Dog Rescued from Trash Heap Makes Amazing Transformation

Miley and Frankie, currently in Los Angeles, are now ready to find homes. But these two are so sweet as a pair, it would be a real shame to not adopt them together!

12.13.13 - Dog Rescued from Trash Heap1

Eldad Hagar’s heart broke when he saw Miley, a dog living in a pile of trash outside of LA. She was so ill and weak that she didn’t even try to run away. But because of a friendship she made with another rescued dog, she is doing worlds better today.

“When I got there, I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” said Hope For Paws the founder. “It’s almost as if this place was struck by a tsunami.”

The dog, called Miley, had been abandoned and left to die in the garbage. A local resident called Hope for Paws to tell them the dog had been living in the heap for a few months. Eldad knew what to expect, but was still surprised to see how bad off she was. He said her physical deterioration was “definitely one of the worst cases” he’d ever seen.

12.13.13 - Dog Rescued from Trash Heap2

She was hungry, sick and in pain. Her body was left so weakened that she “didn’t even have the energy” to try to get away from Eldad when he approached her.

The abandoned dogs Hope for Paws volunteers find are usually difficult to rescue. They have been abused and on their own for a long time, and have become wary of humans. But with patience and compassion, even the most petrified dogs can learn to trust.

Eldad spent an hour sitting with Miley, gaining her trust by offering bits of food. He put his lucky leash on her, but she was scared and didn’t want to leave the only place that was now home to her. Eventually, she relented, and got into his vehicle.

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Veterinarians determined Miley was suffering from malnutrition, mange, parasites and bacterial infections. She was given medicated baths and had her wounds treated. She needed time to rest and heal.

By day three, she was ready to give her hero a kiss. A couple weeks later she met Frankie, a dog rescued from a drain pipe. He was scared of everything. But Miley and Frankie became the best of friends, and helped each other heal from their trauma.

Miley and Frankie, currently in Los Angeles, are now ready to find homes. To adopt Miley, please visit The Fuzzy Pet Foundation. To adopt Frankie, please visit The Forgotten Dog Foundation. But these two are so sweet as a pair, it would be a real shame to not adopt them together!



35 thoughts on “Dog Rescued from Trash Heap Makes Amazing Transformation

  1. I saw the video two days ago and once again Eldad does it. He and his network of people are amazing. Good luck Miley and Frankie. I hope they find their forever home together.

  2. You have done it again, Eldad. Thanks for all you do. I hope Miley and Frankie are adopted together!

  3. even from the beginning of the video, it’s patently obvious that that is a *gorgeous* dog with a sweet nature – i don’t understand how they could throw her away.

    and thank you for toning down the music – previous videos were nearly unwatchable because the music killed everything else. i like to hear the talking, the traffic, the wind – makes it more real, while having some singer caterwauling in my face makes it seem more staged.

  4. Please adopt them out together. They’ve suffered so much already; let’s not tear them apart.

  5. I have been trying to find out if Miley and Frankie have been adopted but I am having a difficult time finding out. I would adopt both of them if they have not been adopted. They need to stay together! Can anybody give me any information?

  6. Have these two been adopted yet? I have fallen in love with them both and will possibly adopt them both. I am in nc but arrangements can he made. Let ke know, please!

  7. I would like to find the bastard who did this to the poor dog & drop him/her off right on top of a large garbage dump.

  8. 310-990-2020 Is the phone number to the adoption agency. If you’re interested in adopting these 2, I would first try calling them. Keep us updates in WI!

