FB?

    1. Actually, at first I thought, “are you kidding me?!” When I read that the following pictures were graphic…. But before seeing them it all seemed so surreal, the story. After seeing the pictures, it clicked that yes, this really did happen. In this world of sensationalizing, and atrocities, I think that real pictures sometimes have a place with some stories. I know this sounds weird, but we looked into the eyes of that awful woman, why should Brownie not get the sympathy she deserves when we looked into her eyes?

      1. I agree with you Debbie, I know the pictures are hard to see because of our love for animals. Brownie deserves to be seen. I am kind of happy he passed away so he does not have to feel the pain anymore. What a sweet soul. If I could help the monster that did this get more jail time, I would be first in line. It upsets me that all the animals want from us is love, to feed them and make sure they are safe and healthy. They give unconditional love and companionship, how could anyone harm such loving animals. 🙁

    2. To Anonymous: I understand your concern about your children, as I have children to, but I also strictly monitor their internet use. Society NEEDS to see these photos, because nothing will ever change as long as people ignore the torture, abuse, starvation, neglect, and even “euthanasia” in shelters(which by the way, is not peaceful or pain free) of millions of animals in the US every year. These animals feel horrific pain, and they suffer and die alone while most human beings avoid the “problem” with their apathy, instead of being part of the solution. A picture truly is worth a thousand words.

      As Albert Schweitzer once said, “Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.”

      1. l totally agree with you. l saw an old biblical film of Christians being killed in the arena, by obviously stuffed fake lions, which caused many complaints from parents over their child distress. Whether it be Christians, tortured animals, abused children, someone dying from Cancer, obviously upsetting, infuriating, but if they can endure it the very least we can do is witness it, condemn and change things so it wont happen again, and care about their suffering. To not acknowledge it because its distressing and unpleasant gives license for it to continue. Orwellian existence.

    1. You can tell by the way she speaks/types, she’s got as much class/brains as a rat, actually I think rats are way smarter than her.

      1. Hey now, rats are warm, loving, intelligent little buggers. Capable of a vast range of emotions, like empathy.

        That cluster of human excrement on the other hand, I’m surprised she has enough brain power to even turn on a computer, let alone be able to navigate facebook. However I am thankful for her painfully high level of stupidity. I only wish that all other animal abusers were so mentally handicapped as to boast about their ‘pass-times’ on a social media website.

    2. I read a few posts on her page as they relate to Brownie and someone, who seems to be related to Adrienne, has left comments on her statuses about Brownie biting her children on several occasions. This is, of course, no excuse to harm an animal (who is merely acting on fear/low quality training), but I feel it’s an important detail that should have been included in the article to offer a motive for Adrienne Martin to kill Brownie.

      If it is indeed true that Brownie was a violent dog, why were children allowed around him? Were any charges brought against the dog’s owner? Was a report filed?

        1. here is what gets me, no one cares that this dog bit children and they are blaming the kids, these kids went to the hospital and needed stitches and the last kid that got bit was this woman’s child, yet it’s the kids fault cause the were mean to it, you don’t know that what the hell is wrong with you people, blaming the kids for the dogs actions is like blaming the kid when a parent gets pissed off at them and beats them until they need medical attention, really ya all are as cold hearted as the person who burned this dog, none of you who think it’s the kids fault they got bit is worth a shit, you all would rather see a child suffer rather then an animal, me personally I wouldn’t have burned him, but if nothing was being done about this dog biting kids and my kid got bit, I would have put a bullet through that dogs head, he would of been dead, but he would not have suffered as these kids had after being bitten that’s for sure

          1. I do care that children were injured by the dog. Yes, I do believe that the welfare of a child should always come first. It’s very apparent that the owners were abusing this dog, due to that the dog would strike out at anyone, regardless whether it be a child, another dog or adult. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children, I can probably say at a pretty good % that the kids were allowed to do whatever they wanted to, to do dog and the dog was expected to take their abuse as well. Don’t get me wrong, because I am concerned that the children were getting harmed. This dog reacted out in the only way he knew to protect himself. So if this dog was causing the children harm, then they should have given the dog up to the shelter. I’am sure there was a family out there somewhere that would have loved and cared for this dog. He Did Not deserve to be set on fire or as you put it a bullet in the head.

