Recycling Workers save “Garbage” Pup

A 10-month-old dog was found and saved from ending at a landfill because the garbage bag she was in started to move on its own.

When San Francisco Recology staff members went to work on Friday, Dec. 20, 2013, the last thing they thought they would find among the piles of recycling material they sort through on a daily base was a puppy, but against all odds, a 10-month-old Apricot Poodle was saved from dying on the recycling plant’s automatic conveyor belt that leads to a landfill.

According to workers, the puppy was found because the bag she was in started to move on its own.

Gem. Photo Credit: Animal Care and Control
Gem. Photo Credit: Animal Care and Control


“We could tell the puppy was still moving and it was trying to crawl out of the bag itself,” Recology material handler Gregory Foster told KTVU News. “Luckily we stopped the line in time before it actually fell off the belt into the pit.”

Immediately the recycling plant came to a halt and workers rescued the pup from its death.

San Francisco Animal Care and Control were called and officers came to collect the small dog.

The “garbage” pup was named Gem and she was taken back to Animal Control where veterinarians examined her. It appears Gem has multiple wounds on her neck, consistent with dog bites. She also suffered injuries to her hind legs and there was discharge coming out of her ears.

It is not clear how Gem was hurt, but it is clear that she was abused and deliberately disposed of.

Authorities are encouraging anyone with information regarding Gem’s abuser(s) to come forward. Please contact San Francisco Animal Care and Control at (415) 554-9400.

Gem is now on the road to recovery.


26 thoughts on “Recycling Workers save “Garbage” Pup

  1. I have cried my heart out over this little one,i would love to have the little angel,but i am on disability from a workers comp injury,and can barely feed my 3 little dogs and myself, i dont understand how anyone could do this.I have always said if i came into any money it woul go to saving animals.I pray someone will adopt the little baby and love it.

  2. I would love to adopt Gem. I lost my own beloved little poodle earlier this year and have been waiting for another little angel who needs love to come along. I am in Southern California. I would love information on adopting her… Please contact me. I have left my info above.

    1. You are to far away.

      Why don’t YOU contact them instead ?

      Do you seriously think rescue organizations have the money to waste on calls to you ?

      Such a selfish, self centered request.

      Why should any animal rescue charity, spend what little money they have transporting that pup so far across the country, to you ?

      Go out to your local shelters, you lazy cunt.

      1. Well now…aren’t you just a piece of shit “anonymous”?!!! Seems they should use people like YOU for bait instead of innocent puppies like Gem. Lord knows we can use fewer assholes such as yourself! I don’t recall DEBRA asking anyone to transport this puppy to her. You’re just a grade “A” useless piece of trash. Get a life!

        1. So they are being an asshole by suggesting that the rescue could better use the money on actual rescues than on sending a poor wee pup from one american coast to the other ?

          I fail to see your logic.

          1. hey, dumbass: my friend and i run a rescue and we work regularly with rescues in georgia and florida. don’t even begin to pretend you know what you’re talking about: we *regularly* transport dogs from the states to canada, so stfu.

      2. Stop watching reality shows with stupid people in them, get your GED, and learn basic manners. Your response to the person from California is absolutely uncalled for and just…idiotic.

        1. In your opinion maybe, but I agree with the reply given, the money would be better spent on actual rescues. If she wants the pup, she should put in the effort herself, not expect t hem to contact her or for them to pay for transportation, she wants it, she should pay for it ALL.

          1. which is why you’re “anonymous” and clearly know nothing about dog rescue.

      3. Anonymous (gutless coward)
        You really ought to get out more…………….. why come on to these dog sites because all you spew out is bile……..
        Your a troll of the worst kind,You cannot even give a name YOUR A COWARD.

        “Why should any animal rescue charity, spend what little money they have transporting that pup so far across the country, to you ?”…………… For your information They do send pups/dogs all over the country, Get off your fat arse and do your research before showing your ignorance in future.

          1. omfg, you’re not even north american! you’re a brit! stay on your own side of the puddle, moron!

      4. I have sent the shelter an email. It costs them nothing to email me. I am in CALIFORNIA, as is the dog! I guess you’re just too uneducated to know where San Francisco is… I am not asking for anyone to transport the dog for me, I will go get it. I can’t understand why my wanting to give this poor little dog a loving home has illicited such vile from you…

      5. Oh, and by the way, thanks ‘anonymous’, for calling me a c**t for wanting to give a loving home to a poor abused and neglected little dog. Such a nice Christmas gift. At first, I wasn’t going to let it bother me, because I realize that you are just an ignorant idiot, but the more I think about it, the more it hurts… Please try be a little kinder when sitting behind the safety of your computer where you can be big, bad and completely, ANONYMOUS… You don’t know what kind of damage you can do, particularly if you don’t have all the facts…

        1. Please don’t let stupid ignorant people get to you. Unfortunately, there will always be those who love to make other people miserable simply because they are, doesn’t mean we have to be affected by it. Good for you! i hope you and the cute little pup get to spend the new year together!

    2. You sound like you could really give Gem a loving home!! I hope she is lucky enough to find someone like you. And as for the jerk who called you those hideous names⬇…there’s a special place in hell for people like that!

      1. Since when did calling someone a “name”, deserve your hell ?

        Religious fanatics, you all deserve what you get…

    3. Why can’t you contact them yourself ? save this Charity the expense ?

      And you want them to pay for transport from the west coast to the other ?
      Thats pretty selfish of you, why not look at local shelters ?

      1. seeing as you know nothing about how dog rescue works, maybe you should just not comment.

        not EVERYTHING requires your anonymous input.

      2. I have contacted the shelter. It costs them nothing to email me. I regularly contact my local shelters and financially support a rescue here in the San Diego area. Why am I a villain because I want to give this specific little dog a loving home?

  3. I’m so glad those workers made the right decision to save this dog. We all know that public workers don’t get paid the most but someone with a heart made an effort to save an a animal clearly left to die. Its tragedy in itself that humans allow these conditions to exist.These circumstances are the product of our conduct. I know there are many who care about animal care but for those who are ill with negative intent, you should get help. Anyone capable of seeing an animal suffer or be subject to pain, is not human enough to have sentient worth. You abusers have to understand that your existence has no significant meaning in this short life you selfishly consume with hate. I commend you to end your own life before you abuse anothers! pets=Love

  4. I’m not sure what all the hate is about. If you read the story, this pup is in San Francisco… That is in California. I am in southern CALIFORNIA as well. I am not asking for anyone to transport the dog to me or for me! If they would consider me for her adoption, I am absolutely prepared to either drive up or fly up to get her. Jeez… What is it with people jumping to incorrect conclusions, without facts, not reading the whole story these days? What the heck is your problem, “anonymous”? You probably scour the news and internet everyday looking at things to be ‘offended’ by as well, rather than actually putting your energies towards things in this world that really matter… Merry Christmas, Mr. Scrooge….

  5. Plz contact me if u catch those idiots who did this to that poor pup.I’ll put them in a package & send him/her to the landfill!!!!

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