  9. May God Bless each and every one of you for all you do for the Animals . I will be happy to make a donation ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I would gladly go to jail if I could get my hands on the DEVIL that did this to these two beautiful creatures

    1. OMG that is so awful. I would NEVER do that to my boyfriend (actually my ex boyfriend but we live together to take of my zoo and help with bills). Why should I waste gas in my prius to dump him off….We should be allowed to call them and have him picked up immediately….and I would love to see him put in close proximity to others like him…..that would make him go insane….unfortunately that is exactly what happens to our great dogs and cats…look at pound pics and then the rescue pics..what a difference….many dogs and cats don’t get adopted for this reason…they are scared and can sense that something is terribly wrong. Last year I saw two dogs online on my facebook in san bernadino pound….one day for adoption then killed. One dog had severe mange and bites….the other just an ordinary brown dog who was terrified…the first dog was not even for adoption. I had the dogs taken to phx by a puller….and the mange dog…turns out had NO mange and never ever ever bites….she is not 4 but about 12 with rotten teeth and to my amazement was never known to be completely freaking blind. I noticed it the first minute when I let her out…a chi….and she ran full speed into my house, fell to her side and peed on herself…what the……….. well she recovered…bad news is I couldnt get her fixed cuz of her age…and she got knocked up by a new stray we just found….mini chi…..and
      get fixed a couple weeks later but we had also found an exact duplicate of him that was a her and got knocked up too. Our area is a dumping ground….so sad…people come buy and see all the dogs and ask us if we want the one they found….its not that we love taking in all these dogs….I would be happy with two…but they just get killed at the pound and I cant live with that fact. Some get homes…some come back…its hard to trust such a fickle society with such a big responsibility. THE TROUBLES OF MANY FALL ON A SELECT FEW……SO TRUE IN THE CASE OF ANIMAL RESCUE GROUPS….BLESS YOU ALL FOR THE GREAT CAUSE YOU FIGHT FOR. These are the only pregnancy issues I have ever had in my long life….im not irresponsible just overwhelmed at times. Now I have cytri born in july and bozena born in oct….half siblings and both chis but cause such messes its hard to believe that 3lbs of canine can cause such havoc. Rarely a day goes by when I wonder where the heck the toilet paper is…only to find it everywhere and appropriately enough with puppy pee on it…but the joy of seeing them play and hunt for the perfect piece of horse manure to play with is all worth it. Luckily horse poop is just alfalfa and not like other poop…no smell and not bad for them…now the cow pies….that’s another story.

  11. I volunteer with Second Chane Pomeranians in Houston, and we’ve seen some sad cases. But these two sweet babies stole my heart. Please let us know if they’ve been adted. I so hope they can be together!!!!

  12. When will it ever stop?! I just can’t understand the mentality of idiots that abuse animals. I found my precious “Yoda Too” at the shelter. She was about six yrs old and scared of everything. A Chinese Crested Powderpuff without much hair but after five yrs. of love and care, her coat is back. Still nervous about many thing but is socialized with both people and critters. And I wouldn’t give her up for the world, and I’m a rotti lover!

  13. I am so happy they were both rescued. If I could I would take them both and spoil them rotten. I am so concerned what is happening to our poor little animals. I am an avid animal lover. Thank you to those who rescued them both. God bless you all!!!!

  14. God bless all of the people who stand up for the voiceless animals. They ask for so little and give so much. God bless the people who take care of them through their horrors. ..I commend them. It’s a tough job. . It’s a sick person who doesn’t stop to think about what that pain would feel like. . They need to be on the receiving end. Have they been adopted?

  15. OK somebody complained that here is yet another video about a homelsss animal and asked where are all the videos about helping homeless people and so I posted several links showing exactly that AND I also replied to someone’s comment and BOTH have been deleted?

  16. There’s a comment I’ve read but just gone back and had a look to see if I can find it. No luck. I’m sure it said that she’d either seen her or had been there for a few days. Why the hell did they leave her lying in a pile of shit and maybe dangerous substances or whatever. Why!

  17. Why are we still giving these evil bastards dogs, surely there should be a system in place to make sure these animals are going to a loving home, people should be monitored on a regular basis until were sure that the animal is in safe hands, whatever the cost, this is just sickening, and theirs not a man on earth that I wouldn’t physically tear apart if I saw this happening before me,( man is the real beast) were the worst creature god ever put on this earth, This has to stop now.

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