          2. Anonymous, you’re an idiot. It is a PROVEN fact that dogs that are chained up bite people more than a dog running loose.

            The two sisters in this story are to be blamed – the owner for having the poor dog tethered on a four fricking foot “heavy” chain and the monster that set him on fire.

            NO ONE on here is blaming the kids, ere say, but we don’t know if they were teasing the dog or not, if the dog bit them ONCE, then they or their idiot mother should have kept them away from the dog OR she should have discussed with her sister to get rid of the dog.

            Setting a dog on fire OR putting a bullet in his head is an ignorant thing for you to say. Maybe we ALL don’t know all the FACTS of this story, but NO ANIMAL should be doused with gas and set on fire. Period. So shut the f— up.

          3. I couldn’t give 2 shits if the kids were bit. The little snot noses need to learn to not aggravate a dog. The fat bitch needs burned aluve for training them to be demons

      1. IF Brownie bit, I’m pretty sure that being tethered on a four foot chain in the back yard might have at least have been a part of it, not including how he was probably mistreated/neglected and possibly not socialized properly. But I don’t know what that bitches excuse is though, there is no excuse for what she did and I hope somehow she feels the pain and aloneness he felt.

      2. it says the dog was her sisters, typically judging by her look and history, sister posssibly simular, as with too many of same ilk, they are aggressive mean desensitised people, who abuse kids and pets, often using their kids as justification an exscuse to attack others, when just complaining about their kids behaviour, wont take responsability for their children opr make them, or pets behaviour, making them the vindictive lot theyve become, irony is they for all their supposed defence of their kids probably abuse and neglect them, making them mean and cruel to animals, vicious circle. Some shouldnt have children or pets in their care, do too much damage causuing suffering to them and society later.

    3. Well no one can comment on her page right now nor reply to it… she has privacy settings set on I think…

      1. Really hope she doesnt just get a fine, probation etc, and if as is suited a prison sentence its more than a few weeks, and her kids taken to a place of safety from their phyco parents before theyre permently damaged. Then that neither she or her sister who is no doubt now playing the devastated victim, and probably the one who made the dog aggressive if it was, and allowed it to be kept on a short chain, please let no paper or mag pay them money to tell their story, and be rewarded for their corrupt characters.

  5. imagine that…N St Louis! i mean it’s not lke thy value ANY life, much less that of something that doesn’t put up a fight or CAN’T put up a fight because they have a heavy chain arounf their neck!!! anyone know of any dog lovers serving time in the STL jail that’ll ‘teach her a lesson’?

  6. SICK BITCH!!!!!!!!!! I hope the evil soulless bitch get what she deserves. if I had my way id tie her up on a tether and burn the bitch and torture her till she begged me to let her die!!! she deserves to live after what she done.

  7. Killing a dog should be treated as murder. The agony this poor dog suffered is unimaginable. This “woman” should at the very least, have her hand held over an open flame until her flesh blisters, cracks open & peels from her hand…

    1. This evil bitch deserves everything that it coming to her and more. I was thinking that she should be tied between 2 trucks and pulled apart like on the hitcher or her scalp ripped off like on saw 4

  8. If she goes out, the next victim could be a kid or any person, She is evil, make sure she stays in jail for the rest of her life, Her head is sick and won’t be ok never! She is dangerous for the whole world!

  9. Lord there is no limit of craziness!!! She should be locked up in a room and set a fire in the house!!! Go to Hell………….

  10. Take a good look at this piece of work…You are staring into the face of PURE EVIL! If there is any justice in the world…this Monster will rot in prison for the remaining (hopefully SHORT) years, months or hours of her life! A creature (she is not human) that could perform these kind of horrific actions on a living being, that speaks such horrible thoughts, and seems to get such enjoyment out of death and torture … cannot be allowed to live in our society.

  11. I really hope the Judge has enough freaken wisdom to see that this Beast is not normal in her mind & heart and that her soul is dark , I know there are a lot of Evil people in this world , but I pray that in the measure she has given that it will be given back to her. Lord knows what else she is capable of (its pretty damn obvious) ! :'(

  12. Oh I’d love to get a hold of this bitch, I’d make her face look worse than brownie then is throw her in a hole to get sexually abused the rest of her life from prison inmates. All the prisoners would have to extinguish there cigs on her face. I wish truly wish for her. God I’m starting to really hate a lot of the human race. Going to huge two best buddies (labs).

