Ten-Year Shelter Dog Finally Gets a Home

“The adoptive family came right in saw him, heard his story and fell in love. We knew he had a family out there waiting for him, it was just going to take time.”

3.1.14 - 10-Year Shelter Dog Gets a Home1

Gordon came to the Memphis rescue group Sunny Meadows as a year-old puppy in 2003.  He saw kennel mates come and go over ten years, but no one wanted him.  He was sweet and silly, so volunteers couldn’t understand why.  Finally, a family came in looking for a dog just like Gordon, and now he has a real place to call home for the rest of his life.

Sunny Meadows is the mid-south’s largest nonprofit, no-kill rescue group with a facility for over 200 animals.  Gordon came to the group as a stray youngster back in 2003.  The staff loved him – he was a real ham, and loved attention.

“He is such the goober,” said volunteer Katey McCabe.  “He loved going on car rides to get lunch, loves squeaky toys, and loved the kitty pools we put out in the hot summer. He would jump in the pool, splash around for a bit, then just lay in the pool relaxing.”

With such a vivacious personality, staff members were stumped that he could be so easily looked over as the years passed without a single adoption application being submitted.

“I think half reason is his color,” Katey said.  “We do have a lot of black dog adoptions, but they are usually the smaller breeds.

In November, Gordon was finally adopted.

“The adoptive family wanted a pet that was silly, laid back, and had been with us for a while.  We couldn’t think of anyone else besides our Gordon,” Katey explained.  “They came right in saw him, heard his story and fell in love.  We knew he had a family out there waiting for him, it was just going to take time.  This family is perfect for Gordon.  They had patience, understanding of what they were getting into, and tons of love to give to a great boy like Gordon.  Happy ending to his journey.

“I couldn’t be happier to see one of our senior dogs get adopted, but [for] one of our seniors that has been with us for so long, I cry and feel the hope being restored in my mind for the others senior long term residents here.  It brings me so much joy to know that Gordon’s journey does not end with Sunny Meadows and me.  I love that his life journey has been rewritten by such a sweet and caring woman.”

Many might think, well, he’d been at the shelter so long, it seems sad to take him from the only place he knows as a home.  But now Gordon can spend his senior years being doted on and getting all the attention, play time and walks that come in limited supply at a shelter where there are so many animals.

“He even gets to sleep in the bed under the covers now!  He is loved and we couldn’t be happier for him,” said volunteer Amy Goad.

Sunny Meadows has lots of dogs and cats that need a happy ending like Gordon’s.  If you’re interested in adopting a dog in the Memphis area, please click here.






27 thoughts on “Ten-Year Shelter Dog Finally Gets a Home

  1. Your story brought tears, we have 3 rescues that we love and spoil and it makes me so happy to know that Gordon has a forever home where someone will spoil him, God bless you for all the years of love that you gave him.

    1. You are special people for rescuing. Thank you! We also have rescues, 4 of them and they are the lights of our lives. Wouldn’t know what to do without them.

    2. The wonderful woman who said she has had her dog for 9 years after adopting it at age 10 is who I think you are talking about here. But Gordon was just recently adopted by another woman/family & it looks like he will also spend many many happy years in a loving home. Thank you to both of you & all those who do their part.

      I have 2 rescue/adopted dogs & the first dog, Samantha & I found a 4 week old kitten tangled up in string in the rain just 3 weeks after we adopted her in 2008. She pointed out where the cries were coming from to show me. That kitten, Inky is now over 6 years old! He’s been a handful many times but he’s mellowed out now.
      But Inky isn’t happy with our last adoption, Scooter in 2012. He was young & wanted to play with Inky but Inky was afraid of him so we keep them apart.

      Samantha helped me raise Inky so they were buds…Samantha would not eat until Inky started to eat & she would put her food on the floor for him.
      I don’t know what we would do without our babies!! It seems like they have always been with us. If we could afford more we would adopt more but taking in pets you can’t afford to take the best care of is not a good thing.

  2. I’m so happy that Gordon finally has a furever home! It was also sweet to hear that the shelter staff where he lived, really loved him and that he wasn’t languishing in a cage all those years. Even going for a lunch run car ride is great! Bless all those involved in his life then and now! Welcome home sweet pup Gordon!

  3. I cant say enough good about these rescue shelters, and rescue groups. I tried to adopt a shelter dog, but could not. I live in a condo, and wanted a big dog. The shelter said that because of the condo, I could only adopt a lap dog. A friend pointed me to Golden retriever rescue of VA. Each dog has his/her own bio. You pick out the ones you want to see, set an appt. then go meet the dog. I made 3 visits to different foster parents, but could not find the right dog. On the last visit, 3 of 4 Goldens ran to the door to greet me. The foster folks asked if I liked any of the dogs. I looked over and one of the dogs was sleeping on the couch with 2 cats. I asked if I could see the couch dog. They said “that’s old Jack”. I asked if he liked to leash walk. They said take out your leash–the dog jumped up and ran to me, ready to get hooked up for a walk. We walked all over the neighborhood. When we got back, I said I wanted the dog–they said he is almost 7 years old. Jack lived a great life with me for over 10 years and was thee best dog ever. I applaud no kill shelters and rescue groups!!!!!

    1. as a volunteer for a golden retriever rescue group and owner of my own golden, got my golden when she was 7 also, who is a big couch potato. She two is the best dog I have ever had. There is just nothing better than a Golden Retriever. Thank you for adopting a older dog, its very hard to get them adopted.

      1. Goldens are wonderful dogs & so beautiful.. But most labs are wonderful dogs. My Samantha is a Choc. Lab mix, only 50 lbs. at almost 7 years old. She loves to run in the yard & be Daddy’s little helper. She has a heart of gold & is very healthy. She listens well & loves her massages. She has tons of patience with our Inky kitty & little brother Scooter, a Havanese mix just over 2 years. I think Labs/Retrievers make great companions!

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  5. What a wonderful ending. He’ll have a home in which he can spend his remaining years. An absolute blessing.

  6. You are a beautiful dog Gordon!!! I’m so happy you will spend many more happy years in your new home.

    I once adopted a 2-1/2 year shelter dog (Sheppard mix), Tina who spent her time in the office with the workers. She was like the mascott. We had her for almost 13 years when she passed on. She protected me & my kids from harm & played in the snow with us. I didn’t get another dog for 20 more years. I moved around too much to give one a good home. But now we have 2 & a cat.

    I know you will be as loved as mine are for the rest of your life! God bless you & your new family as well as the shelter family that took good care of you for your first 10 years.

  7. i have a pit bull she 14 an so gentle an loving she cant hear 2 good an she slow down alot. she loves take a ride in the car an love her treats. i will love the old girl when her time comes. her vet times me this breed dont live long. i will prove them long god willing

  8. God Bless the staff at Sunny Meadows. What a wonderful story. Ten Years! Next week I get paid and I will send a donation. I thank the good Lord that a shelter like yours exists.

    There needs to be television advertisements educating people to spay their dogs and educating the public that it is OK to surrender your dog to a no-kill shelter. Rather than dumping these living creatures, there will be no fines you’ll have to pay or judgement passed on you for surrendering the animal(s).

  9. I’m wondering what steps this shelter took to promote this dog…. 20 years is a long time for a dog to stay so invisible.

  10. I’m wondering what steps this shelter took to promote this dog…. 10 years is a long time for a dog to stay so invisible.

    Edit: typo.

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