Rescuer Helps Dog Dragging Heavy Chain

A rescuer helped an unfortunate dog out loose on the streets in East St. Louis when she relieved him of the long heavy chain he was dragging along with him.

PJ helps stray dog dragging a large chain around his neck

PJ Hightower of Gateway Pet Guardians  was out doing her rounds for the organization when she saw a heartbreaking sight, then helped a dog who was out loose in an East St. Louis, MO neighborhood dragging a long heavy chain.  PJ won the trust of the dog and relieved him of his chain. She fed him her lunch before reluctantly leaving him. The dog is still in the possession of his owners at present.

Photographer David Carlyon was on hand to document the scene. David donates his skills for local animal rescue groups in the St. Louis area.

1 thought on “Rescuer Helps Dog Dragging Heavy Chain

  1. Too bad she could not take him with her,looks like he was in need of a caring person, but I’m glad she was able to remove the chain, I pray he will be ok…

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