  13. This post really angers me as I have two dogs of my own who are part of my family and I treat like my kids. What a POS and low life of a human being. This person has some serious problems and needs to be put behind bars for a long time. If they were to do this to a poor defenseless animal who’s to say that they won’t do it to a person next. RIP Brownie.

  14. I read these posts that are all emotional reactions to a truly horrible event. The innocence of the animal and what happened to it is inexcusable. In no way do I feel that what this woman did was ok. I have grown through my life with dogs accompanying me on my journeys and I have many great memories with all of them. As a husband it makes me happy that I have a wife that loves animals just as I do. We both raise our two boys to appreciate pets and to recognize the unconditional love that their dog gives us all and they love him as well. It hurts them to tears to see a person being mean. I guess I was raised that way too. But it doesn’t just hurt them to see a person being mean to an animal, maybe more people should remember when they felt sad to be so hateful. So judgmental. So ugly. Me and mine…? No I’m not perfect and neither are they. But you know? The way some of you talk? It makes me genuinely sad to see exactly how mean you are.

    1. Yeah, sorry. One should not be judgmental about a lifestyle or religion, but when someone does something like this, damn straight society has a right to judge them.

    2. Hi Mike , l understand, l,m an animal lover, have rescue dogs that have been abused, takes a long time and patience to get them over the affects, good dogs but often screwed up by simular type moronic owner-s, often neurotic and anxious loud noises, just dropping a pan, always a bit on the keen side for quite a time, and have to be watched with strangers, how theyve been trained, and abused, but there is also a good dog that loves and is happy with a life where theyre not kept locked in cages, sheds, go hungy, live in fear, they do in time trust and love a decent life, become happy dogs. l despise those who abuse them in usual ways, hitting and kicking, starving, training them to be aggressive, but to burn a dog severley to death, a sick phyco, shouldnt have kids or pets, thousands like her tragicially. l guess many respond in the way its often normal to respond for them, as even heard on tv film, no doubt the way she would have responded, hopefully in most cases it is just letting off steam, and most are not the same sort of phyco she is. Wont go down that road of, poke her eyes out, kick her head in, rape her, torture her to death, we,d be in the same league, but a year in jail, with her kids taken into care, with neither her or her sister who l question over her care, are ever allowed to keep any animal again, and please media dontpay them for their story, dont reward corruption and cruelty.

  15. She’s such an ugly bitch besides burn her ugly mof face off and that snoz needs a good burning!

    1. Wow, thats just wrong. Whatever about feeling enough rage to want to kill her, but to want to rape her? What is wrong with you?

  16. All dogs go to Heaven Miss Martin,You have taken the life of an innocent animal in one of the cruelest manners..God and Karma will handle it..I can just see Brownie now..Wagging his tail and thinking..Not all humans go to Heaven..Thank God! Heaven does not want animal abusers any where near The Rainbow Bridge..Brownie..Peace,Love and Light to you baby..Not all humans abuse..I Wish You Could have Known Love..You did for a brief moment when they tried to save you and comfort you..Run free Brownie..You are Loved..(((HUGS)))

    1. Thanks for lovely decent sentiments, very sad, no animal deserves the cruelty and abuse we humans inflict on them as a way of life in mass numbers, hope your right, l like to think so, over my pets that have died of old age after a good life, and of course those that had a short life of abuse and suffering. Poor animals.

  17. There is a special place reserved in Hell for people who torture/kill animals, children, and the elderly.

  18. What the hell has happened to Humanity. This woman (and I use the term loosely) is a horrible representation of a human being. She deserves the most severe punishment that we can give her. We have no place in our society for such evil!!!!

  19. she doesn’t look black, but her heart sure is! anyone who can do to an animal what she did should be locked up in an institution for a very very long time.

    1. Well, I have to agree with you there. Why all the down thumbs? Look at Patrick’s abuser. Look at Michael Vick. Look at all the lowlifes that fight pitbulls.

