Dog Alerts Parents to Abusive Babysitter

Benjamin and Hope Jordan were horrified to learn that the woman they trusted to care for their son for five months had been abusing him when she thought no one was watching. But someone was – the dog.

9.11.13 - Dog Detects Abusive Babysitter2

A woman who was abusing a baby has been arrested thanks to the family dog, who gave away his distrust of her when she came to the house.

Benjamin and Hope Jordan were horrified to learn that the woman they trusted to care for their son for five months had been abusing him when she thought no one was watching. But someone was – the dog.

The dog, whose name has not been given, served as baby Finn’s protector when his parents were away. The Jordans, who had recently moved to Charleston, South Carolina, hired 22-year-old Alexis Khan after she came up clean on a background check.

“We felt like Alexis was a good fit at the time,” said Benjamin Jordan.

But before long, they began to see some peculiar behavior from their dog.

“About five months into her being our baby sitter, we started to notice that our dog was very defensive of our son when she would come in the door,” Jordan said. “He was very aggressive towards her and a few times we actually had to physically restrain our dog from going towards her.”

9.11.13 - Dog Detects Abusive Babysitter1

The parents were suspicious, but had nothing substantial to go on. Hope suggested they keep tabs on Khan by putting an iPhone under the couch to record what happened while they were at work.

“It started with cussing,” Jordan said. “Then you hear slap noises and his crying changes from a distress cry to a pain cry. I just wanted to reach through the audio tape, go back in time and just grab him up.

“To know that for five months I had handed my child to a monster, not knowing what was going on in my house for that day…”

A few weeks later, Charleston City Police took Khan into custody. She pleaded guilty to assault and battery. She will serve one to three years in prison, and be placed on a child abuse registry, preventing her from ever working with children again. She will be eligible for parole after completing one year of her sentence.

“That is fantastic news to us. To know that maybe Finn’s ordeal has possibly saved another child’s life in the future,” Jordan said. “Had our dog not alerted us to the trouble, had my wife’s instincts not said we need to make something happen, it could have been Finn that was killed by the babysitter. You never know.”

The Jordans report that Finn is doing well, and seems to show no signs of trauma. – Columbia, South Carolina |

86 thoughts on “Dog Alerts Parents to Abusive Babysitter

    1. i would of let the dog chew ur a new one then hung her body outside as a warning to all who abuse kids U DONT HARM A CHILD

  1. That babysitter would not have been arrested if it was my kid.She would be 6’under! Nobody has a right to abuse a child!!

      1. You stick to your opinion, but if more of those animals were taken care of properly, so that they couldn’t hurt any more children, we would b better off. An eye for an eye, and so forth, and so forth!

        1. Every home should have a dog. Lady you know the ‘ first thing about what you are saying. IT ISN’T THE ANIMAL THAT IS THE PROBLEM IT’S THE HUMAN. ANIMALS GIVE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It’s the human that is stupid.

    1. Ohhhhhhh I sooooooo agree!! If ANYONE ever abused one of my children, I’d be the one in jail! I stayed home the majority of the time with my children. That was a personal choice and I was blessed to be able to do that. God bless the working mothers that HAVE to work, I’ve been there too and there wasn’t a moment of the day that I didn’t worry about my children even though they were in an excellent day care. It never ceases to amaze me that even animals don’t abuse their offspring but some people do. There needs to be stricter sentencing for people that abuse a child!

      1. Declaring that killing somebody is ok one minute and “God Blessing” people the next is absurd.

          1. There is no “typical” Christian. But there does seem to be typical Christian bashers. What, are you on the side of the monster? It sounds like it. And learn how to spell the word if you’re going to use it.

  2. One maybe 3 years?! that poor child will suffer from the abuse for many years after that woman is free. Judicial system fail!

    1. Think about this.. those 1-3 yrs she will be serving with A LOT of Mommas, and they will not take to her… Also, fortunately the babys parents said he’s NOT shown/has any signs of trauma… Again, fortunately the sitter hadn’t progressed beyond cussing & slapping.. imagine a 5 month old baby would of had marks from more abuse..
      What an awesome dog!!

  3. Humans are idiot A dog can sense danger when you have a hardened criminal come out of no where that want to body harm to you or your family, Right away some of these morons want to get rid of their animals because of their reactionary and impulsive behavior.Liisten up Misses veterinary just because someone volunteer their time to and animal shelter that it doesn’t mean they are not and animal abuser.It just like taking a level three child molester and hiring him as a kindergarten teacher

  4. My dog’s instincts are infallible, I think I would trust any dog who showed that kind of behavior around an individual coming into my home. It’s too bad this babysitter creature will be out in three years, she’s going to hurt someone’s child.

