Tornado Survivor Finds Dog Buried Alive

As devastating tornadoes struck Washington, Illinois on Sunday, Jon Byler Dann tried to protect his family, but was afraid that one member didn’t survive. Over a day later, Maggie’s faint barking was heard coming from beneath the rubble.

maggieAs devastating tornadoes struck Washington, Illinois on Sunday Jon Byler Dann tried to protect his family. He was afraid that one important member didn’t survive. The family dog Maggie was missing after the storm and assumed dead, but over a day later faint barking was heard coming from beneath the rubble.

As debris started to hit his home with the approaching storms Jon Byler Dann took his four children down into his basement, but one family member wouldn’t come down with him. Maggie, Byer Dann’s 11-year-old dog he had since she was just a puppy, was skittish and refused to leave her kennel.

When the storm had passed Byer came out from the basement to find his home completely destroyed and Maggie nowhere to be found. He assumed his beloved dog had died.

Almost 30 hours later while family and friends searched through what was left of the home some friends heard a faint barking coming from beneath them. They quickly started to dig and found Maggie buried alive in the rubble. She had become wrapped in a piece of carpeting and when Byler Dann saw her he burst into tears.

Byler Dann quickly got his beloved pet some water. She was cold, dirty and in pain. Friends helped get her to a local veterinarian where she is now being treated for broken bones and some possible internal injuries. The veterinarian expects her to make a full recovery.

24 thoughts on “Tornado Survivor Finds Dog Buried Alive

      1. When you hear that tornado debris coming, It is almost too late already. You get the kiddos into the basement and if the critters come along, so be it. I’ve had a dog that came with, nearly tripping us down the stairs, she wanted to stay so close, and one who wouldn’t budge! Thankfully, he survived also, as we were not in the direct damage. But if it comes to grabbing a child or a dog, I’m taking my child – EVERY TIME!

        1. While I appreciate your honesty and respect your decision, I treat my dog just like my child. I would do all I could to get both along and if anything untoward happens to either, I would be devastated.

      2. I agree with Julie. If my dogs did not come with me, I’d pick their asses up or drag them down. I don’t care how much they would struggle.

    1. You pick your dog or your child — it’s not that simple. If I had to chose between carrying my 2 year old and my dog, I’m sorry but I’d grab my son.

    2. And how many of you who say “I would carry my dog down” have children or more then one dog. I guarantee if you were this man, you would’ve done the same thing. I have 4 dogs, and 2 kids.. Am I supposed to risk dying to “carry” every dog down? Hey, their mother and sole provider may be dead, but at least they have your pets!
      I love my dogs VERY much.. But whoever said by the time the debris hits, it’s almost too late. Years ago, I was in this position. By the time we had seen the tornado, it was almost too late. My mother had to get my child sister to the basement and I followed. Thankfully 2 out of 3 dogs followed us. Our house was spares that day, but until YOU are faced with this situation, don’t judge. It is a cruel thing to sit there and judge from the safety of your computer, but that man and MANY more just lost everything.
      They have lost their houses, pets, food, clothing, FRIENDS AND FAMILY, some lost their LIVES, and their damn sense of security.
      So instead of being a judgmental know-it-all, get off your butt and make yourself useful. We have a lot of work to do around here so save your ignorance for someone stupid enough to listen.. Or better yet, come out here and give us a damn hand. Since you love animals so much, start up an animal food drive, the four-legged survivors need to eat too.

  1. You grab your kid’s hand and the kennel in the other. Family is family. People are not more than animals, even if you’ve been trained to think that way. I’d make it my firat priority to have ALL my family in safety, even before my own.

    1. Did you even read the story? He didn’t have 1 kid, he has 4. I would say this man’s priorities were on point. As much as I love dogs, Maggie would have been priority #5 for me as well. Maybe 6 depending on how much the wife had been nagging recently.

  2. Wow, amazing how some of you have turned this into a moment of judgment. Life isn’t always fair. I am pleased he got his dog out safely.

  3. I donated to the dogs recovery….this baby deserves it…he is still at the vet and many more animals are missing…..

  4. This man isn’t up for judgement he did what he felt was the right thing to do at the time as anyone would. Not everyone feels the same he’s a father and had to protect his kids. I’m very happy that Maggie was found and getting the medical help she needs.

    As for me I would have had a real problem leaving my dog although I don’t have kids at home to think about. I do agree that our dogs are our family therefore they must go to the basement with us. My dogs are my kids therefore there’s no choice to make they go with me.

    To the guy that said the dog may be # 6 depending on how much the wife had been nagging. Maybe the wife will be the one making the decision on the dog or you and she decides the dog should be saved and let you fin for your self….. lol.

  5. I heard on the news some of the tornados came and left in four minutes. Another minute spent trying to get the dog the entire family would have died.

  6. Hasn’t the man had enough to deal with and enough trauma ? Why do some of you feel the need to judge? You were not there. Perhaps it was not possible to save his dog in the time he had to save the kids. Even if it was fear can make people indecisive or freeze. Thankfully he is safe, the kids are safe, and the dog is expected to survive. Perhaps a quick prayer being said for the dog would be better than judging the man?

    1. Prayers will not help anyone, you dumb fool…

      We can judge all we want, there are no limits or fictitious sky faeries that have the sole right to judge.

      You god people make me sick, you are the biggest bunch of brainwashed twats, your god, is a man made construct, not the other way around…

      1. Aww… Look… All the bible thumpers are thumbing you down, how tolerant they are…NOT !

        They never did learn to keep their god to themselves, they have to try to brainwash you by mentioning THEIR faith at every opportunity.

  7. I cannot understand why every story is blown into all this talk about whether the people in question are right or wrong. I have many cats and right now, many foster cats. There is no way I could save them all, which believe me, I think about. There are so many different scenarios. I am just one person here with a multitude of cats and a dog. I would make as many trips as I would feel safe in doing to save as many as I could, but there would be some that would be hiding under beds and who knows where. If my kids were not grown and gone, obviously I would be trying to save them…and no doubt they would be trying to help me save the animals.

  8. Cut the guy some slack ppl. He had a matter of seconds to get his family to saftey and had to say goodbye to his best friend in the a tornado there is no time to decide “do i grab my children or my dog?” instint kicks in when ur scared and a child takes priority to a pet.

  9. I hope Maggie makes a full recovery. I’m so sorry that you not only lost your home but also have vet bills to take care of. May I suggest: to help you raise money in this time of crisis. Wishing Maggie love and health.

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