      Come on people. It is the truth. I drive to work everyday through a particular part of town and what do I see? Black people out walking their pitbulls. yea, that’s ok, but the dead dogs that I see along that stretch of road sickens me.

      No Lab’s, no little Yorkies, but they have to have their bada$$ pitty’s. I AM NOT saying that pitbulls are bad by no means, I love pitbullsm I am just saying that these people do NOT respect their animals.

      Sorry, but it is the truth and if you don’t agree, you are soooo blind.

    1. This comment is pretty much irrelevant to the whole story, besides, I am sure she isn’t intelligent enough to vote anyways.

    2. why do you think this relates to Obama? are you just another racist asshole singing “Cat Scratch Fever”. You don’t like that a black man was elected? GTF over it.

  20. I certainly hope this filthy whore doesn’t have any children. I hope this bitch gets sent away and becomes the cell blocks bull dykes bitch and gets brutally beaten on a daily basis. Well at least the poor dog is in a better place. Sorry worthless pathetic piece of shit.

    1. She does have children I think. Sp she is basically raising them to act like her, a pure ghetto trash monster. If the state doesn’t step up and take them away it’s on their hands when they grow up to do things like her or worse.

  21. She should be shot ! Why waste the tax payers money on this piece of crap ! She’s not worth it ! Burn her,
    shooting is the easy way out !

  22. I started to write what I really want, which is not good! And I thought, there are not enough words to describe how badly I feel for that poor animal AND you. Please get help because you need it, and PLEASE don’t have children or ever go near another aniimal.

  23. Why is this woman still free?? Updating her FB status and being allowed to walk amongst children and animals, free to choose her next victim!
    I would love to comment on her FB and tell her exactly what I think, but I’m not sure I fancy the police showing up at my front door for threats of harm or threats to kill!
    She is evil through and through, not insane…..evil. Insane people get placed in institutions and deemed sane after completing a programme. This THING deserves to go to a proper prison and become someone’s bitch!! The stories I’ve heard about womens prisons are a grim, vile place. Who knows…….maybe dog killers, like child killers won’t receive a warm welcome! Maybe she will receive the same painful torture!
    We can but hope!
    I’d be serving a sentence for murder if Brownie was part of my family!! No holds barred!
    R.I.P Brownie, poor little dog, this much suffering is horrific to read, let alone imagine what you had to go through. Lets hope the next life treats you kinder xXx

    Brings me back to my saying “Save a dog, kill a Chav”!!

  24. I don’t think the top picture is of the defendant. Maybe that’s who submitted the story. Give her 30 days in the electric chair.

  25. Thank God her kids are still alive, yet what a disgusting life they live in because of her. To kiss a dog just seems to me it would take much more to kill a child. “Killing Mode”, what kind of a person is that. I do hope you go to jail and your kids get a better life…

    1. Sorry I ment to say,
      to KILL a dog… I surely didn’t mean to kiss a dog. She is way to heartless for that act of kindness…. I just don’t understand this type of person. Just so mean to take her anger out on a dog or any animal for the matter. Like I said before I worry for her kids. They are in danger living in her life style….

  26. I hope you rot in hell….I rescue as many dogs, horses, cats, anything and this just sickens me…..poor Brownie may your soul be lifted into heaven.

  27. set her on fire…then let her suffer & die from the burns! omg ..what is wrong with people????!!!??? God help us!!!!

  28. If this chick gets anything less than swinging from a big, fat fucking noose, there is something very wrong with this world. I am sooooooooo pro-choice, dude. 2/3rds of the people in this world should have been aborted!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. She needs to be burned to death herself. Also the people who “liked” her post on FB need to be arrested and charged too. They are just as sick.

  30. Please put her in a cell with an animal lover and post the pictures. This woman is a psychopath and should never be free. Personally I believe she is a waste of air space and s/b executed….call it proactive crime prevention.

  31. I know its a terrible way to treat any animal but we must also think of the woman, what made her this way. I have read a lot of the comments and all are of people who want to maim this woman, such mean things to do to her. Makes us look bad also. Pray for her soul and hope she will be able to be cleansed.

    1. Who cares what made her this way? She is an adult, she makes her own decisions! She is past the point of using her childhood as an excuse for what she did.

