Dogs on Deployment Reunion – Lucky & Billy

A US soldier returns to the states and a happy reunion with his dog, who was cared for by a family volunteering with the non-profit group Dogs on Deployment, that helps members of the military with their pets.

Billy is a US Solider who was scheduled to deploy overseas for up to one year. Billy had no one able to care for his dog, Lucky. He turned to Dogs on Deployment for help and found a DoD Boarder with Monica and her family in Falls Church, Virginia. Monica cared for Lucky for 9 months until Billy returned home from his deployment.

Monica had this to say about her experience boarding a military pet: “I have to tell you that volunteering for DoD has been such a joy, and one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I started doing this last year as a way of coping with the unexpected loss of my Greyhound, Roman.” Monica has boarded three dogs through Dogs on Deployment. “While none of those dogs can ever replace Roman, their love and companionship brings such joy to my life and reminds me of the wonderful relationship that I had with my own dog. Helping service members keep their pets in the family is so important. Doing this has helped — and is still helping — me heal.”

Dogs on Deployment
says: For the common love of dog and country; Support your troops by boarding their pets!




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  1. If only their Commander In Chief were as supportive as these volunteers helping the REAL Americans who put their balls on the line to fight.

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