    1. Evidently you missed the part of the story where it said she will be “placed on a child abuse registry, preventing her from ever working with children.”

      1. Unfortunately, that will not stop her from working “under the table” for unsuspecting parents. Where there is a will, there is a way.

      2. nybdy that can hurt a baby/child and sits there and admits to what they’ve done needs to die, because there’s nothing a child does that deserves to be abused,they never ask to be brought into this cold cruel world. there’s too many children dying or abused because nothing happens to the abuser, just makes me so sad and angry.

  5. The hardest thing you do as parents is find good child care for your kids. That’s why I quit working when our grandchildren were born To take care of them be smart people about who you leave your babies with they can’t tell you what’s going on,good dog!.!

    1. And what does that comment mean? Abusers are overweight????That’s bull….Abusers come in all colors AND sizes….I am over weight and have been a childcare provider for Many Many years and I have NEVER laid a hand on any child. AND I have excellent references from EVERY single family I have worked for. Just sayin…..

      1. I think they mean ‘lead by example’ what’s the point of hiring someone who can’t take care of themselves to help raise children? Seems backwards.

        Yes, not everyone overweight is that way because of 100% their own fault. But maybe let’s say 50%. So much of it is personality associated. Motivation. Self worth. Hygine & Healthy choices. Things we should be instiling in our children. (Especially nowadays)

      2. Being over weight is a bad example for children but grouping over weight people as bad is not fair. Food is not the problem of fat people. Deep issues are. Anyone that says, I just like to eat, is fooling themselves. Telling children that fat is bad is like telling them that people that have cancer are bad. They aren’t doing it to themselves on purpose, not consciously. Teach children to hate evil and monsters like the one’s that hit. Not people with problems.

  6. Too bad they restrained the dog when he tried to go after her… Lol. Good thing they did, tho. Or it would have been the dog protecting the baby who got in trouble, and think what might have happened then! Good boy!

  7. The sentences for child abuse should be MUCH harsher than they are now. In many cases, abuset damages a child for life.

    1. I could not agree more. I am a 49 year old man and I’m still am wrecked from the beatings and sociopathic mind games and manipulations of my narcissistic ignorant parents. You NEVER get over it, no matter how many years of therapy. My “father” is a retired NYC cop, can you imagine that this creep was given a gun to protect society? Child abusers come in all shapes and sizes and some are great actors, but when the front door closes, the monster takes over.

  8. I think a possible solution for the over population of homeless animals is to pass by-laws outlawing breeding for o period, so strays will be adopted and stop the over population of these poor animals. Breeders don’t care about anything but money. During this two year moratorium, All pets should be spayed or neutered. Would need some tweeking but i’m sure it would help some.

    1. This has nothing whatsoever to do with child abuse. But going on that point you think you know so much about that you actually KNOW NOTHING OF, I am a breeder of some of the most beautiful pomeranians. I do not do it for the money, I do it for the love of the furry children. If they get adopted out, great, if not, I KEEP THEM BECAUSE I LOVE POMS. And yes, I do charge QUITE a bit of money for my pups, but that is because I am a firm believer that if someone is willing to pay alot of money for them, they will take much better care of them. I also have to talk to them, get to know them, and interview them. If ANYTHING does not agree with me, I will not let them have anything but a pleasant I WILL KEEP YOUR INFORMATION, which is breeder for, DON’T GET YOUR HOPES UP. So, get your facts right before you spew BS. It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think that you are an idiot, then to open it and put aside all doubt.

    2. What a socialist idea. Why don’t we just fix humans as well so more monsters like this woman aren’t born. Why stop there? Let’s allow the government to tell us what to do every waking moment.

  9. I known they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but she has crazy written all over her!!

  10. I am not anonymous. I want to say that dogs rule. If you have never had the experience you are cheating your self. Not surprised by the story. if you have to leave your child with a babysitter, make sure the baby is protected by your dog!!

  11. She is gonna get what she deserves behind bars! GOOD dog!
    All of you stay-at-home moms: count your blessings every day. It is not an option available for everyone to choose.

  12. And it took them 5 months to figure out the abuse? Guess they better pay better attention to what the dog is trying to tell them. There is always a reason a dog behaves the way this one did. Thank God they finally checked it out.

  13. It is good that the ex-baby-sitter was placed on the child abuse list to prevent her from accidently killing or purposely killing a child in the future.

  14. Leave it to man’s best friend to help the child…pretty awesome it was a black lab too….best breed to raise with children!!!!