      1. I have known people with paranoid schizophrenia, Bpd and bipolar disorder that never did horrible things like this. If anything her brain is fried with drugs. The things she said sounds like she is something of an attention seeker and has the IQ of a rock

  32. I am tired of people who excuse the behaviour of others because of something in their past; there are plenty of people out there who were abused, etc. who would never do something like this. Everyone needs to be held accountable for their actions. If this person would do this to an animal, what would she do to another human being; don’t a lot of serial killers or psychopaths start out by abusing animals??? The dog for sure has gone to heaven; this lady will never get there; there is such a thing as karma and I hope it happens to her.

  33. Keep her locked up forever!
    She is a societal menace to all animals, children and any other human being!

    Makes you wonder what was done to her to destroy her humanity!

  34. From her FB page it appears this POS is actually training to be some sort of health aide or related medical position. Wouldn’t you just love to see her caring for your children or elderly loved ones. What kind of business would ever hire this psycho?

      1. I was thinking that she looks like a prostitute. More than likely has aids or syphilis. Indeed very fugly

  35. Good god…..threatening the woman’s children??? Really? You’re just as bad as her, her innocent kids didn’t do anything wrong!!!

    1. I’ve read all these comments and I don’t see where anyone is threatening her kids – where do you see that?????

      1. Her kids need to be taken away from her, the bitch is probably training them to be a fuck up like her. She has already been accused of child abuse

  36. “Let’s look at what happened to this woman to make her this way…” Oh for pete’s sake. I don’t give a flip what happened to her in her life. There are some people who just aren’t wired right and are just mean and revel in it.

    While I do not wish any harm come to her and certainly don’t agree with those who do wish it, there needs to be reprecussions for people who commit violent acts like this toward animals. To do this to an animal indicates to me there’s no regard for life at all. The article stated that she has a criminal history that includes ENDANGERING THE WELFARE OF A CHILD.

    The community would be safer with her behind bars.

    1. Even a mental illness is no excuse in what she did. I have known people with paranoid schizophrenia, Bpd and bipolar disorder that never did horrible things like this. I think she is just effed up in the head or screwed up on dope

  37. there is a special HELL for people like her……no one in their right mind could or would do something this horrific…..she will be punished over and over …..Bless this little dog that had to meet up with such a vicious person ……

  38. She knows she’s garbage. In her world, it must be a badge of honor. Thing is, as we all know, this is the tip of the iceberg. As she lives, she will find worse and worse ways to take out her anger on and express her evil. So, she must be dealt with HARSHLY. If she gets off, I hope some caring soul corners her on a lonely stretch of road, ties her to a tree, and lights her up, then just drives off.

  39. what this pos deserves is to put her in a cage with some Doberman guard dogs so that all dogs that have or are being abused can get some real justice.

  40. Another angry Black women!!! The sad fact is Most, not all, blacks, put no value on our k-9 friends, further proof most of them are SAVAGES!!!! Take a look at the comments from F/B and see how many of them are condemning this. Sad but true!

      1. Who the fuck cares what race she is???? Every race has savages, every race has low-life humans who don’t value animal life.

  41. Set her on fire and no one help her the bitch does not even deserve prison death penelty is what shebdeserves run free you poor wee sole noone can ever hurt youbagain god bless

  42. I wonder how many of you other folks who are also very upset are vegetarians? If you eat meat then you condone cruel treatment of animals. Sorry if this is uncomfortable to think about but it is true. Just reflect on it privately…

  43. I’ve always said this. The crime needs to be dealt with like this was a human being she tortured. Not only was this her sister’s dog? But this was someone’s child/dog. And according to the report she has been convicted of child abuse in the past. DUH??? Of course someone this sick would hurt a child or other human being. The laws for animal abuse need to change. A 5,000 dollar fine is nothing. This is a heinous crime that reflects a disregard to all life on earth. Prison and a lifetime sentence of cleaning out cages at the local dog pound plus the fine. Society needs to realize the seriousness of this persons actions and how it affects everyone on our planet.

  44. She definately needs to be spayed and any children taken away in hopes that she hasn’t contaminated them.
    What hatred and self loathing she must have in her heart to do something like this.
    Emotions run high when something like this happens, but I don’t want to sink to her level and talk ‘trash’.
    I can only pray that justice is done and that Karma does find her. May she see the face of God soon.

