Woman Offers Free Kiddie Pools to Dog Owners to Keep Their Pets Cool in the Heat

A recent picture showing the good deed of an animal lover has gone viral after being posted to the website Reddit.com. The pictures shows a sign offering free kiddie pools to dog owners to keep their pets cool during the heat. Now the story behind the picture and the woman responsible for the good deed has come to light.

kiddiepoolsA recent picture of a Good Samaritan offering free kiddie pools to dog owners to keep their pets cool during the heat has gone viral. Now the story behind the picture has come to light.

On Monday a photo was posted on Reddit.com and in the matter of 48 hours has been seen by over 800,000 people. The photo is of a stack of kiddie pools with a sign that reads: “If Your Dog Has To Be Outside…Please Take a Pool To Help Keep Them Cool. If the kiddie pools are gone, I’ll replace them as soon as I can- Megan.”

The woman responsible for the good deed is the owner of a local café in Urbanna, Virginia. Megan Brockman is the owner of Café Mojo in the small Virginia town and thought of the idea to buy pools for dogs last month when two dogs died from heat stroke in the town of Newport News, Virginia.

Brockman, like many dog lovers, was very upset to hear the news and wanted to prevent it from happening to the dogs in her town. She went to her local Dollar General store and bought 11 kiddie pools and then made the now famous yellow sign.

Her idea worked, as the original 11 pools were quickly snatched up. Megan has continued to replenish the supply, purchasing over 30 pools so far. Others are getting in on the action too. As word spread about her good dead other people have donated more pools too.

14 thoughts on “Woman Offers Free Kiddie Pools to Dog Owners to Keep Their Pets Cool in the Heat

  1. and I’m sure all those people are using the pools for their dogs…NOT….good intentions Megan but people are greedy..I’m sure those 11 free pools got snatched up but I’m positive it wasn’t for the comfort of their animal. I’m sure most of the people that took the pools don’t even have dogs. PEOPLE SUCK!!

    1. Quit being such a pessimist. There are still a lot of good people in this country that truly care about their dogs. I am one of them. this woman who was giving the pools away has such a good heart and I have nothing but praise for her. If there were more people like her, this world would be a much better place. She definitely sees the good in people.

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  2. Yes, people do suck, but have a little optimism, you can’t say with any amount of certainty what they were used for unless you track those people down and ask them. Things may not be as bad as you think. i could be wrong, but I believe that this lady’s good deed may have saved some animals. You just never know sometimes, why not try to believe the best?

  3. Common sense if your hot then your dog is too. So glad that Megan was thinking outside the box and not only gave the pools but made people think about there animals and the care for them!

  4. Megan,
    Your dad alerted me to your good deeds. Louie and Hazel are now napping on the sofa, out of the heat. If they could, they would applaud you for your kindness to their less fortunate brethren . Keep up the good work.
    Tom Wessells

  5. awesome work Megan! and keep doing what your good deeds, even if people will not use the pools to good intentions what matters is that you will be able to inspire more people to do the same!

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