  15. Yeesh, that is some f-ed up looking 22 yr old. They should have gotten a regular teen babysitter. Better with kids

  16. She looks disgusting. No wonder she has to hit babies, she has to take her anger out on someone that can’t hit her back or call her a pathetic troll.

  17. If you can’t afford to be home with your kids, you can’t afford kids. If you don’t home school your kids, you’re just subjecting them to more abuse in public schools.

    1. Get real, just because you don’t stay home with your kids doesn’t mean you can’t afford them. Both my girls go to private schools – one in 8 grade the other just started preschool. I work to give them opportunities to play piano, violin, figure skate, play soccer and anything else they may want. My oldest is a straight A student and a figure skater since she was 4. Not cheap so I have to work.

      I am also a Jr high math teacher and not all teachers are abusive. Its no different than parents – some abuse most don’t. My students are my kids.

      Finally, not all people can home school, some parents couldn’t teach anything.

      1. You may be able to afford them financially but obviously not emotionally or you wouldn’t dump them on whatever group will take them. Time yourself for a few weeks every day and see exactly how many minutes you spend communicating with them. I’ll bet any amount of money they don’t even know your middle name.

      2. It’s time for you to get real. Most teachers can’t even pass an 8th grade proficiency test, remember all the picketing when they were asked to take one? And it’s not true that most teachers are not abusive, it’s a rare one that does not verbally abuse the kids. It looks to me like you had kids so you could add to your list of accomplishments and now you are trying to make them do everything so they can have a long list.

      3. Why do you say your students are you kids. If you didn’t want your biological ones why did you have them?

    2. If you’re not planning to stay at home and raise your own children, why do you have them? It’s not a duty. The moms that dump their children on others are raising future monsters. When most of your child’s waking hours are spent with someone other than mom and dad, who do you think they are getting all their ideas, thoughts, positions, etc from? A one year old can not tell you what they learned today. But it’s in their heads. You may be one political persuasion or religious persuasion but your babysitter or day care workers may think totally different than you. Whose opinion do they hear all day? 99% of a persons personality is formed by the time they are three and how many people are letting someone else shape that?

      1. And clearly you are a complete idiot with no idea how much it can take to raise children these days in some states. I was a stay at home mom till an act of mother nature took a lot from me and almost doubled the cost of rent alone forcing me to go back to work to start over so that my kids can have everything that they will ever need or want. I spend every minute I can with them when I am not at work. And I’m very grateful that I am lucky enough to know they are safe when they are not with me or my spouse because they are with their grandparents but I also know that some are not that lucky. You should really pull your head out of your you know what and realize that sometimes people have to give up that precious time to provide for their family for reasons which are beyond their control.

        1. Do you even listen to yourself when you talk? You said you were a stay at home mom, showing that you obviously thought it was the right thing to do. Then you say you went back to work so that your children could have everything they ever want and need. They need you to stay home and be their mom.

  18. She should thank God, or at least the parents of Finn, that they called the police on her, as I for one don’t think I would have been so nice…….

    1. I totally agree with Glabberfasted!! I know for a fact I would be sitting in jail right now and it would be worth it. No one would put their hands on my child!! This is another reason that it makes it so hard for both parents to work cannot trust anyone these days. Thank God the little boy is ok and what a smart awesome dog,Im thinking he should be served a nice rare steak dinner..


  19. Aren’t Dog’s the best ever! So many Dog’s have saved people throughout the years! They are truely a godsend!

  20. I would bit the crap out of her the minute she walked in the door for work after hearing what those parents heard. The. I’d turn her over to police.

  21. Hate to hear what this family went through but so amazed with this dog. I’m so glad the owners paid attention to their dog and realized something was going on.

  22. She looks like she eats kids for a living…how could anyone trust someone that looked like that with their kids, regardless of any so called background checks.

  23. ~ why do parents keep their children home to be babysat by one single childcare provider in a closed environment…wouldn’t it be wiser and safer to send them to a public institution where there are more than one pair of eyes watching their child, as in a larger daycare facility; if one abuses, the others surely would speak up to protect the child, and reputation of their profession…

    1. Are you freaking kidding me? Go look in the news for cases where multiple children have been abused at daycare centers. All you need to do is get a bunch of people like her together and everyone will turn their backs when one does something! Sometimes it’s even worse to go through a daycare because if something goes wrong you have a bunch of layers and red tape to navigate.

  24. the mum blatantly picked the ugliest baby sitter they interviewed, fearing infidelity on her husband’s part. On a serious note I would have never allowed that woman near my child, not because she looks evil but because I wouldn’t want to subject my child to such a hideous face on a daily basis, poor thing is a baby and sees everything as beautiful and jolly, that woman would take a baby’s innocence away but being in the same room as the poor thing.

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