Heroic Police Rescue Dog and Arrest Owner

Police make a water rescue after a dog who was thrown into a river by his own owner.

A Chilean man threw his dog into the Parral River on Nov. 12, 2013. The animal abuser said he was “tired of his dog and wanted to get rid of him.” Fortunately, police officers where in the area and witnessed the cruel act. They immediately approached the man and arrested him.

Dog rescued from Parral River, Chile.
Dog rescued from Parral River, Chile.


The dog was rescued and taken to an animal shelter where he is being looked after and loved by many volunteers.

Police officer say the dog and his owner were standing on a bridge over the Parral River, when suddenly the man reached down, grabbed his pet, and swung him over the bridge. The man threw the dog and then watched as the pet plunged into the water.

Officers immediately arrested the man.

The animal abuser’s name has not been released, but he faces multiple counts of animal abuse and neglect.


5 thoughts on “Heroic Police Rescue Dog and Arrest Owner

  1. The owner should be trown to river also…because the world doesn’t need a human like him too.

  2. How could someone do this to their pet. My dog recently passed away and I would give anything to have even just one more day with her.

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