Firefighters Rescue Springer spaniel from Well

A dog was trapped in a well for approximately 12 minutes. His body temperature dropped a few degrees but thanks to firefighters, the pet was rescued and he is now safe.

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Rachel Walker and Samuel Broom were walking Seymore, an 8-year-old Springer spaniel, on Nov. 16, 2013, when the curious dog fell down an old well near Saltash Passage in Kinterbury Creek, UK. Walker immediately tried to go after her dog, but soon realized the task was too dangerous for her and immediately called firefighters who came to her pet’s rescue.

“A child could have easily gone down there chasing after a ball,” Walker told Plymouth Herald.

The well Seymore fell into was six feet deep and had stagnant water collected at its bottom. Luckily the pet is a good swimmer and was able to stay afloat until the rescue team arrived.

Seymore was trapped in the well for approximately 12 minutes and his body temperature had dropped a few degrees due to the cold water temperatures he was in. The dog was tired, but luckily he was pulled out in time.

“The fire service were really good, I don’t know what I would have done without them. I’m incredibly grateful to them,” said Walker. “The vet said he was incredibly cold, two degrees below what he should be, I don’t know how much longer he would [have] survived in there.”

Walker and Seymore returned home after visiting the vet. They are both enjoying the safety and comfort of their home.


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  1. Thank God for firemen for so many reasons. Very glad he is okay. He is a family member that is cherished, as they all should be!

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