  45. There are a few links to Adrienne Martin’s Facebook page, so I read a few posts as they relate to Brownie and someone, who seems to be related to Adrienne, has left comments on her statuses about Brownie biting her children on several occasions. This is, of course, no excuse to harm an animal (who is merely acting on fear/low quality training), but I feel it’s an important detail that should have been included in the article to offer a motive for Adrienne Martin to kill Brownie.

    If it is indeed true that Brownie was a violent dog, why were children allowed around him? Were any charges brought against the dog’s owner? Was a report filed?

    1. if you read her comments from a family member as I did it does say that the hospital where the kids received the emergency care for these dog bites called to have this dog removed and investigated and put down, but nothing was ever done about it, you would also read where the last kid bit and taken to the emergency room was this woman’s child.

  46. I would love to tell her exactly what I think on her fc page but she is really scary. If she will kill an innocent dog she will probably kill a person at some point too. I don’t understand why she is not in jail yet and still doing facebook updates as though nothing has happened? She is a cold blooded murderer her lack of remorse is evident. She has children which really scares me to death. I pray she goes to jail and her kids are taken before it’s too late for them.

  47. Qu’elle pourrisse en enfer après s’être fait plusieurs fois sodomisée dans sa cellule et qu’elle ne sorte jamais de prison, ni qu’elle vienne en France.

  48. I only WISH I had the opportunity to punish that bitch in a SLOW and TORTUROUS way. NO respect for life, that bitch has. Serial killers do shit like that. She cannot be trusted with any human or animal life!!!

  49. I can’t believe Some one could actually do that ! That beautiful dog had feeling s to you know !! You make me sick I hope you get the justice you derserve !! You piece of shit ! Rot in hell

  50. You are all just as evil!!!!! You sit there and say what you would do to her???!!! What thr hell makes you any less evil than she is??? You are all STUPID as FUCK!!

    1. More to do with the hate within rather than great concern about the dog, as was her response to her child being nipped, if it was, and the child probably been hurt far more by her, in the way she would have reacted and expressed herself if responding to simular story about someone else,s animal abuse, or child abuse, often whilst abusing themselves.
      Just hope all the hate and threat to kill comments arent from simular phyco,s
      to her, and its just an expression of hate without intent from the immature or ignorant.

    2. To the OP you sound like you are defending the bitch. Are you saying that the dog deserved it? You must hate dogs. To defend this evil hoe makes you the one that is stupid as fuck!
      I hope someone rapes her, slits her fucking throat and chops her body up with a chainsaw

  51. Evil assholes!!!! All of you make me sick!! Are any of you GOD!! Is HE not the one that does the judgeing!! I think ALL of you belong in hell! You are each and everyone filled with hate!

    1. any person that commits that crime on an animal should have the same done to them an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth as the saying goes, so any sick twat that liked that demented bitches comments should have their tongue removed

    2. Anyone that defends this bitch of an evil person should be burned at the stake. Guess I am an evil asshole, because if given the chance I wouldn’t pass the opportunity to kill her

      1. God does not want us burning dogs alive. So why is it such a sin to wish harm on this woman? Like what she did wasn’t a sin? Sounds like you are the one judging

  52. hopefully she is put with prisoners who work with dogs and they ste told about what she done i pray she dies of a terrible painful disease

  53. the above posts must be her boyfriend pffft of course she deserves to rot and if i had the chance i would happily help her on her way to hell

  54. That is such a shame that anyone could be o evil! I pray she gets what she deserves! The pain and suffering this poor baby went through! I love animals like they are my children…. Please SUFFER BIT$H FROM hELL!!!!!

  55. This woman is sick and deserves to be helped, kept jailed until she repents and makes amends for years and years………disgusting sample of a human.

  56. I can’t think of one more thing to say to this piece of SCUM !!! Everyone here pretty well said it all.


  58. I would like to have five minutes alone in a room with this monster. That’s all I need. Five minutes. Oh, and a lighter and a can of gasoline.

  59. Someone should’v burned her before sentence her to jail at least she would’ve felt the pain of the burning not just arrest her

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